Name: Fox Mulder Posrtton: FBI Special Agent Posmon. F8. 8 ly Mulder acquired the nickname ‘Spooky’ A Peci early in his FBl career after trying to joinizcompletmg her 3' Agent convince his colleagues that he had scalpel—tile FBI where fledtcal trainin w. witnessed his sister’s abduction by aliens Thou Ike Precile r forensic sk- "h flying C in childhood. As a result. associating with madeigrno Push-0Ve';: 2:):rked he, oultllqss, coupled Wi?;0’:l;‘8, Scully Mulder socially was regarded as career to keep an? Obvious choicgas known fOran'agem on the ;amtnd’s respected for his pooky. regflgln the maven??? F3 ma 521:2? by the beggar: , ton and C ox Mulde ent need W lCh er

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plough his own furrow, s ecialisin v in bizarre s‘rial killer FBI rShi pcases that: had othe: agents methch'efs were fast: was formed. y b . . O - f ods, and [h mated and I, are told and affled. After undergomg he Wm.de w ionly Way th 8 dmled m eq ' the " Scull CY Were “3 mea Y. w 0 w 80mg [0 . SUre by M as [0 file Cut hlm So Ulder’s me Slack w as

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became experienced a close encounter. ralional mind He requested a transfer to the X -Set- Her medic mCe her of th . in a] backgrou d e Imita‘lons y was an (heir l . re of her 1 b In uSCfu]

Files, a dusty basement in F8 h unsolved cases

headquarters filled wit with a paranormal dimension. Spooky r r had come home. The show‘s first two “my 8 gradUa' '"d'ngs cot/m3d series saw Mulder on the trail of remcamatmg U der World COnversion to thu w sustenance from human livers. er changin View was refl e tights and dress SenSe TheCICd in umpy, tailOred n: white 0-piece

killers who dre e Antarctic an ups. Mulder is toug Man below the sur

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horror, but the New ial channels of

through. Like any good agent he cultivated unoffic information, including the deceased (or is he?) Deep Throat who warned Mulder when his unconventional investigative 8 style was causing alarm among'the higher—ups. Mulder‘s :Ifg‘ed rm: to nonch Only Mulder preference for conspiracy theories over any other affecno e The m . . . w n Which h ""181 tru explanation, coupled with a certainty that we are not alone, een them Se 88 burlt u St onflict with his FBI bosses. But kmd of broth ems destined to t Ough thereer‘slster relation :6 a - S a ' S i

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last series of The X Files left our carriage buried beneath the baking desert. To be continued . . . (Eddie Gibb) l . remain: X‘Unately for her M c >5 . f more ' uld bd”°"°n. (Eddie 3333'” ‘” er

onfessions of an -ophile

Fiona Sh epherd wa S an u b ' she had 11 eltever - an unforgettable encounter V;li-fll:rltll one dark night, . (liJntil a few months ago [wast d televilen set . Then I witnessed Squeeze a r‘Itizvoted global following what [CDT/re X Files and its was , sub _y tale of a hibernating lifeforfn Wh. Ulder. While 0 h Elna Scully ist qulc enough Su . SlStcd on human . [ch compe". . . t ers frothed abom th h , 0 Fox along wi‘h Perlattve drama to be 0. Once every 30 Innards and emerged incredibigglkntngue..its credible approighow s Then I elm 8 mg encounter. I understood foyears. During this unnatural its ability io "Mimi between the Nagging abduction. I “31323 :36 eiugfia'em 0f Mu'de'" alien ‘0be an X'OPhi'e' n 6 firm "me What u "m" m . . on 3), ni hL . . , . , Cpls g. ere were 0"] . exmafigiljleai‘ailooilscepticalglisghiimsggfel . SomztiiihnggriigacleWamed ‘0 believe all along Stroi'ger than “sugfi-osclcfilfihm “lihen l re“ the pun U ' . ' '0" . intellect ' mng ‘0 for - me ""5! my ss ' rem'nded of Ii 3‘ F9356 "Otes. l' 8333;? Chlf’lenge' Okay. Iy::fse:lf0f tumfliérfiiispo‘?” talk 3"“ l guldjilfgocsfleagues Worms in an izzjad‘lmsgophobtc tale of homic'iiial ‘students'nsiiilllloglzcm‘ldanswer "‘6 Questietiirs and th Until, like Segiilymigiiiiuizim 3"" 3 mm" Max“ 21¢ {min the Bac‘mfi e onifemmng "‘3 - 0 er than . _ C rim 86 to rush ' . 8'“ y ther "8 Ta id. And conSIstent cerebral r me. but it prov'd C to aCtuall . Into the mo , e was, of con most ix. ed a to . . y 388 somethin s m '“ lhe episodc - . '36. The Erlenme ' belll‘ilgevrgdwetegwinges of curiosity if m f . gamgzjefgslt‘i firSt-hand ratherfiha‘hpggnghugagahgppen. to discoverilzr; fipelcanulder and Scully mix: 5:12,; so a solutel ' - Y nfinds . mon)’. When w d n 3 death “'5' 0"'y 10 ha ° The X Files the y in the entertainment val firSt series reached or of a repeat run On Earth, as M Id . , Ve to wrtness . . m of the D U er s Vlt i glut of X Files Solidoftt: Srmiething there artifi a]: Tigris could be it. Thigyweatr: I felt a ponentous shiver agicnfismma‘ “’35 mowed downabyzllngfiiryengfus coma“ - . e ' , . . ~ - ' ~ me 22%;ng Incredibly easy. bu'tnsighelt grade Christmas (18208 It): Sgniist it Just felt like one big bminw he There stands the go nt No l o hay? Monday flights turned lstgd‘ COUId I really knmgiv huh. l W“ watchmg it but I (1'38. d 9°m‘3'latelys. We ry so f-ar for us X Files 10mm)" . couldn t - besides Our Friends 3553‘: %’W"? compukion xhy'hcollldn’t explain the stmng'e“ I like other more seasogipjnng for the third season 18 orth .‘ “3 made me rel Ofa Close . evoteesi bllt with - ( Ve since learned to call this piggnigxflerr week for 50“: thzrffigtt‘rtstrhmth series ‘wo- Still “3:: likenhoy " Orce of The x m IS on! there _ it - ' . W ‘5 and University Cha '8 possible to like Henge,

8 The List 6-l9 Sept 1996