Andrew O‘Hagan’s debut book mixes reportage. social history and memoir to examine the phenomenon of missing people in the UK. Every year over 250.000 people disappear in Britain. Prompted by his childhood in Glasgow during the time of the Bible John murders, O’Hagan has explored the lives of those who have gone missing and how it has affected those who were left behind. Cutting through both tabloid-style sensationalism and overly dry reporting. The Missing is an eloquent and thoughtful dissection of late 20th century society. Thanks to Picador. we have twenty copies of O'Hagan's book to

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Where was O’Hagan brought up?

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Scottish Opera Co liound as part of Ounfennllne And West Fife Arts Festival are offering two pairs of - tickets to see Cos! fan futte on Tuesday 24 Sept at 7.30pm In the Carnegie llall, Ounfennline. The first two people at the Box Office on the day get the tickets.


Push is the story of a young black woman's struggle to escape illiteracy against all the odds. Or as she puts it herself: ‘Everyday I tell myself something gonna happen. some shit like on TV. I’m gonna break through or someone gonna

- .. .. . break through to me I‘m gonna learn. catch up. be normal. change my seat to the front of the class. But again. today has not been that day.‘

Written by Sapphire. a 45-year-old African American who teaches basic literacy skills to adults and kids in New York. Push has taken the New York literary scene by storm and looks set to do the same over here. '

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In which city is Push set?

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The Traverse Theatre Edinburgh are offering two for one on full price tickets to see Hamlet on Friday 20 Sept at 8pm and Julius Caesar at

8pm on Thursday 19 Sept at

8pm and 1pm on Friday 20 Sept.



Club Classics

The Fantazia posse are back in the house with Volume II of their House Collection Club Classics. a timeless masterpiece of 39 sizzlin‘ cuts by Brandon Block. Mike Cosford and Peer. From the opening track of N-Joi’s classic ‘Anthem' to the huge re-mix of Subliminal Cuts ‘Le Voile Le Soleil.‘ there's enough slammin’ house. rising breakbeats and divine divas to give even the most Draw {OW enthusiastic club bunny a heart attack. .e'

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Who charted with ‘Let Me Show You Love‘. Here's a clue. they're top oftheir klass.

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MUNOO JERRI’S MJ’s loyalty card! Complete one Ml’s card and on your next visit to Ml‘s they’ll give you a complimentary free sandwich of

your choice. The offer ends on Thurs 31 Oct. W’s is at 25 Pamio Street (behind Tron Theatre), '

Glasgow, 52 7999. .

Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly Kiss

Michael Winterbottom's directorial debut stylishly interweaves dark humour. gripping suspense and a story of compelling love. Eunice (Amanda Plummer) is on a solitary and desperate search for her lover around the motorways of Northern England. Miriam (Saskia Reeves) is a lonely soul working in a service station. The two meet by chance and an extraordinary psycho-drama unfolds. leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake.

The soundtrack is top of the range with contributions from Bjork. The Cranberries and PJ Harvey. Butterfly Kiss is on sell-through now at £l5.99 on Polygram. ~ w i Thanks to Polygram we have five copies of the video to give away to the readers who can answer this:

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: What football hooliganism-inspired film was Saskia Reeves in?

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We can offer five pairs of Saturday liover Tickets which enable the holders to see anything they want at the Ounoon Jazz Festival on Sat 12 Oct. Worth £20 each, there are three pairs to be had by the first three people who phone Ticketline on 0131 220 4349 and two pairs to be had by the first two people to call into the Tourist Information Centre on George Square in Glasgow from Thurs 19 Sept.


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