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Good as gold

night to remember, says Jim Byers, as he looks forward to a rare visit

megastar Goldie’s groundbreaking

Jungle has come a long way in the last couple of years. From its roots in the rave and hardcore scene, through its early ragga days (when it first crashed the nation's consciousness in the form of M-Beat and General Levy’s ‘lncredible'), to its fragmentation into myriad genres and styles spanning all manner of

musical force in the UK since the onset of house

Several factors have been instrumental in its rise. At the heart of its ascendance is Goldie, a man who has graced more dance music magazine covers in the last twelve months than anyone else. And behind Goldie

bass culture. Goldie has made that culture accessible. He’s the original junglist figurehead: its leading light. its first bonafide star and its unofficial spokesperson. He has filled a crucial gap in jungle’s development providing a much-needed focus for the media and the curious alike, someohe who could finally answer the questions that needed to be answered. He has the

pressure. He's pushed his scene into the public eye and now, along with names like Fabio, Grooverider and Bukem, we have a premier league of jungle stars to look up to. These are the guys who are going to be remembered when it comes to writing the history books; the Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levans and Tony



compromised its integrity.

Formed in early 94 by Goldie and Doc Scott to host their first collaboration together. Metalheadz has since become one of the most important imprints a (alongside Moving Shadow. Reinforced and Bukem‘s Good Looking and Looking Good) in the drum ‘n‘ bass business. As well as nurturing an impressive roster of young artists like J Majik. Photek and Peshay. it has effectively bridged the gap between the underground and the commercial. Buy a Metalheadz release and you're tapping directly into the heart ofa notoriously tight-knit scene. it‘s a touchstone for innovation and inspiration that constantly breaks new ground. No imprint has done so much to break new artists and new sounds through its releases. Crucially. throughout its development Goldie and the core players (Fabio. Grooverider, Kemistry and Storm) have maintained a fierce hold on their scene despite being manhandled by the press. As yet. its steady move towards mainstream acceptance hasn‘t

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Goldie is synonymous with the name Metalheadz, and that in turn has created a stamp of guaranteed quality on its output. The gold-toothed innovator has allowed its music to be accessed and heard through his dynamic personality. Our exposure to the name Goldie has lead us to listen to Metalheadz material. bringing us into contact with a whole new wave of artists many of whom are already achieving ‘name' status. not to mention contracts with major labels. Check the first Metalheadz compilation Platinum Breaks for proof. Alongside Goldie. tracks by young artists Source Direct and J Majik reveal a total freedom ol'expression that bodes well for the future.

What have we got to look forward to? With Doc Scott. Fabio. Peshay and Kemistry and Storm transporting the vibe of their Sunday Metalheadz sessions to Edinburgh this month there’s a treat in store for Scottish drum 'n‘ bass heads. (Jim Byers) Metal/wad: DJ at The Venue. Edinburgh on Sun 22


It’s bizarre, but to hear what the Psychonauts sound like as ills, you have to listen to James Lavelle’s third of Cream’s latest triple-Cl! compilation. Mo Wax supremo lavelle puttheClltogether, butthewashof scratching, looped breakbeats and layered samples that make it so rich is all down to the trio notorious for turning up at IiJing gigs with four turntables and a computer - llonel Klseorbe, Pablo Clements and Paul

Moog. -

Psycboneuts: breaking isn't hard to do

ilever really chasing fame and fortune, the three friends hooked up on the Somerset hip-hop party scene. Moving in together, Kisnorbo (32) introduced Moog (22) and Clements (23) to the sonic manipulative powers of computers in a live DJ set, and likewise the others shared with him the benefit oi their eight years as hip-hop Dis. Publicity and 0.! dates found them and fifteen months ago as Kisnorbo says: ‘It lust fell into place’.

A member oi lavelle’s£ project heard the trio DJ and sent a tape over to him in America where he was working with the Beastie Boys. At a beach party there, the Psychonauts tape was the only one

anyone remembered to bring. It got played over and over again. Lavelle loved it and demanded a meeting with the Yeovil three as soon as he got back. Since then the Psychonauts have been working in close collaboration with lavelle and his many projects, including catwalk shows and remix work. Currently the lads are working out a contract for their first album with Mo Wax. They’re not likely to blow their own trumpet, but they could just cut it up, play it backwards and lay a breakbeat loop over the top. (Rory Weller) The Psychonauts DJ at Phar Out (Glasgow School of Art) on 27 Sept.

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