GWYllETll mmow (lett) antl mill cams are not what you’d call English roses, more colonial blooms. Ms Paltrow was horn in LA, makes her home in llew Yorlr and hit the hip time as Brad Pitt’s ill-latetl wile in Seven. while his Colette hails lrom Sydney and soared to stardom as the eponymous heroine in Muriel: Wedding. the pair are nonetheless cast as the terribly English Emma antl llarrlet in the new lllm ol Jane Austen’s Ema, which also leatures true Scots Ewan Mcliregor and Alan Cumming. The story is all about women trying to trap nten - which perhaps accounts lor the specialist equipment on view in this shot. Emma is at the Glasgow Film Theatre and Cameo. Edinburgh from Fri 13. See review, page 21.


".0"! 0mm (800! here with lllhs player MICHAEL WEIR) may be best known these days as Scottish Television’s sunniest weatherman. but once upon a time he was a jobbing actor and theatre director. A Leither through and through. Quinan is also a keen football supporter. and it‘s this combination that‘s tempted him back onstage to take part in Raymond Ross’s We Are The Hibees.’. the footie drama notoriously omitted from the King's Theatre's new brochure. ‘lt’s strange'. says Quinan. ‘l.ast time I was in a rehearsal room I was directing. and I'd forgotten how much fun acting could be. Especially when you almost get to play for Hibs.‘ This has tempted Quinan to do more stage work. though after working on a television documentary last year. he‘s moving more into production. As for his new-found fame. he takes it with a pinch of salt. ‘I suppose I‘m a well kent face in a small pond. but as far as fame goes it‘s all a bit silly. isn't it?’ (Neil Cooper)

We Are The Hibees! Branton Theatre Company/Callus Stage Productions K ing it Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue [0—Star 22 September.

THE lEVEllEBS are a band who attract disdain and acclaim in equal doses. A bunch ofcrusty work-shy fops to some; to others they are committed. conscience-raising geniuses. What is indisputable is that live they kick arse. Little surprise then that their latest release is a double live whammy entitled Best Live: Headlights. White Lines. Black Tar Rivers. ‘People have always requested us to do one.‘ states frontman Mark Chadwick. ‘You have to be a bit wary about how you come across on a live recording but to be honest. we don't care. really.‘ What they do care about with a passion is the state of the nation. ‘lt's bloody terrible.’ admits Chadwick. ‘People within and outwith government need to start working on civil rights issues. The country needs a constitution not just a change of govemment which won‘t make a sod‘s worth of difference. Once it has that then it becomes harder for governments to pass draconian laws and put pressure on minorities.’ in the meantime The Levellers will continue to party. seeing success as encapsulated in their continued survival. ‘Our only game plan has been to be around as long as people want us to be around.‘ (Brian Donaldson)

The Levellers play Livingston Forum on Thurs

I 9 September. Their live album is available now.

2 The List 6- 19 Sept 1996