9-1 lpm). At least five acts for £5 (£4 benefit only no student concessions). Splendidly-named Bradford stand-up Mary Unfaithful comes back for more of the same after last night’s Stand gig in Christie's. Joining her for another mixed bag of stand-up are Kevin Hayes. Susan Morrison, compete lane Mackay and one open spot to be revealed.


I Jeff Green East Kilbride Arts Centre. Old Coach Road. 01355 261000. 8pm. £6 (£4). See Thurs 10.


I The Stand The Moscow Bar. 6 South St

David Street. 556 6375. Call 662 4467 for

information or to arrange an open spot.

Doors open 8pm-lam (show runs

9—] lpm). At least five acts for £5 (£4

benefit only; no student concessions).

Same line-up as Fri ll with Susan

Mon'ison stepping down and Gordon Charmer: J8" Green plays Edlllhllffll, Brunth stepping up,

East Kllbrlde and Glasgow thls fortnight

~ . . couscvusnrrcs cormuuen: cc SPLENDIDLY »_ EDINBURGH, wsnurasnrtv 9

. _ , .. , _ . . Glasgow 2" it v . , . U I you re a b” or a comedian yourself’ give I Jet! Green Tron Theatre. 63 Trongate.

.. . . . . Penny or Christine a buzz on the above lm' M “Rm” number for information about open spots. 552 4267' 99'“ £8 (£550) See Thurs lo '


rl‘. assocmtzo.n With Dawn Sedgwick

Star of Channel 4 ’s


and British Comedy Award Winner

I Dorothy Paul Festival Theatre. 13-29

A Nicolson Street. 529 6000. 7.30 m. _ 12 Damn" 3‘8'009’“ . »v s sow—£10.50. See Mon 7. p WEDNESDAY 16

GLASGOW ' a Edinbur h ~ 9 9 H W » " 10 I Comics On Tap Tapsters, 3 Howden - Street. Info: 667 0328. 8.30pm—late. £5 C dl . GI Edinburgh (£3.50). See Wed 9. an enggso’1 1 I The Stand downstairs at Christie's. ' West Port. Information 662 4467. _ BOX Office 8.30pm—lam (show runs 9.30-1 1.30pm). 17

At least four acts for £4 (£3). Bradford stand-up with the stunning name Mary GIasuow

823$2§fla5i§2§$$$§§i§éfl§£§$s gm 'ggggu'av; m" °:"§3§eg;gg

I N N N S I JMack Weatherall andnctolmzfielfiesnuss‘nthe [S45pmaajcogs 8pm3fe£5i ' A rt Therapy and Art nigtTr-leerEizprgg LStaend’s fast-growing :olgqallfihanengeg swaggrgyman S! Extraordinary in Scotland comedy empire. vfiog‘flgmfizscsmeyfid agmafi’ghg "

:h::268?::_glldéisgggogE22130 of supports in the three-to-four-acts-for-a- 9pm £7‘(ié) doodmmurea " ° fiver fortnightly comedy club. And once

28th Sept 2nd NOV observational humour from the curl you’ve laughed your SOCkS ofi you can . y- . . locked. almost disgustingly charming dance and dnnk your soc“ Off m the

Tues—Sat lOam'SPm winner of London Comedy Store ‘Best Igvsettoifggsll‘iflefigéflggifafld- FREE New Act Of The Year and Edinburgh information on open spots. Fringe regular. Linked conference Edinburgh 0130th 0“ ' 2"? N9Vf 11 I The Stand downstairs at W]. Christie's. 31 650 2211 or In 0 Ed. I) h West Port. lnforrnation 662 4467. In my 8.30pm—lam (show runs 9304 1.30pm). ;.;._ TALBOT mcg GALLERY I The Stand The Moscow Bar. 6 South St At least four acts for £4 (£3). Quirky. off- http://www.cableinet.co.uk 2...... UNWERSWY o; EDNBURGH mm.“ David Street. 556 6375. Call 662 4467 for beat poet Hovis Presley shares a bill wrth "3'; OLD COLLEGE SOUTH BRIDGE “m” information or to arrange an open spot. Dave Williams. Mark Bratchprece. whrle Doors open 8pm—lam (show runs Susan Morrison hosts the proceedings.


A new thriller-ballet with choreography by 39X NORTHERN Christopher Gable and Michael Barrett-Pink, music Office


THEATRE by Philip Feeney, designed by Le: Brotherston.

Tuesday 22 October-Saturday .26 October Tickets from £4.50 (concessions)

64 The List 4-17 Oct I996