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NEW COURSES IN GERMAN 3% Winter Semester M

1 October 96 - 10 February 97 1 New prospectus and enrolment de’ai’s Wei/awe "0’" Commencing Monday 7 October

9 0141-332 2555 I 3 pm cm“, 6mm,w 63 6“ Places available on all courses Monday to Thursday I

Painting, Sculpture & Design

Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Calligraphy, Tapestry, Jewellery. Printed Textiles, Portfolio Preparation,

Jewellery 8: Sliversmithlng, Computer Aided Design,

1A 22 BL U55 History of Art (Tuesdays Only)

The festival season has drawn to a close,

normal Scottish weather has been VOCA L

resumed, and the nights fair drawing mitt:':.i.?:.::'::223.::;"?31215332333? in. Time to batten down the hatches for TUITION

the season of hibernation? Not at all! As with °'°” ""5 “'° ""‘“°" ' 9”” °°°" “"V

one door closes, many others open . . . MELANIE O’KEILLY

At 0f year, the final galleons 0f SCOtland,S 3 TI!" (til/cur umn In pmnmlt' smdt'm (mum-m in I/lr’ Am and Hit FIii'Inimm'm

armada of festivals and events disappearing over the

horizon, many people find themselves scanning the I pmomm “mu New

skies, wondering what to do next. It can be difficult to T.I.E. Theatre Company are adjust from the outdoor, holiday-season mode, filled '09kin8 for People WhQ Want to with cultural activities, to the stay-home-with-a-cup-of- STS I Discover your voice with ‘8'?“ Eg‘g'X "‘c‘mbert‘h'l’ h I Horlicks-and-a-television-schedule existence of the Specialists "t Personal Tum“ pilgrim“ wfifio {’gficfi’fig‘ Bfiks' devoted couch potato. September. 5.6;)", a! [he Street. Neilston. Glasgow. Naturally, we at The List wouldn’t want to encourage Columcille Centre. 2 Newbattle

that. We’d point out that the cinemas, concert halls, All levels Terrace- 536- 13 week term- I Prolessionel latin American theatres, galleries and clubs are gearing up for the Conversation exams Phom 1' Perry (“875 340939 danielr/tgacher tequiretlglo a:st autumn season, but yes, we acknowledge that there’s mum & b’usmess 3:2" {zozggijlasi’ff'mggl' 5' still a little gap in your schedule that needs filling. gr ' That’s why we’re introducing Just Do It, a new section ‘2 GROSWW 5"”- HD‘NBUm 8*“? “‘0

for our Classified pages. It’s been specially assembled to help and encourage you to get involved in some new ' ' and exciting activities. Our advertisers are offering a

broad range of courses, tuition and group pursuits, and

all of them can be worked around your schedule,

however busy, taking place at weekends, in the evenings, or intensively for shorter periods. S'NG'NG “"110”

I" the "8’" few Pages’ you," find fun details or Group classes, classical to

language tuition (both in groups and one-to-one), a wide Chart and everything in

' ° ° es ' A ts C'nema variety of art,.dance and cookery classes, singing between. plus 0 Lfggzaiiz EEI-Tfpgsélllze. Cromopuitmg lessoqs 0f vanoqs osons’ compmer’ marketmg and I microphone teChnique' and much more for General Interest or Credit assertiveness training, plus access to the whole gamut of courses both within and outwith the workplace - introductory course tam Start In October/January/April covered by the Scottish Vocational Education Council 5 weeks, starts Monday A“ masses enrolling now (xéeftznowqtas Sdcgtvech t D h t. . 30th september‘ For a detailed programme phone The Continuing

' oes" e" m' "5 0 C0" "mes '" 0‘" Private tuition also available. Education Centre 0141-548 2493 (24 hours)

next issue, published on Thursday 19 September, and

there’s a regular Courses heading in our Classifed

section, which runs all year round. 80 if you’re looking 013133;:3; ) , / 0 O for something extra to do, or if you’re offering some for further N/ VP "5/ D f )F Y r— 3} R S kind of activity that could be of interest our readers, you details. TRA TH( .L l [ )E L E: S L N G

know what to do . . . Just Do It!


18 The List 6-19 Sept I996