n Huggy Bear. the dude wit de clues. the JOC wrt dc clothes. the guy with a red and white Ford

,3 Toreno parked outside " his bar. the main man to ' whom Starsky and Hutch (for it was their vee-hickle) . - . would turn for help with their enqumes. though they never requested style tips. This fortnight. his unique fashion sense is celebrated at Edinburgh’s Gyle Shopping Centre. where The Stursky And Hutch Experience screeches around the corner for two days to promote re-runs of the classic cop series on Bravo TV. Alongside the aforementioned vee-hickle. screenings ofthe pilot episode will be goin‘ down. together with re- enactments ofclassic Starsky and Hutch moments by the Captain Dobey Players. :1 giant Scalextric track. complete with 70s L.A. backdrop. and the chance to get a free Polaroid of yourself in S 8: H make-up and costume. Word on the street is the king of kitsch himself might mosey on down - but with the Bear you never can be sure . . .

The Starsky And Hutch Experience is at the 0er C entre, Edinburgh. Wed 9/Thurs IO Oct, 9am—6pm. Bravo TV re- runs are on Mon—Sat at 9pm. Front Thurs 7 Nov the slot changes to 8pm.

METALLIOA or Alcoholica. as they were once known - are grinding up the road to unleash their fearsome blend of delicate intros and ear-shredding thrashcore onto Scotland's adolescent fans once more. Not that we liberal. art-loving fops here at The List would dare to mock not after the hardened livers of a brace of Loaded hacks were crippled during a rip-snortin‘ 24- hour binge with the metal masters. Metallica rock like bastards. just don't go boozing with them.

Metallica play Barrowlmul. Glasgow; Thurs I 0 Oct.

JADE ROYAL is one of the (mostly young) people of mixed race photographed by Clement Cooper for his new show. Deep. which comes to Edinburgh this fortnight. Housing estates in Cardiff. Manchester, Liverpool and in Jade's case Bristol are explored by Cooper's sympathetic lens, which finds beauty, warmth and life in the faces despite sometimes harsh urban surroundings.

Deep: Photographs 0fMi.\‘(’(l Race People is at Portfolio Goller lz‘rlinlnojeh, Sat 5 Oct—Sat 9 Not:

EDDIE MURPHY oh yes it is has put on a few prosthetic pounds for his multiplicity of roles in The Nutty I’I'Q/cssm'. When sweet guy Sherman Klump takes a magic diet potion in order to win the girl of his dreams. he turns into alter-ego Buddy Love. a streamlined hut loud and obnoxious jerk. 'This is a Jekyll and Hyde story.’ says the 35-year- old actor. ‘We wanted someone who was uncomfortable with himself physically but was a beautiful person inside. Sherman's lovable and charming and funny and all of that. but he‘s just uncomfortable with his body. He falls in love with this girl. but he can‘t have her because of his looks that’s exactly the same thing as The Hunchback Oj'Notre Dume.‘ (Anwar Brett)

The Nutty Professor goes on general release on Fri 4 Oct.

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