O I saw you Manor. mid-July. exhausted. brown, grizzly. guzzling cold lager and burning napkins. We played contract whee all day with eI presidente and recalled camijanes. Let's do it again sometime. Box No U/288/37.

O I saw you Strathclyde Buildings, Glasgow, 7/8/96. I talked, you looked at my photos. Fancy talking again over a drink? Box No U/288/38. . I saw you at Number I8. Sunday afternoon 25th August. You: late 40s. fair hair. well spoken. We grew together in the water. Me: late 20s. slightly greying hair. Can we meet again? Box No U/288/39.

0 I saw you The Ship, Leith. Saturday evening 24th August. You: chinos and blue shirt. dining with guy in red shirt. Me: waiter who forgot the tea. Are you always so understanding? Box No U/288/40.

C I saw you Ken from Glasgow area. twice last year. then you went to USA and I saw you no more. Are you coming to Fife in September? Get in touch with N. Box No U/288/4l.

V I saw you Oasis. Sunday. It was great to have a night together. Shame we were so tired. Day-dreaming about the next time. Box No U/288/42.

0 I saw you dancing on stage at end of night. Yip-Yap. 24/8/96. Shoulder length hair. lilac top, cream hipsters and divine eyes. Me: short sleeved blue. bold check shirt. Eyes met? Let’s meet. Box No U/288/44.

V I saw you at Polwarth party (3/8) and (I think?) giving blood on 10/6 (2.30pm). You have something: femininity no doubt. Me? The tall, shy. retiring type but might sing you a song. Box No U/288/45.

0 We saw you at Oasis. Saturday gig, VIP Hospitality. Three Edinburgh nurses looking for real men but you picked the wrong two. Come out in Glasgow with Kevin and John. Box No U/288/46.

. I at you gorgeous goddess with green eyes at the Usher Hall. You with a pen and pad. Let’s compare notes. Box No U/288/47.

9 I saw you Claire, Easter Friday and most days since. You: curly-haired with farty reputation. Me: cheeky piece with commonwealth vowels who loves you very much. Happy Birthday my gorgeous! Box No U/288/48.

O I saw you tall. Irish and blonde. second row at my show. You gorgeous. me funny. Give me the shakes baby! Sorry I missed you at Big Beat. Let’s drink Perrier together! D.M. Box No U/289/l.

0 I saw you Atomic Dog. drawing Calvin and Hobbes outside RSA (and other occasions . . .) You make my tail wag. my nose moist, and my tongue hang out. Can l be your atomic bitch?? Box No U/289/2.

. I saw you faux Burberry. Basement, I0/8/96, sofa. I wrote but the letter went to the wrong person. I’m giving up the cigs. Get in touch through Box No U/289/3.

9 I saw you we said ‘hi’ across Orwell Terrace, by St Brides. midday (30/8/96) although I didn’t recognise you. You. dark blue top. blue hair band. dark brown hair. Me? You tell me! Say ‘hi’ again. Box No U/289/4. 9 I saw you 30/8/96 catching the 4pm Edinburgh to London train (it was delayed). You: pink/red gingham shirt and fish ring on thumb. Fine. Me: denim jacket, saying cheerio to my cousin. Box No U/289/5.

V I saw you Elephant House. 3 Sept. 3.30 ish. You: red-haired waitress, black flares. Gave me second cappuccino. Me: purple

‘T-shirt, short hair, reading at

window. Want to go somewhere else for coffee? Box No U/289/6.

. I saw you Byres Road. 27/8/96. Me. wiping windows. You. wiping away my pain. Me using chamois. you wearing chamois. Let’s shine together babycakes. Box No U/289/7.

0 We saw you in Assembly Rooms bar. l7/8/96. You, female. dark hair. green jacket listened to two disabled males. You said we were ‘relaxing and interesting'. Want to hear more? Box No U/289/8.

O I saw you Kermit and things have never been the same since. Love you now more than ever. I’ll always kiss the Kermit. Put it on the bill. xxxx E. Box No U/289/9.

0 I saw you on Glasgow underground. Tuesday. 3/9/96 approx 8. l0pm. I was wearing shirt and tie. You wearing white polo shirt and writing in black diary. Was that a glint in your eye? Box No U/289/IO.

V I saw you at Meadows bar. 6/9/96. upstairs. I smiled at you and you pulled my pint. You’re gorgeous and you can empty my ashtray anytime. Box No U/289/ I I.

9 I saw you working in Odeon. Edinburgh. Shocking blue blazer! Name badge Candice? But you are definitely all male! Want to meet? Me pretty brunette with GSOH. Box No U/289/I2.

INTER- erested‘? adj. curious, _ intrigued: With 40 million internet users, you may never be lonely again. Call reinvest Communication about. Cable Internet.

0500 536 036


. I saw you at Festival Theatre. 3 l/8/96, evening. interval. You beard/moustache, well-built. Me in blue collar/tie. beard/ moustache. We passed. nodded on stairs. Please let's meet again. Box No U/289/ I3.

9 I saw you The Oldest Club in Prague, 23 July 95. Also saw you last weekend actually. It's getting better all the time. Fates alive man! Love you bad. Bo No U/289/I4. .

Edinburgh EH1 11E


The list Classified, 14 High Street or at the 00A 350 Sauchlehall Street GLASGOW GI 2J2

and we will forward it.

Remember to urrlto the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-IIAIIII conu.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies, send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies, but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

I saw YOU 1

Until further notice,I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

O I “I you West and Wilde bookshop, 4/9/96, 3.30—4pm. Our eyes seemed to meet many times. We passed several more. Do get in touch. Box No U/289/IS.

0 I saw you too briefly. too infrequently and too quietly in that short sweet Edinburgh summer. I left smiling with the sun but still miss you (a little). Thanks. Box No U/289/l6.

0 I saw you Sheila. blonde hair.

Scotland v Austria. 30 August. Sept 7 - what happened? Please call. Box No U/289/I7.

V I 81' you in a green jeep. Byres Road. Thursday 4/9/96, leaving 8.0.8. You were driving. I was cycling. You are dark with cropped hair. We passed again about I I.30am at Botanic Gardens. Box No U/289/l8.

U I “I you boogie dude. on Macrihanish beach. You in orange and lime, me in black with long board. Let's surf that big wave. Box No U/289/ I9. 0 I saw you Sarah. in the office. Me temping (I've left). You've a gorgeous smile. Are you?? If so, fancy a date? I'm hoping. Annie. Box No U/289/20.

V I saw you Brahms and Liszt, 4/2/94. Recently you went away, left me with Pip. You were missed. I lost my way on my own. Love you. Shine your light. Box No U/289/21.

9 I saw you at the Stewartfield Farm quiz night. You drank diet lrn-Bru and wore your watch on your right wrist so did I! You gave up - answer this you’re

sure to score! Box No U/289/22.

0 I “I you Gallery of Modern Art. Friday 6/9. Me: tall guy with short blond hair and glasses. You: dark hair, T-shitt and jeans. in the Air Gallery. Did I see you smile? Box No U/289/23.

U I “I you Stuart from Argyll on 4 Sept, Kelvin Way. You studying for re-sits. Spoke briefly, would like to meet again. Box No U/289/24.

0 I a! you Allan. Allen? Whatever. at Fife ‘friends’. I drank. you listened. It’d be cool if you wrote. Loved your waltzing. Miss your beard. From me. G. Box No U/289/25. V I saw you 2/9/96, Roslea Drive. You stood beside your bike. entertaining a bunch of kids as I walked by. Maybe you do not fall for women at all? If you do, please get in touch. Box No U/289/26.

V I saw you leading gal: ‘blonde bit on the side’ Delmonica's. I volunteered to shake your egg. At the end you kissed me! Wowll Your gorgeous smile has captured me. please. please write?! Box No U/289/27.

0 I saw you Hubbards. during Euro96. You Liam. with Germany top. Me also German. We cuddled at full time. How about a score draw? Box No U/289/28.

9 I saw you Jeff, many times in the QM. I’d like to get to know you better. It could be sweet (like a long forgotten dream). Tank Girl. Box No U/289/29.

U I saw you working at the Cameo box office. Wed 2| August. 7pm-ish. You're female with short, dark hair. Just wanted to let you know I think you’re gorgeous. Box No U/289/30.

O I saw you at work. You drawing wobbly pictures and drinking Martini. at it all the time. Me hoping you will stop or at least. let me be your olive. Box No U/289/3l.

0 I saw you serving at Oxfam in Byres Road. You sold me a jar of honey on 7 September. You: blonde and beautiful. Me: dark and dumbstruck. Would you share my Autumn journey? Box No U/289/32.

V I saw you Janet from Belfast en route to teach English in Warsaw. l0 September. Late 20s, short hair, took sociology at Glasgow. Anybody know how to contact her? Box No U/289/33.

. I saw you I305 Birmingham] Edinburgh train. Friday 30/8/96. You: long legs. black top. blue jeans. portable CD. Me: black jacket, personal stereo. stopped Glasgow. We should have talked. Can we meet again? Box No U/289/34.

Olmyou in my mews cottage. Tom. We interviewed each other. You didn’t become my flatmate. Be my (boy)friend! G. Box No U/289/35.

The List 20 Sept-3 Oct I996 0o