A selection of television highlights listed by day, in chronological order. Television highlights compiled by Jonathan Trew.

I Carlo Scarpa (Channel 4) Sat 2| Sept. 8-9pm. Scottish filmmaker Murray Grigor and award-winning Edinburgh architect Richard Murphy collaborated on this documentary about one of ltaly’s greatest post-war architects who has been involved in restoring some of his country‘s finest buildings. As a modern architect working in a city constrained by its own heritage. Murphy clearly empathises with Scarpa's attempts to reconcile contemporary and classical architecture.

I The Promised land (BBC2) Sun 22 Sept. 7.35-‘8.25pm. This BBC Wales/Discovery Channel co-production picked up three Emmy nominations after it screened in the US where it was hailed as the new Roms. Narrated by Morgan Freeman and based on a book by Nicholas Lemann. this five-part documentary charts the northward migration of five million black Americans fleeing the cross-burning proclivities of the Deep South during the 1940s. The series draws on archive footage and eyewitness accounts. plus historic recordings of blues and jazz.

I The legacy oi Reginald Perrin (BBC r ) Sun 22 Sept. 8.30—9pm. With Reggie and Leonard Rossiter. the actor who played him in the original series. both dead. this new sitcom does its best to find a rationale for a sequel. The legacy of years of toil at Sunshine Desserts has been left to Reggie‘s nearests and dearest on condition they do something totally absurd tojustify their windfall.

I Erotic Tales (Channel 4) Sun 22 Sept. l |.35pm—l2.05am. New series of short films by six directors who were asked to interpret their own erotic visions for screen. To come. ifyou'll excuse the pun. are Melvin van Peebles. Ken Russell and Bob Rafelson but the season starts with Susan Desperately Seeking Susan Seidelman‘s film The Dutch Muster. which received an Oscar nomination. A dental hygienist in New York is contemplating her impending marriage to a traffic cop when she becomes obsessed by a painting called 'The Drinker' in the Metropolitan Museum. I Don’t look Down (Scottish) Sun 22 Sept. l0.45-l l.45pm. New series ofthe arts show presented by Siobhan Synot which tonight includes an interview with Hollywood actress Teresa Wright and an assessment of the work of printrnaker Willie Bodger. plus a screening ofthe first of the Prime Cuts Scottish shorts. I Witness (Channel 4) Tue 24 Sept. 8~8.3()pm. A new series of the documentary strand about personal belief begins with the story of three women who became unmarried mothers during the 60s when the new-found sexual liberation was not matched by liberal attitudes to single parenthood. After becoming pregnant. all three women were packed off to mother and baby homes. with their new-born children put up for adoption. Thirty years later the emotional scars of the decision to give up their children are with all three. I Antonio Carluccio‘s Italian Feast (BBC2) Tue 24 Sept. 8.30-9pm. Flamboyant foodie Antonio takes us to his childhood haunts in Piemonte in northern ltaly where men bond over wine. cheese and sausages. I Taggart (Scottish) Thurs 26 Sept. 9—l()pm. Might be just about possible to catch up on the story mid-way through this three-parter about a bullion heist which goes badly wrong. Two members of


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the gang are dead who will be next? Jardine and Reid investigate.

I Shooting Stars (BBC2) Fri 27 Sept. 9—9.30pm. Mark Lamarr arid Ulrika-ka- ka-ka Jonsonn join your ever-joshing hosts hosts Vic and Bob for a new series of daft quiz fun in the best of the current crop of alternative comedy/light entertainment crossovers.

I All ilise For Julian Clary (BBC2) 9.30—l0pm. No doubt he‘ll be looking for a warm hand on his entrance for this new entertainment show featuring the commisar ofcamp. Julian Clary (pictured above). Presiding over viewers‘ real-life problems. the Judge Jules brings the perpetrators to book. Also in the dock will be celebrities from Gary Rhodes to Peter Stringfellow who are chosen for their irritation rating and will have to answer for their crimes against taste and decency. I The Hollow State (BBC2) Sat 28 Sept. 8.10—9pm. The Guardian‘s Simon

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Hoggart considers the impact of the explosion of global communications which allows information to flow unimpeded across national borders. potentially undermining the notion of the sovereign state. In the first of two programmes. Hoggart travels to China to see how a state which has traditionally tried to exert a tight control on access to information is dealing with these changes. I Drop the Dead Donkey (Channel 4) Tue 1 Oct. l0—lO.35pm. All the newsroom regulars are back for another series of the current affairs comedy which injects up- to-the-minute references into the standard sitcom format.

I llorthern Exposure (Cltarmel 4) ll.35pm—|2.35am. The moose is loose once again as we return to the chilly northern climes of Alaska where Joel and Maggie continue their love-hate relationship. while Chris is given a life lesson from a deer.

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