Mien Practices Present 0 Porter-h. here-beet tor the first tine. the self styled debt-Iain dachshund


including Stephen Kirkham. (The Featherstonehaughs. DV8) and DJ Andy Cleeton (Hacienda. Manchester's hedonistic super-c1ub). Call 01792 474

883 for further information.

IZ‘Vieairte, Glasgow Sun 6—Tue 8 L I I N G s

ggcgrziggimztns Centre. Stirling Wed 9 comedy is "sad by dam, in.” by city. v - - Shows will be listed, prov ded that I B “"9 "3'3 mm" '"m my." I" 3 details reach our otiices at least ten

rare tour Pitlochry Festival Theatre , company present Eugene O’Neill’s semi- “'3 If?” gflmgflom some” “Slings autobiographical tale of domestic comp e by 3 am

wranglings between various members of _ .‘l/mvm/ . "/////II/u//Hv .. .

the Irish-American Tyrone clan. featuring 4 , fly .17” ,1 /,'// ,,,//,,/ “59"”? me” Edith Macarthur and Michael Mackenzie. Edinburgh OM!” Add. “Hm See revrew. Call 01796 473054 for further St _

information. I The Stand The Moscow Bar. 6 South St 9V8. “one of the honest Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh Wed 8—Sun PaVId Stfeelv 556 6375- C8” 662 4467 for DDWDITDD 0 comic m “ties ] 3 Oct, 7.30pm. information or to arrange an open spot. P lI Tron Theatre. Glasgow Tue lS—Sat 19 Doors Open 8Pm—lam (ShOW “"13 t. “effigy Tue_Fri Sat 8p"); Say mat 9-l lpm). least five acts for ,:;:‘:'

2pm. benefit only no student concessions). Top I

comedy-circuit stand-up Bruce Morton heads the bill at the popular local comedy

club with support from Stand stalwarts Jane Mackay and Joe Heenan. Susan Morrison as compere and one open spot

for those stand-up stars of tomorrow.


Dance performances and classes are Edmburgh

listed by city, then alphabetically by l The Stand The Moscow Bar. 6 South St venue. Shows will be listed, provided David Street. 556 6375. Call 662 4467 for that details reaCI'l 0|" Olllces at least to" information or to arrange an open spot. days betore publication. Dance listings Doors open 8pm-lam (show runs compiled by Ellie Carr. 9—1 lpm). At least live acts for £5 (£4 benefit only no student concessions). Daily Telegraph/Avalon Open Mic Award winner Frankie Boyle says ta-da to The Stand with help from Dave Williams.

I DDTTIER THEATRE 935 Hyndland Aberdonian Irishman Elvis McGinty Street. 357 3868. (who's on a Stand debut). compere Jane Dance Triple Dill Sat 5 Oct. 8pm. £5 (£3). Mackay plus an open spot.

Maureen Christie's amateur Studio Performance Group with a mixed bag of 7

works choreographed to Gershwin. _ Rachmaninov and Schumann. Edlnblfl'gh b. V g y _ II _ scams“ nan“ meat” wed 97F" 1 I I Dorotlly Paul Festival Theatre. 13—29 D - ' i ' 0°“ 7-30Pm- £650 ($4); “'31'1'gh‘f5- Nicolson Street. 529 6000. 7.30pm. S°°"‘"‘d's 0"” f”“"”“e Contemporary £6.50—£10.50. Couthy wine-next-doot dimcc °°“.‘P“"Y 1“"th the second "."xed’ comedienne Dorothy Paul says cheen'o to b'" of the" gamer w'th an encouragmg her public with this farewell solo show number 0f.p'eces .fr9m Thoreogmphers combining all the best bits from her back other than Just artistic director Neville catalogue of qketchcg about eccentric Campbell (ex-Phoenix Dance Company). family and néighbou‘m faghion

The autumn collection includes a healthy qhowbminesq and Scét'liqhncqq'

mix of contributions from South African '

choreographer Boyzie Cekwana. another _ ex-Phoenix man. Gary Lambert. local lad 8 Andy Howitt. SDT’s animateur Stephen Edinbur h Prickett and Cam bell. g p I Dorothy Paul Festival Theatre. 13—29

Nicolson Street. 529 6000. 7.30 m. EDINBURGH P

£6.50—£10.50. See Mon 7. I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE 13/29

Nicolson Street. 529 6000. (Access: L. 9

Facilities: WC. W8. AS. H. C. T. Help: Edinburgh


- .. ( ) ) . .. .9 (3 ((2 /l(.( Al/r/z‘ .(j/zr (711/ OOTOBER lBIll GLASGOW Pavilion at 8.00pm Box Moe: 0141 332 1846

OCTOBER lOlll OONOEE Repertory Theatre at 10.30pm Box Office; 01332223530 NOVEMBER 7111 NEWCASTLE Tyne Theatre at 8.00pm Box Otttce; 0191 232 0899

g";cun . TUMN;1 thTER

v ’.::...'.3 3’ 1 I i: NCES THE£1LDED_BWLLOON STUDI A (:1. fr. g 1. '-

JEFF GREEN "Sharp, skillful and very talented” “ME OUT 9PM THURSDAY TO OCTOBER



llA comedian at considerable stature... deliciously catty” THE GUARDIAN


Billboards Until Sun 6 Oct. 8pm; Sat mat I Comics On Tap Tapsters. 3 Howden 2.30pm. £4.50—£l9.50. Joffrey Ballet Of Street. Info: 667 0328. 8.30pm—1ate. £5 Chicago get down ’n' dirty in purple lycra (£3.50). New and established acts stand- and orange wigs for a ballet-cum- up to be counted (and hopefully laughed Broadway show that sets the work of four at) in this weekly night of comedy. If American choreographers to the sexy ,, I. sounds of Prince. It’s billed as ‘the ultimate rock ballet’ and Prince’s pouting mugshot is plastered over the publicity. but Prince fans be warned. the diminuitive

popster’s involvement mostly amounted 9PM SATURDAY 26 OCTOBER to sanctioning the use of selected tracks. SUPPORTED By W KtLPAmCK n f h' ' .

one o w ich were created for Billboards .3; COMEDY mums:

(though he did remix ‘Thunder' in a moody extended version). See review.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 228 1404. [Access: L. Facilities: WC. W3. H. G. C]

A Border crossing Sat 5/Sun 6 Oct. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). See Touring and review. The Stop Quartet Thurs 17 Oct. 8pm. £7

TICKETS £7I£6 (commune)

i' .' .>' _x‘ .v' '_(

"Just when you thought it was sale to turn on the

telly...the Gilded Balloon Comedy Circuit is steaming . v r > 1' down the tracks towards ou!” THE SCOTSMAN

(£4). The Jonathan Burrows Group led graffiti. y

by “Royal Banet dance, turned ' WATCH THIS SPACE FOR DETAILS OF iCLue BROUHAHAI, A NEw FORTNIGHTLY contemporary Burrows _ with a new so. tier? so. funny? sna'siunny, um yin, COMEDY CLUB STARTING AT THE OtLDED BALLOON ON OCTOBER 19

lineman production focusing on speed. Dorothy Paul is at the Edinburgh Festival FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT GILDED BALLOON PRODUCTIONS: rhythm and texture Theatre, Mott 74v“ 9 not 233 COWGATE EDINBURGH EH1 llQ TEL: 0131 226 6550 EA): 0131 226 6554

The List 4-17 Oct 1996 D3