latin quarters

Whatever the Scottish weather, passions are sure to be glowing on screen at the Glasgow Film Theatre as the seventh Latin American Film Festival begins. Alan Morrison previews this year’s attractions.

It may be a city where a merengue is more likely to be mistaken for a sugary cake in a baker's window than a close contact dance, but there‘s a little comer of a cinema screen in Glasgow that will forever be Latin American. Once a year it explodes into life. as the Latin American Film Festival hits the Glasgow Film Theatre, bringing a range of new dramas. comedies and documentaries to Scotland. This year's programme includes work from Bolivia. Mexico. Argentina. Uruguay. the US. Spain and Cuba. giving a sense of both the cultural diversity and shared concerns currently at large in one of the world's most buoyant film industries.

Central to this year's Festival is a short, three-film tribute to Havana-born filmmaker Tomas Gutierrez Alea. who died of cancer earlier this year. ‘He‘s probably the outstanding feature filmmaker in Cuban history.‘ says Mike Gonzalez of Glasgow University‘s Hispanic Studies department. ‘Gutiérrez Alea represents a genuinely independent cinema that arrived in Cuba in the 60s which. at its best, can be funny. insightful and humane. and which completely set aside the values of Hollywood at a time when most of Latin American cinema was powerfully influenced by Hollywood and commercialism.

‘He belongs to the first generation of Latin

iomas Gutierrez Alea's Guantanarnera itlcits oii this year's latln American Flint Festival

American filmmakers who successfully broke out and began to explore a new form of Latin American cinema that was socially aware and well made. political with a small "p" and not propagandistic. He was part of a period of social change. part of the exploration of what it means to change the world. to change people. to address some of the problems of society. He talks about individuals. but always within a shared consciousness. whereas the Latin American filmmakers of the 90s seem. on the whole. to be more absorbed with individual experiences.‘

The Alea tribute consists of his final film. Guantanamera (co-directed with Juan Carlos Tabio). a road movie that satirically stabs at contemporary Cuba‘s political and financial crisis by following a funeral car’s trip across the island; Strawberry And Chocolate. the recent Oscar-nominated. international hit that sensitively dealt with one of Cuba's taboo subjects homosexuality; and Memories Of Underdevelopment. the director‘s ground-breaking l968 movie. shown here in a new print.

‘Memories Of Underdevelopment is based on a novel written in I962 during the Cuban missile crisis. when a man who comes from a wealthy family has to make a decision about whether to leave Cuba or not.‘ explains Gonzalez. ‘lt’s really about that decision and what Cuba has to offer. it‘s not romanticised or

all the contradictions in people.‘

And The Pink Whale. which combines those

‘8 t- is

idealised. it’s actually quite complex. searching for

Other highlights of the l996 Festival include a preview screening of John Sayles‘s richly textured thriller Lone Star. worthy of inclusion given its social backdrop of the tensions between the Mexican majority and white power-holders in a Tex-Mex border town; the sparkling documentary portrait of a rnegastar. Carmen Miranda: Bananas ls M y Business; and the acclaimed Bolivian movie Jonah

distinctively Latin flavours of comedy. romance, melodrama and magic realism.

Also adding to the sense of fiesta will be a club event at Maxaluna after the Tuesday l0 screening of Strawberry And C Itocolale, when DJ Jazz mixes up some salsa. rumba and flamenco. while the GFT’s cafe-bar literally gives film-goers a taste of the action with an extended tapas menu and set of frozen tequilas.

The seventh Latin American Film Festival begins at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Fri 6 Sept with a screening of Gmtntanamera. preceded by an introductory talk on Tomas Gutierrez Alea by Mike Gonzalez. For individual films. see Listings and Index. and for a chance to win tickets. see Competitions. page 92.

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The List 6- l9 Sept 199619