Complex. 3‘) Ardeiicraig Road. An energetic and provoking reading from hip- hop dancer and performance poet .lonzi D plus a reading from Adebayo's first award-winning novel Some Kind of Black. I Ajay Close, Carole Morin and Tracey Herd Fri 4 Oct. 7.30pm. Free. Castlemilk Library. l()() Castlemilk Drive. A celebration of female Scottish writing

a thouuht you were.‘ Citing 1930s and l940s Hollywood J t gangster movies starring James Cagney "S e and Edward G. Robinson as his all-time - favourites. Cullen is aware of the importance of teaching structure and technique to budding screenwriters and

Now celebrating its fourth birthday. the playwrights. ‘I think that only by

Castlemilk Writers‘ Festival has addressing the questions of structure with journalist turned crime author Close. broadened its outlook when it comes to can you free the creativity.‘ he says. 509mm C"Pi" M00" and Dundee-based vibrant new writing talent. ‘llollywood has a bad reputation fora PO“ Hcrd- incorporating theatre and screenwriting lot of the junk produced. but they also Mike Pull” Sin.“ 0“ loam—4pm .

.. . . I r . . V. _ H _. ., .. l-ree. Castlemilk Library. l()() Castlemilk workshops into loui days of ll\Lly produce the occasional gem like [he Drive Scrccnwmm, k1 . I

. . , . , . , .. gworsiopwni pei'loi'riiancc poetry and readings. .S/iuii'x/imik Redemption or Cur/rm s playwright/SCrccnwrim Mike Cullen See

The man behind the festival's Way. which have the same incredible main preview

screenwriting workshop 'I'liree Act tight structure and power as those black I Brian Patton and Lena Sissay Sat 5 Hu/lvirmid Script is Mike Cullen. The and white Cagney movies.‘ Oct. 7.30pm. Free. Birgidale Complex. l0 playwright came to public prominence Another important aspect ofCullen‘s Slral’imfm 51ft“. CilSllL‘milk- Th6 man in l()()} with The Cut. a production workshop relates to his belief in respo'mblg tor popumlismg pogry i" [he exploring life in a coal mining ‘eiiabling access to folk not normally c' J' smne 60$ alongs'dc pals Adm" Hen” and

. . . _ . . Ro yer McGou 1h teams u with 90s man community. and again in I99) with the attracted to the theatre . Cullen bursts N 5mm. 1 MINES-may fora "my with enthusiasm when speaking of the i

criticallv-acclaimed 'I'lie (‘nllee/lmt. p .. . H ' I llavld Graig Wed 2 Oct. 2—5pm. Free. “kumymg dOUbk 'M'

Cullen is well-placed in the tutoring Traverse Theatre‘s schools outreach C I .lk C _ C pl . . . . . . . . . . g 3' _ role. He is writer-iii-residence with initiative Class Act. where playwrights. ‘1 [ em! °.'“"‘"""Y em“

Ed’ b ‘Ul " T" " " ' Tl " t ' ' l l ' (lll“ ‘tors and actors work with cmucm'lk Dnvc' Glasgow The [dented l." m“: 1.5 with“ NI.“ IL ‘mf m“ LL .‘ ' young playwright behind The Architect an impressive string ot IV and liliii schoolchildren to develop short plays holds a workshop exploring "cw ways of

work in the pic-production and pre- later produced at The Traverse. ‘As a incorporating imagery and poetry in“) screening stage. Besides working on a kid I lived in a very working-class writing for theatre. screenplay of The (in. and Underdogs. mining area of Tranent where the only I C. J. Stone and John l. Williams Wed 2 a cop series set on a peripheral experience you had of theatre was 00‘. 730W“: Free-.Casucmmf l-lbrar)" Edinburgh housing estate. he has going to a pantomime.‘ he explains. ‘l 500 Cl‘lS‘lc'1‘1'k Dfl‘t’cs-IA Wadimg from - - ~ n - ~ e - l ir ll! unit is one w iose new written for Scottish lelevision s new think that still exists nowadays. so UGO . dr im 1 s ii ll (‘ lllll/ll st llllll” John mythin“ tli it ltLl s to hit 1k down those novel hm", Dummy “plows mosc 11.“‘.\‘.(' fl"... 1’ 1 ',‘ "‘ .‘ .. . . .. L L t r ' . c . t I p t .‘ I livmg outside mainstream British culture. Hannah. ' baiiicis ol 1 ic t icatic icing a p are and from wmmms' whose novel faith/t,” ‘I remember going along to the where only snobs go. can only be a profiles the generation dubde Thatcher's Traverse Theatre workshops in l‘)‘)2.‘ good thing.‘ children‘, says Cullen. ‘and later the one-to-one 'I‘lie (.‘us/Iemilk Writer-3' I-‘gmml is I Susie Magritte Thurs 3 Oct. 2pm. Free. tuition I received by fantastic people from Wed 2—SuI 5 October: Mike Cullen The Fm‘gc QQHUY- '3 CaSllCWll‘ . like Chris Harman and Iain Heggie at will give a .i‘r‘reenri'ritirig workshop at 3‘“:an- r/r'tcg: “if”; an.“ §)'°d'.‘0r[0t . - ~ . . . .. . ') .- )w ""3 s' "ch eams The Tron. I think the tnost important the Custlemrlk Writers l-esm'ul. “l” J u. H, l‘ u "‘ fl“. thin ' '1 worksho can do is yiv you a C I lit 1 'l ' 100 C I 'Ik Up With Clam”: ream magazmc tor an ,, ' \ hp I j‘licbglgi ' "1"“"5 ""“'-" "m 6"" afternoon of bittersweet luurve and roses. sum." 0 L0" K the" ‘uu 5L ' I .lL t 1;“ [)I'll't’. (I/(ngUW ()Il .8015 ()(‘l. I Jami n and "In" ‘debavo Thurs you re not as stupid as you originally minim/mi. I'ree. Oct. 7.30pm. £3/£l.50. Castlemilk Youth Mike Cullen

Waterstone’s East End

Tuesday 24th Sept 7pm Andrew O’Hagan & Tim Lott

0n the eve of the announcement of this year’s Waterstone's/Esquire award for non fiction one shortlisted author and one judge will be here to read from their work. Andrew O'Hagan from his acclaimed The Missing (Picador £5.99) and Tim Lott from

The Scent of Dried Roses (Viking £16) a son's confessional and memorial to his mother...

83 George Street Edinburgh EH2 3ES 0131 225 3436

Tuesday 24th Sept 7.30pm New York’s hottest new talent


will be reading from her first novel


(Saker £9.99) Free tickets

Wednesday 25th September 7pm

John BIashford-Snell & Rula lenslia

Thursday 26th Sept 7 .30pm BBC Studios Queen Street


will be here to give an illustrated lecture based on their TV documentary and book Mammoth Hunt: In Search of the

Giant Elephant of Nepal (Collins £16.99)

award winning travel writer, reading from


his new book about the “other British” Tickets £2.00 redeemable against book at the event.

Tickets Free Wine will be served.

13/14 Princes Street 0131 556 3034

30 The List 20 Sept-3 Oct I996