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When Communicado Theatre Company first romped onstage with their unique slant on Cyrano De Bergerac, Edmond llostand’s heartbreaking epic about the swashbuckling poet with the outsize conk, it was the runaway success of 1992’s Edinburgh Fringe. Edwin Morgan’s rich, rhyming Scots translation - married to director Gerry Mulgrew’s brand of stylistic brio, and played by a heroic ensemble cast - couldn’t help but charm audiences. Staging it not long after the cast-of- thousands film version starring Gerard Depardieu probably helped too; and equally the show’s forthcoming revival, a co-production with Edinburgh’s lloyal lyceum company, should get the newly refurbished theatre off to a flying start - especially as Mulgrew remains undaunted by the prospect of a more formal setting.

‘Even though we’re on a bigger stage this time, we decided we weren’t going to be seduced by it or to try and make things bigger,’ he says. ‘That way things would only end up out of our control, which would go against the spirit of working as an ensemble.’ Indeed, the entire original company is in place, bar one (Fiona Bell replaces Sandy Mcnade as Roxane), giving the play an authentically Gallic troubadourian feel. Hell, even the original nose is back, albeit re- modelled and re-tweaked into shape

King conk: ‘I’om Mannlon leads the cast as Cyrano

by Grant Mason, who was not only responsible for its first run, but also for the horrific dead-baby-crawling- on-the-ceiling bad-trip scenario in the film of Trainspotting.

“the real difference this time’, according to Mulgrew, ‘is that because we’ve experienced the play already, we can now be more mature about re-examining the themes in it, and to strengthen the relationships and interaction through the playing of it.’ Just to test themselves, they’ve even reinstated a scene that was cut from their previous production. ‘What we’re trying to do is put on an epic with eleven people, which is about 30 less than we need,’ boasts Mulgrew. ‘It’s impossible odds, very much in the spirit of Cyrano himself. like if he’s swordfighting, he wouldn’t be interested in fighting anything less than 100 men at once. We’re like that too.’ (Neil Cooper)

Cyrano De Bergerac, Royal Lyceum,

. Edinburgh, Fri 11 act-Sat 2 Nov.

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