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PITLOCHRY FESTIVAL THEATRE _ _ s h e t I a n d W t r u S t wish to recruit a PIT! ()(HRY , I; [iSI'I-I'VA L SHETLAND ARTS TRUST - TEMPORARY MUSIC RESEARCHER to start Monday 4 November TI “'ZA'I‘RI‘: Shetland Arts Trust is looking for an individual to carry out a music feasibility study to

assess the existing and potential music scene throughout Shetland, under the

9 month contract ' supervision of the Trust. The individual should have an appreciation of the existing

For a job description and application form contact: music scene in Shetland and relevant experience in the area of research. A current SHEILA HARBORTH, driving licence will be essential. The post will be based in Shetland and is expected to Administrator, run over a six month period.

Tel 8! Fax: 01796 473054

pitlochry Festival Theatre’ Funding for the post is already in place, throught the Scottish Arts Council and the

[mug 50R “Du-dud. Trust. The fee allocated to the post will be inclusive of mileage, an accomodation

' allowance and access to office facilities. At the end of the 6 month period, the post-

Deadline: Friday 13 September holder will be required to produce a detailed report with recommendations which will be Interviews: Saturday 28 September presented to the Trust.

No CV5 - application form on/yp/ease, The closing date for applications is 20th September 1996 and interviews are

anticipated to take place in the week beginning 30th September 1996. Any queries please contact Alison McBride,

Marketiflg Department, 01796 473054. For further information and application pack, _ contact Emma McCartney, Assistant Arts Officer, . “"3 “012* A2C<3UNUL

Shetland Arts Trust, on 01595 694001.


U The List 6-19 Sept 1996