O I saw you Holyrood Road. 6.45am. several mornings. Dinner suit. burgundy tie. dark overcoat. determined walk. Going to work? This yellow brick roadie needs you to wait on him. Write soon enclosing menu. Box No U/288/l.

9 I sour you pumping lrn. Kelvin Hall. most mornings. You brown-haired and beautiful. You drive that blue Renault 5 with style. How about a spin or a shot on your rowing machine? Box No U/288/2.

V I saw you at Taste and Luvley. You: sexy dancer in black with tattoo around bicep. Me: tall. slim guy also in black. Wish we‘d spoken properly. I like what I’ve seen. would like to see more . . . would you? Box No U/288/3.

0 I saw you Ian. Saturday l7/8/96 in Scott‘s Bar. Rose Street. Edinburgh. You couldn't get in to see Greg Proops or The Rutland. Please contact Debbie and Esther 'cos you're mad! Box No U/288/4.

V I saur you RFU Footballers‘ close season. Bubble pertn. equestrian smile and Dr Martens boots. Me nerdy free press editor. Respondez vous. Box No U/288/5.

V I saw you advertise here for me (Alistair C) a few weeks ago. Please write. Love is a rare commodity. Box No U/288/6.

9 We seen you at T in the Park 96. Jamie. Andy. Sandy. Get in touch. like to meet up sometime? Karin and the two Lisas. P.S. Sandy‘s hair’s cool!!! Box No U/288/7.

9 I saur you Rosalyn. Thursday nights. How personally do you want to take it? Love. K. Box No U/288/8.

. I we you Rockinghorse. 2/8/96. You pushed past as I danced. Did you want tne to follow? UVNY. l want to plunge into your pupilled pools and bathe forever in your beauty. Box No U/288/9.

Q I saw you silver surfing on the dance floor. Sensual. sensational. sexually irresistible. My man in black. Too good to be true. l can't be apart from you. Box No U/288/l0. O I saw you Tunnel Renaissance. Saturday IOth August. You hot electric blue top and hipsters. short brown hair. Me attractive guy. blue eyes. dark hair. Let‘s meet for a drink. Box No U/288/I l. . I saw you in the Garage on Thursday. You tall. hunky DJ with wispy hair. smoking Silk Cut. Me Rob Roy lookalike (crabo). Don‘t fight it you know you want it! Box No U/288/l2. 0 I saur you David. Mick (solicitors) or anyone who knows them. Tell David to contact Martine. While the chief puts sunshine on Leith. I will be sorry for misunderstanding in the ‘Subway' (l2/7/96). Box No U/288/l3. . I saw you in your gold VW Beetle. near Queensferry. Lo number plate. I lived in your region for one and a half years. Lust aufschorle. Box No U/288/l4. . I saw you Hungarian student. Cowgate. mid-June. seeking accommodation for parents hols. We spoke about your accent. Sorry we didn’t speak about anything else. Would like to hear from you. Box No U/288/l 5. 0 I saw you Stevie. Scotcare. Edinburgh. Friday 9th August. You sent this guy's gas pressure sky-high. To let off steam. send order number and full job details to Box No U/288/l6. V I saur you Andrew. April. Thursdays. Torphichen Street. Your yellowjurnper needed first aid. Very discreet friend of Dorothy's wished he was the dummy you were resuscitating. Reply on triangular bandage to Box No U/288/l7. 0 I saw you Big Country. Edinburgh l4/8/96. We queued together for an hour. You: white blouse. jeans. blonde with a pal. Me: black BC T-shirt. jeans. glasses. German tendencies. Fancy meeting properly. Box No U/288/ l8. 9 I saur you playing the ‘Major' and ‘Highlander' in ‘Adieu‘ on l9/8/96. Red hair. rugged looks. speaking gaelic. I was on my own. long dark hair. deep brown eyes. longing to

_ meet you. Box No U/288/ I9.

Edinburgh EH1 I'I‘E


The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the cut

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW GI 2J2

U I saw you across a crowded blue group meeting. peddling eyewash. Me tongue tied in your presence. Please contact with feedback. Box No U/288/20.

. I saw you on ad hoc administration day and one other time during RFU. fire drill. Where do you go to my lovely. Box No U/288/2l.

V I saw you similarly denim shirtcd. flowery leggings and DMs at R.F. U. Me lone Eagles fan with dodgy knee and suspension. Talk to me. Box No U/288/22.


V I saw you at mad dog killer leper fiend at C Too. one o‘clock all last week. Me clean cut. dysfunctional astronaut. You blonde and heavily pregnant. Come again y'oig? Box Nt) U/288/23.

\ . I Saw You... ...on a. friend’s

PC. You were


You looked fresh, techno and fl" exciting. I want you Cable Internet. Call relewest Communications

0500 386 0'56


0 I saw you in my bed with wee bear. trainspotter and sea creatures. You are my crunchy lover boy. Sweet baby. share my bed forever and my life will be complete. Sexy thang. Box No U/288/24.

V I saw you working in Au Naturale. turquoise dress. gorgeous! Me: skinhead in bright T-shirt. Did you think I was on the nick? I'm no thief. honest! Want to meet? Box No U/288/25.

O I saw you 5.15ish. 21/8/96. Safeway. Morningside. You: tall. slim. loosefitting black T- shirt. blue jeans. black hairband. You bought two items. Me: tall. green shirt. blue blazer. Make my year. Box No U/288/26.


Until further notice,l SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

9 I saw you morning. 22/8/96. thru the haze of hangover delivering List. U short dark hair with a smile to cure my pain. Can U do it again? Box No U/288/27.

v I saw you ‘Martin' at the TraverSe. I felt positive attraction but couldn‘t find the

' words or courage. Could this be

The Architect of something big and lovely? Your vote counts. Filmfest girl. Box No U/288/28.

U I saw you in a bar on Alderan. with George. Dustybin and the tinman. You were hiding from bath troopers looking for Leia. Are you really a princess? Box No U/288/29.

V I saw you Sun 25/8 at Body Club. Dark unshaven. handsome. wearing navy blue in gym. then nothing in showers! Get in touch and let's exchange more than (in)discreet glances! Box No [1/288/30.

U I saw you gorgeous redhead. 9. 10. Newton train. 30/7/96. You went to Mount Florida. I ran to catch you at Pollokshields. You couldn't believe I‘d done that. Please write. love to meet you. Box No U/288/3 l.

0 I saw you Oasis. Sunday. You

. Hibs away top. me MUFC shirt. ' We shared poteen and more.

Fabulous day. Time is precious. let‘s enjoy it. Being with you is electric and soothing. Box No U/288/32.

U I saw you at Kabaret. 24/8/96. You blond with rucsac. waiting in bar. me with woolly jumper and Juan José in front row. Too shy to speak. Box No U/288/33.

v You sate me at a party. Glasgow Southside. 17/8/96. You: male wearing red shirt. I left early. my pal lost your phone number. I’m curious. Write with your number again. Box No U/288/34.

O I saw you Partick Safeway. Sunday. 25th August. around 9.20am. You floppy hair and checked shin (reddish). You looked tired? Bored? Next time let me carry your basket. Ooh err! Box No U/288/35.

U I saw you with Cruise bag and two friends. Friday l6th August, 7.30 ish. Underground to Partick then (?home) on Dumbarton Road. Two closes down from me. Are we neighbours? Box No U/288/36.

0 I saw you Manor. mid-July. exhausted. brown. grizzly. guzzling cold lager and burning napkins. We played contraCt whee all day with el presidente and recalled camijanes. Let‘s do it again sometime. Box No U/288/37.

U I saw you Strathclyde Buildings. Glasgow. 7/8/96. I talked. you looked at my photos. Fancy talking again over a drink? Box No U/288/38. 9 I saw you at Number l8. Sunday afternoon 25th August. You: late 40s. fair hair. well spoken. We grew together in the water. Me: late 20s. slightly greying hair. Can we meet again? Box No U/288/39.

O I saw you The Ship. Leith. Saturday evening 24th August. You: chinos and blue shirt. dining with guy in red shirt. Me: waiter who forgot the tea. Are you always so understanding? Box No U/288/40.

. I saw you Ken from Glasgow area. twice last year. then you went to USA and I saw you no tnore. Are you coming to Fife in September? Get in touch with N. Box No U/288/4l.

0 I saw you Oasis. Sunday. It was great to have a night together. Shame we were so tired. Day-dreaming about the next time. Box No U/288/42. 9 I sour you dancing on stage at end of night. Yip-Yap. 24/8/96. Shoulder length hair. lilac top. cream hipsters and divine eyes. Me: short sleeved blue. bold check shirt. Eyes met? Let’s meet. Box No U/288/44.

. I seer you at Polwarth party (3/8) and (I think?) giving blood on l0/6 (2.30pm). You have something: femininity no doubt. Me? The tall. shy. retiring type but might sing you a song. Box No U/288/45.

O We seer you at Oasis. Saturday gig. VlP Hospitality. Three Edinburgh nurses looking for real men but you picked the wrong two. Come out in Glasgow with Kevin and John. Box No Ul288/46.

0 I sour you gorgeous goddess with green eyes at the Usher Hall. You with a pen and pad. Let's compare notes. Box No U/288/47.

0 I saw you Claire. Easter Friday and most days since. You: curly-haired with farty reputation. Me: cheeky piece with commonwealth vowels who loves you very much. Happy Birthday my gorgeous! . Box No U/288/48.

The List 6-I9 Sept I996"