I Sharing Stories Europe‘s largest film and television co-production conference returns to Edinburgh 22-24 November with a series ofevents that will include a case study on Ken Loach‘s new film. (‘urlu Zr Sung. which premieres at this year's Venice Film Festival. ('urla is Sung was written by Scottish civil rights lawyer l’aul Lavetty and stars Robert Carlyle as a young Glaswegian caught up in a relationship with a Nicaraguan refugee. The film's producer will be joined by representatives of its three funding bodies the Glasgow Film Fund. Channel 4 and Germany‘s Road Movies to discuss the complexities of co-production. Further details of the I996 event are available from Sharing Stories. Filmhouse. 88 Lothian Road. Edinburgh. EH3 9BZ (0| 3| 22‘) 8453/228 5960).

I the liear Room David Hayman‘s dark and disturbing tnodern Glaswegian noir has secured a UK distributor exactly a year alter its world premiere at the l995 Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival. The film.

which stars Adrian Dunbar. has been picked up by London-based Metrodome Films -- the production. sales and distribution company previously involved with Lemt The Pig Funnel: Beyond Burl/um and (.‘lm'kimrk Mire and is expected to hit cinema screens this winter.

I Swim The latest short feature to join a bulging production slate in Scotland is Swim. written and directed by 24- year-old Steven Mochrie. The nine- minute-long film tells the story of a discontented office worker w ho daydreams of a peaceful existence away from the rat race on the Holy isle. off Arran. and features the music of Madder Rose and My Bloody Valentine on the soundtrack.

‘Many of those who have worked on the film so far have gi\ en their services free. which I really appreciate.‘ says Mochrie. a graduate of Stirling University. ‘Howevcr. raising finance for post-production and distribution has been very difficult and I am desperately looking for sponsors so that i can complete the project.‘

Would-be mini-moguls should contact Jane Livingstone at ()utsider Films on 0| 3| 665 4586.

Adrian Dunbar comes visiting in the tiear Room


When Scottish tather and son team Sandy and Martin Cherry decided to turn their love oi the movies into a marketable board game, they soon realised that their dream was not such an, ehm, trivial pursuit. A couple oi years aiter packing in their iobs - as, respectively, the president oi an engineering corporation and an industrial chemist - sales oi their iteei To Reel Picture Show have gone into six iigures.

the concept is simple enough: players travel round the board picking up disks by correctly answering questions on a range oi iilm topics. However, this particular pastime sets itseli apart irom other movie trivia games in several ways: the questions - on stars, genres, the Oscars, the industry - appeal to casual tans as much as the most enthusiastic butts; extra bits oi trivia make playing iun even it you get the answers wrong; a “lake 2’ option allows players to

gamble on correct answers with a ‘double or nothing’ question; and the whole game has a secondary use as a cinematic Pictionary-style oft-shoot.

‘We want people to approach it as a trivia game, not just a movie game,’ says 28-year-old Martin Cherry, a native oi Arbroath. ‘While playing, people start to discuss the iilms and get sidetracked instead oi iust rushing on to the next question. Films are so universal - everyone goes to the cinema, everyone watches iilms on television, but very iew people have the same tavourite iilm.’

It’s reassuring to know, then, that Martin’s input into the 12,000 questions came from someone whose top movie oi all time is Field 0i Dreams rather than some obscure ioreign language epic. the mix oi questions has already won over Canada - where dad Sandy is based - and the States, and is sure to add a new dimension to iamily tiim viewing over Christmas in the tilt. (Alan Morrison)

The Reel To Reel Picture Show can be ordered on 0800 526271, prleed £34.99.

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Return fares trom Edinburgh/Glasgow. C0ntact your local travel agent Or call i0r details on


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