aybe it’s his kookiness, but

I I Suede’s Brett Anderson, arse- smackingly defiant showman and the individual responsible for

delivering lyrics about

‘kookiness’ as though it were the most natural choice from the rock ’n’ roll. lexicon, doesn’t enjoy making videos.

Ahead of him is an afternoon of what he anticipates will be ‘poncing about in front of a camera’ in order to make the ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’-influenced promo for ‘The Beautiful Ones’, the second single from Suede’s third album Coming Up. No matter that he can ponce about in front of a camera like there’s no one else left to fulfil that particular role and that behind the camera will be Britpop video director

Rumour had it that Suede were all washed up. Brett Anderson, riding cx‘morffinaim P69“) ROhWanyi' recent guest 9f the Edinburgh Film Festival Anderson still

high on Suede 5 third album, begs to differ. Fiona Shepherd testifies to admits he always gets a bit freaked out when the resurrection. it’s time to make a video’.

0 The List 20 Sept-3 Oct I996