THE GERITOI. FOLIJES are unlikely to be confused with the cast of Bill/toimls. but the feisty Canadian gong. dance and comedy troupe might push a few pacemakers perilously close to overload when they strut their sttiffin Edinburgh this fortnight. Led by Edinburgh-born Christine Hamilton. the l()()-strong. 21-year-old company (none of whose members. you‘ll understand. is much over 21) describe their act as ‘vaudeville. the real thing. presented by people who heard the jokes when they were new.‘ Unlikely to be many Liam and Patsy routines. then.

The Geritol Follies Of Canada are at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Fri ll/Sat / 2 ()('l.

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IOU THEATRE have been combining visual art and theatre for over twenty years. The Halilax-based company became best known for their site-specific work in the 70s and 80s. using everything from beaches to cotton mills. But money has become scarce. and since 1992 l()U have been trying to capture the satne epic quality and visual impact with small-scale touring shows. Their current piece. Another Part ()j the Island. focuses on a shipwrecked sailor‘s encounter with a solitary islander: the two attetnpt to communicate as their universes clash and combine. The show's inspiration was work by sculptor Richard Wincer. and features other sculptures by Frank Darnley: everyday objects made from metal. IOU's work relies on images and music to conjure tip ideas and emotions. rather than trying to pin down meanings. ‘We're interested in setting tip a resonance.‘ says director David Wheeler. ‘lf it ended tip having a single meaning we'd be disappointed. The show explores images we‘ve grown tip with: Moby Dick. Robinson Crusoe and The 'Iempest. We‘re tapping into archetypes. trying to tap into the audience's unconscious.’ (Toby Manning)

Another Part Of'l'lie Islam! is at Theatre ll’orks/top, Ifrlinlnagli. Thurs /() ~Sat / 2 ()('l.

'ihe list’s at-a—glance guide to the

highlights oi the fortnight ahead.


I Theatre: les nanaides Acclaimed Romanian director. Silviu Purcarete. brings his lavish adaptation of Aeschylus‘s bloody tragedy to Glasgow with a French-speaking. all Romanian company of 100. Spectacle and intrigue assured. See preview. Old Fruitmarket. Glasgon; Sat 1 2/510: 13.

I Music: Ten Day Weekend Banish autumnal boredom with Glasgow's annual ten-day music fest. Watch tomorrow‘s stars today. today's stars tonight and yesterday's films now. Uh huh. there‘s enough gigs. films. poetry. workshops. talks and internet events going on to keep even the mostjaded music-lover happy as Larry. See feature and listings. Various venues, Fri ll—Sun 20.

I Film: Jude Tougher than your typical British period movie. this fine adaptation of Thomas Hardy’s novel boasts strong performances by rising stars Christopher Eccleston and Kate Winslet. The story of man‘s struggle against social injustice. it deservedly won the best British Film Award at the recent Drambuie Film Festival. See feature. Limited general release front Fri 4.

I Music: Jamiroquai If you like a spot of funk in your pop then Jay Kay is your man. Their recently released third album. 7i‘avelling Without Moving. is up at the business end of the album charts and looks likely to stay there. Audiences are promised full brass and string sections as well as ‘didg‘ workouts. Barron-land, Glasgow, Sun I 3.

I Film: Fallen Angels Already hailed in some quarters as the hippest film of the year. Wong Kar-Wai‘s latest picks up from where Clnmking Express left off. A stylised slice of love and death in Hong Kong. See review. Film/louse. Edinburgh from Fri II.

I Theatre: Cyrano 0e Bergerac Gerard Mulgrew‘s legendary l993 production of Rostand‘s classic romantic comedy about battles. billet dons and big hooters. translated into rhyming Scots by Edwin Morgan. receives a long-awaited revival. still starring Tom Mannion as the nasally-challenged hero. See preview. On tour from Fri II.

I Music: Manic Street Preachers The boys from the valleys are out and about again to spread a little hard-edged reality among the candyfloss of the music biz. SUpport comes from fellow Welsh persons Catatonia and should be rather good really. See album reviews for Catatonia. Livingston Forum. Sat 5.

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