tilOY CAME is a dance-piece that puts the cheese in machismo. Choreographed by Robert llorth, the all-male spectacular combines the warrior spirit suggested by its title with South American iollt- drumming, to increasingly comic eiiect. the oldest part oi Scottish Ballet’s new triple-bill,Sweat, Baroque & lioll, the piece was created ior london Contemporary Dance theatre, and became part oi Scottish Ballet’s repertoire in 1991. It’s joined in this programme by last year‘s llaydn Places (choreographed by Mark Baldwin) and the premiere oi a new work, Four Seasons, in which choreographer liobert Cohan and designer lioberto Chiesa bring Vivaldi’s popular celebration oi the seasons to vibrant Iile.

Sweat, Baroque & Roll is at Macliobert Arts Centre, Stirling, li’ed 18-h! 20 September. See review, page 53.

MICHAEL STIPE - in case you hadn’t heard - blew us out for the Edinburgh Film Festival. Still. we reckon most of Scotland‘s distiples will find it in their hearts to forgive him when they hear REM's latest (and some are already saying best) album. New Adventures In Hi-Fi. We at the Frontlines desk find if we close our eyes while listening to the new single ‘E-Bow The Letter' we can just picture the boy at Murrayl'reld last summer: bald as a coot. blue nail vamish. and wearing in a moving tribute to Mel Gibson - a kill.

New Adventures Itt Hi -Fi by REM mmes (m! ml Man 9 September. See review, page 36.


lllCEl. PLAllill (right) and ROBERT uewsurrr have had their share oi neurosis. ileil the hippy (Planet’s Young lines alter ego) would label it a real downer (man); while Kryten the android (llewellyn in lied Dwarf) would blame human inadequacy. But it‘s themselves that Planer and llewellyn send on a couch trip through the labyrinth oi analysis and therapy in tirelr comic guide to mental instability, Therapy And llow to Avoid ltt. Based on both research and first-hand experience, the book contains a series oi dramatised encounters between the two, covering the major iorms oi treatment, and showing how dependency can develop between patient and therapist. ‘lt’s trying to tread that area between reality and iiction,’ says Planer, who also parodied himseli as llicholas Craig, the pompous luvvie in I, An Actor. ‘liather than using what I call the Oxbridge method oi satire, which is to loolr through the papers

and see what’s going on, then point the iinger at other people and make them Ioolr ridiculous, I usually put myseli in the target line. It means the thing's got more heart.’ (Andrew Burnet) therapy And llow To Avoid It! Is published by Itodder & Stongltton In hardback at £9.99, or as a double cassette at £7. 65. See Book events.

Tire list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights oi the iortnight ahead.

I Music: Kula Shaker The psychedelic rock throwbacks release their first album and we‘ll stick our necks out here and predict a top ten. no. let's be rash. a top five chart entry. The timing's right. their live sets are becoming legendary and all the singles are corkers.

K is released on Columbia on Man I 6. I Film: Paul Morrissey Videos History may sign them to Andy Warhol but the set of films out now on video prove that the real creative force was director Paul Morrissey. From the street sleaze of Trash to the camp/gore fest of Blood For Dracula. this is groundbreaking independent cinema. See feature.

Released on retail on First lndependetttfmm Man 9.

I Theatre: llamiet In the first of three outings for the Dane this season. John Retallack's Oxford Stage Company bring their energetic version of the classic tragedy to Stirling. See preview.

MacRabert Arts Centre. Stirling. Tue IO-Sat I4.

I Theatre: Viper’s Opium Fresh from a successful run at the Fringe. Starving Artists take their boy meets girl tale on tour. Thing is. he‘s gay. she needs to look after others to feel good about herself and they’re both recovering alcoholics. Emotive and sensitive. you’ll have the chance to laugh and cry. We gave them five stars during the Festival.

Tran Theatre. Glasgow: Tue I 0-Sun 15.

I Music: Soundgarden Wooaaaargh! Straight outta Seattle it‘s the sound of disgruntled youth distorted through a shitload of guitars, cranked up to ten and played at speeds that would frighten your granny. Just don't mention the grunge word. Barrawland, Glasgow. Man I 6.

I Sport: European Competition Scots football clubs pit their wits against Europe‘s finest. Catch Rangers on the box as they travel to Zurich to take on Grasshoppers in their opening champions’ League match while Celtic and Aberdeen have home first legs in the UEFA Cup First Round. Aberdeen v Barry Town. Pittadrie Stadium. Celtic v Hamburg. Celtic Park. Tue IO.

The List 6- l9 Sept l996 3