COMPETITIONS The Very Best Of Caiun

Well. gumbo my 'gators! The Dino record label just done gone released a 4(l-track double CD of all my little swamp friends' favourite numbers. We‘s a speakin' about the top named artists in bluegrass. swamp pop and zydeco. boy. so pin back yer lugs and grab an earful ofthis: Rockin’ Sydney Balfour Toujours. Steve Riley. Hank Williams. Johnnie Allan and DL Menard.

As if that ain’t enough to wet your whistle. then them good ole boys at Dino have gone an' thrown in five bottles of Wild Turkey to sip while you all hunker down and listen to the swamp calling. So throw away the moonshine and if you want one of the live albums answer this. buzzard breath:

What State would you associate most with Cajun music'.’

Answers on a postcard by Thurs I9 September. Mark them: CAJOH COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


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festival season is drawing to a close. it‘s time to retire to the living room and spend some nights in front of the video The incredibly generous Electric Video have given us live copies ol‘each of these movies. just released on sell through. to give to you fortunate

in; people.

The films are: The (.v'l/ulmrl Closer, an examination of Hollywood’s representation of homosexuality; .rlrmma Dream. a Johnny Depp sales and seduction tale. and (Tu/r1 I'vl'er. a remarkable Icelandic road movie.

You want the movies? You know the score:

Who directed Cold I’ei'er'.’

Answers on a postcard by Friday 20 September. Mark them: COLO COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 "E.

The Year’s Midnight

Alex Benzie's novel. The Year's Midnight has got the critics reaching for the superlatives thesaurus. The intricate. strange saga ofa Scottish village is the Glasgow-born writer‘s first novel and looks unlikely to be his last.

Alex Benzie is reading from The Year '3' Midnight at Waterstone's. I3 Princes Street on Tuesday l7 September. 7pm and. should the reading sharpen your appetite for some more. then we have twenty copies of the book to give away. If you aren't among the lucky few.

ELECTRIC VIDEOS Competition Voucher (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)


. r 'M hair 5 "if? .\ lirln ("q/rt

Penguin at £7.99. To be in with a chance of wrnning a copy answer this:

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When was Penguin founded?

Answers on postcard by Wed l8 September. Mark them: BEHUE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 17!.

Latin American Film Festival

Cararnba. los amigos! Slip into your samba gear. get a load of fiesta coursing through those veins and get ready for some Latin passion as the OFT kicks off its seventh Latin American Film Festival running 6—19 September.

You’ll laugh. you'll cry and after watching director Helena Solberg's fascinating portrait in Carmen Miranda: Bananas Is My Business you'll probably cha-cha~cha your way into work for weeks to come. As well as a superb selection of feature films. the festival also provides the opportunity to see John Sayles‘s Lone Star prior to its UK release.

Thanks to Metro Tartan and the OFT we have three videos of Tomas Gutierrez Alea’s Strawberry And Chocolate. three Mum/o Latino C Ds. three festival T~shins and three pairs of tickets to see a film at the OFF.


Name Gutierrez Alea's latest film which is being screened as part of the festival?

o z u a o > c p .5 m a. E c U

‘3 .‘l’ E E E

Answers on a postcard by Wed l I September. Include a daytime phone number. LIFE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 11E.

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The Friege Ieilery t; We, Bleegew is otterbg a tree piece et li-lted edition r

The Fruitmarlret Gallery, Edinburgh is uttering live Reckoning With The Past: Chinese Contemporary Paintings T-shirts to the tirst live people who take this issue of The List to the Fruitmarket Gallery bookshop.

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cenpeeyereeitering‘ 'twetlciretslertheprlee A W oloeeteeeeonee's - 01010”sz 45""

the More, Glasgow on Moe Mire ro Sept at age. Take this voucher eleeg on the eight.

then you'll just have to buy it. The Year 3- Midnight is published by i .\ , , _ p . \ - i , l Lady Hug." "‘0 "gonna" ou‘hom 0'

--_-_ _ - .._I

Take this voucher along to Lady Finger, 7 Buccleuch Street, Glasgow, 0141 353 0777.


Mother India, is uttering a starter, main course and sundries for only £5 trorn 5—30 Sept.



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Male reeeeeelbilltyeee be. 311:: .i I, (‘1: Wharf; 3 II Whither ' which heeel in; - HW" "1»: "I '4.

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92 The List (H9 Sept I996

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