gangster epic looks at the life of the Corleone fatnin before and after the events of the first movie. De Niro is superb as the young Vito. newly arrived from Sicily and making his mark in the Land of the Free: his son Michael (Pacino). now fully COITttptcd by absolute power. extends his crime empire. btrt at the cxpetise of killing fartiin and. friends. A magnificent achievement. Glasgow: Gl-‘l‘.

I A Booty Movie (U) (Kevin Lima. US. I906) The Disney cartoon star appears in his first feature-length movie. and unlike his peers Mickey and Donald who only ever got to have nephews plays a paternal role. Out on a bonding trip to dissuade son Max from becoming a trouble-maker. Goofy doesn't exactly make for the world's coolest role model. I The Great White Hype ( l5) (Reginald Htrdliu. US. I996) Samuel L. Jackson. Damon Wayans. Jeff Goldblum. 90mins. A charismatic boxing promoter/lurstler (Jackson) dreams up the ‘Fight of the Millenniurn' in order to boost dwindling box office. hyping a little-known white ptrgilist out of undefeated retirement to take on the current champ. Pretty soon an investigative reporter (Goldblum) is on his case to check if there's any basis to the fuss. An energetic satire of sports world personalities. See review. Glasgow: Odeon at the Quay. Edinburgh: UCl. I "allow need ( l5) (Angela Pope. UK. 1996) Martin Donovan. Jocly Richardson. lan Hart. lO-l mins. A divorced man reckons that his ex- wife's new l0ver is abusing his son and sues for custody. The problem is that he left her for his gay lover. Parental duty and gay prejudices clash in this well acted drama. which features an intelligent performance from Hal Hartley regular Donoyan. Pope sorr‘etrmes plays the ‘issues' card a bit too strongly. btrt should be commended for not making the debate simply black and white. See feature and review. Glasgow: Odeon at the Quay. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The lhmchbaclt or llotre Dante (PG) (Gary Trousdale/Kirk Wise. US. 1996) With the voices of Tom Hulce. Derni Moore. Kevin Kline. 90 mins. Young Quasimodo is kept prisoner in medieval Paris's great cathedral by the evil Judge Frollo. but when the beautiful gypsy Esmeralda comes on the scene. the boy's heroic instincts save the day. Strong vocal performances. stunning cityscapes. grand songs and an expertly mature handling of adult themes make this an instant classic with plenty to say about moral hypocrisy. General release.

I Independence Day (12) (Roland Emmerich. US. 1996) Will Smith. Jeff Goldblum. Bill



N s wm'

Pullman. ISO mins. Day One: alien ships hover over the world’s major cities. Day Two: they attack. Day Three: mankind goes into hokum overdrive and gears up to kick some alien ass. A SOs-style invasion B-movie with 90s state-of-the art effects. Independence Day is popcorn value- for-money at its very best. A gripping scare scenario that doesn‘t take itself too seriously. throws in some conspiracy theories and rounds it off with the most devastating disaster scenes ever ptrt on film. General release.

I It Always Rains On Sundays (PG) (Robert Hamer. UK. l947) John McCallum. Googie Withers. Jack Warner. 92 mins. An unexpectedly downbeat offering from Ealing Studios. bill a film strong enough to be reckoned worthy of a reissue in a new print as pan of the BFl's Centenary Collection. An escaped convict makes for the home of his former girlfriend. now a manied woman. btrt there are no sparks of lost romance. only selfish exploitation on both parts. Glasgow: GET.

I James And The Giant Peach (U) (Henry Selick. US. 1996) Paul Terry. Susan Sarandon. Simon Callow. 79 mins. From the director of 'Iinr Burmn '.r The Nightmare Be are Christmas comes a wonderfully colourful adaptation of Roald Dahl's much-loved novel. Live action tops and tails the story. btit for the ruost part. it's ftrri times with stop-motion puppets. By turns ftrnrry and scary. it stays true to Dahl's surreal and whimsical vision. General release.

I Jane Eyre (PG) (Franco Zeffirelli. UK/ltaly. 1996) William Hurt. Charlotte Gainsbourg. Joan Plowright. H3 mins. lt wasn't possible to review this latest adaptation of an English literary classic before going to press. btit expect weighty acting from Hurt and the British thesps in support. One hopes that Zeffirelli manages to tune into the darker. more brooding aspects of Charlotte Bronte's novel. See preview. Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Dominion. UCl.

I Jefferson In Paris ( l 2) (James Ivory. US. l995) Nick Nolte. Greta Scacchi. 'l‘lrandie Newton. 140 mitts. Merclrant-lvory's take on the third American President's years as Ambassador in Paris has the high production values we’ve come to expect. btrt the narrative's pace is far too slack. Elsewhere he may have reckoned ‘all men are created equal‘ but that didn't stop him. the film alleges. having an affair with one of his own slaves. Glimpses only of the team at its best. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Jungle Book (U) (Wolfgang Reitherman. US. l967) With the voices of George Sanders. Louis Prima. 78 mins. Growing tip in the jungle.



e E s T F one“


young Mowgli learns from the animals around him. Enjoyable Disney. a long way after Kipling. btrt the songs are wonderful. Fife: Robins.

I last Man Standing ( I 8) (Walter llill. US. l996) Brtrce Willis. Christopher Walken. Bruce Dern. Another movie that couldn't be reviewed before publication. llill ‘borrows' the plot of Ktii‘osawa‘s lirjimlm and Leone’s Fixrtirl Of Dollars. with Willis as the mercenary playing two warring factions against each other. Colourful characterisatious should be expected from Walken and [)ern. (iencral release.

I The last Supper ( I 5) (Stacy Title. Us. l996) Ron Eldard. Courtney Vance. Cameron Diaz. 92 mins. A group of American grad students host a series of dinners. dtrring which they pose various ‘PC or not PC'." questions to their guests - with fatal results if the answers are not to their liking. Described by the director as ‘an Arsenic .4an Old Lace for the 90s'. this black comedy relies as much on vividly drawn characters as on the bizarre situations that unfold. Glasgow: ABC Sauchiehall Street.

I The Man With The Golden Arm (PG) (()lto Preminger'. US. l‘)55) Frank Sinatra. Kim Novak. [Eleanor Parker. l 1‘) mins. An Elmer Bernstein score. Saul Bass's opening titles and Sinatra at his most intense as an ex-con junkie trying to become a jazz drummer what nrore could we ask for. Notable Hollywood movie that broke taboos in its portrayal of heroin addiction still stands tip today. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Mary Reilly ( l 5) (Stephen l‘rears. US. l‘)‘)5) Julia Roberts. John Malkovich. Glenn Close. l08 mins. Malkovich delves into the darker side of the human psyche as the Jekyll/Hyde dual personality while Roberts the hotrsernaid watches from the wings. The doctor's transformations merge with memories of her drunken father‘s abusive affections. grafting a disturbing btit potent sexual edge to the story. Wonderfully atmospheric and thematically brave. bttt Roberts's lack of acting ability is shown tip for what it was all along. Edinburgh: Filmhotrsc.

I Mission: Impossible (PG) (Brian De Palrna. US. l99o) Tom Cruise. Jon Voight. limmanuelle Beart. | l() mins. Unlike the fondly remembered TV series which pushed the notion of teamwork. this lavishly produced Hollywood thriller is driven by Cruise's solo star power. As the orin survivor of a hit on his espionage learn. he races across the world. setting tip double bluffs to flush out a mole. There are a couple of dazzling set pieces. btrt they're padded out by yards of complicated plot. Slick. btit cold. Edinburgh: L‘Cl. Strathclyde: UCl.

I Mulholland Falls ( IS) (Lee ’l'arrrahori. US. l‘)‘)()) Nick .\'olte. .\lelanie (itiffith. Chan. Palrrtintcri. l()(r mins. A fictionalised tale involving LAPD's real-life tough gtry ‘llat Stiuad'. 'l'atnalrori's l'S follow-rip to (hire Were War: furs strays too closely to ('liintiruir-n territory to work in its on it right. A murder leads to high-up conspiracies and corruption. bringing in personal difficulties for .\'oltc's morally compronuscd hero. Lacks the dread or paranoia that the 50s noirs st) effortlessly evoked. (ilasgow: (‘rty Centre ()dcon. Edinburgh: ()deon. l'Cl. Strathclyde: l'Cl (‘lydebank

I Multiplicity ( I 2) (Harold Ramis. l‘S. l‘)‘)(r) Michael Keaton. Audie McDowell. Harris Ytrlin. l H) mins. When life becomes too much for Doug Kinney (Keaton) to cope with. he takes his multiple personality breakdown to a literal level by having hirirself cloned by a leading geneticist. While he's ruarraging to work. rest and play all at the same time. his wife (McDowell) has to cope w ith the chaos. Neat screen tricks allow for vistral gags. brrt it's not as funny as Ramis's previous movie. (imrrnt/lmg Day. See review. Glasgow: City Centre ()dcon. ()deon at the Quay. Virgin Cinema. Edinburgh: Dominion. l'Cl. Strathclyde: ()dcon Ayr.

I Muppet Treasure Island (Pm (Brian Henson. l‘S/l'K. l‘)‘)(i) Tim Curry. Kevin Bishop. Billy Connolly. H): mins. Young Jirii llawkitrs. along with his friends the (ireat (ionzo and Riuo The Rat go hunting for treasure with Captain l‘lint's map. rriceting tip on the way with Long John Silver (Curry). and Louie. Kermit. Miss Piggy ct al as various Stevenson character‘s. l‘aithful to the book. bttt hilarious irr its extraneous details especially in the opening section this is one time everyone can enjoy Hollywotxl's plundering of British literature. Strathclyde: llCl liast Kilbride.

I Muriel's Wedding ( l5) (P.J. Hogan. Australia. I‘NJ) Toni Collette. Rachel (iiiffiths. Bill lltrntcr. [05 mins. l'gly duckling .\ltuiel decides to leave behind her boring life in l’oipoise Spit and search for her Prince Charming in the big lights of Sydney. A bouncy Abba soundtrack and fairy tale ambiance add to the charm of one of the year‘s best ctowd-pleasers. As sparkling. in its own way. as The Adventures ()I'I’Iixt‘i/ltt. lidinburgh: ('amco.

I Mute Witness ( 13) (Anthony Waller. l'K/RussiaKiermany. NOS) .\lariua Strdrna. l‘ay Ripley. ()leg Jankovskij. 98 mins. Accidently locked in a Moscow film studio. a mute sfx artist (Sttdina) inadvertently stumbles on what she believes is the filming of a strttff movie. But

ss hen the body disappears. a complicated game

. of the characters and their glorious triumph

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