I Harpur & has I BBC l I Sat 7 Sept. I The Hello Girls (BBCI ) Thurs 12 Sept. 9.05—9.55pm. New two-part crime drama 3.3()A)pm. After No Bananas. the BBC's set in Cardiff and based on a story by . appetite for nostalgia series continues chiefconstable Desmond lles (llywel ‘i GPO telephone exhange. Letitia Dean Bennett) is up for protnotion just as his makes her first appearance post-Shaz

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THE ROYAL GLASGOW INSTITUTE W t t G St eet OF a ers ones eorge r

l 3 5 th A N N U AL Thursday 12th September

EXHIBITION at 7'30?”

McLELLAN GALLERIES GLASGOW One of Ireland’s most gifted novelists lO NOVEMBER - 8 DECEMBER

Prizes in l4 categories including best iirst time exhibitor. Exhibition schedules are now available , lrom Lesley Nicholl, RGI, O

5 Oswald Street, Glasgow G1 AQR. Telephone: OlAl 248 74”.

Please quote reierence TL.

Will be reading from her latest book

Receiving Days 2i and 22 October 1996.

Tickets free from Waterstone's. 83 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3E8. 0131-225 3436

The Exhibition is Sponsored by:


""" """" """"““‘ “""""' ‘" ' """‘ ousoowcm COUNCIL Wine be served.

72 The List 6-l9 Sept I996