0 I saw you serving at Oxfam in Byres Road. You sold me a jar of honey on 7 September. You: blonde and beautiful. Me: dark and dumbstruck. Would you share my Autumn journey? Box No U/289/32.

O I “I you Janet from Belfast en route to teach English in Warsaw. 10 September. Late 20s. short hair. took sociology at Glasgow. Anybody know how to contact her? Box No U/289/33.

O I saw you 1305 Birmingham/ Edinburgh train. Friday 30/8/96. You: long legs. black top. blue jeans. portable CD. Me: black jacket. personal stereo. stopped Glasgow. We should have talked. Can we meet again? Box No U/289/34.

[ Olmon in my mews

cottage. Tom. We interviewed each other. You didn’t become my flatmate. Be my (boy)friend! G. Box No U/289/35.

. I saw you at work. You drawing wobbly pictures and drinking Martini. at it all the time. Me hoping you will stop or at least. let me be your olive. Box No U/289/3l.

O I saw you Jordan. I met you Luvley. Wilkie House. Sept 7th. You cut your hand. I wouldn’t tell you my name but it felt great dancing close to you. Please contact me soon. Box No U/290/ l.

0 I saw you Scott in August 95 at the premiere of Die Hard 3. I’ve thought about you ever since and I'd love to see you again. Box No U/290/2.

V I saw you Michele reading Whitman in The Horseshoe Bar. Now I see you everywhere I look. It would be great to see you again and again. Love and peace always. Andrew. Box No U/290/3.

V I saw you pouring pure genius off a Guinness lorry. Keep on truckin'! Be my sunflower. Can I shoot my rubber band at the stars? Je suis jeunes amoreux. Destinée la v6tre sunshine. x. Box No U/290/4.

. I saw you 08:45 Drumry/Central train. 19 Sept. Me white shin. tie. You short hair. gorgeous. dark. jeans. rucksack. We smiled through the crowds at Central. We should have talked. Fancy a

...on a. friend’s PC. You were faSI: and

responsive. pint! Box No U/290/5. f h U I saw you Basement Bar. You IOOked 9 l9/9/96. We exchanged long teChnO and looks and smiles. You Jean exciting. Seberg haircut. black shirt and I want you .. blue pants. dancing. Me leather jacket and purple shirt. Would cable Internet love to meet you. Box No U/290/6. Call v I sa “1".” communication. wyou 13th Sept. GU

campus. But then. you were in a black leather skirt and biker boots. so everyone saw you - ah! But they didn’t all try to find you! Gorgeous. Box No U/290/7.

0500 3:56 036|

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Deadline for the next issue is 1pm on Thursday 10 October.

I saw YOU 7‘

Until further notice,l SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

[bust fill in the Classified form and send it off.

O I saw you leaving wedding. Royal Terrace (with parents. younger sister?) 3.45. Sat 7/9/96. looking gorgeous in red dress. sheer legs and those gloves! Me (m): glasses. blue jacket. toiling uphill with cases. Box No U/290/8.

¥ I saw you Leuchars Airshow. 14th September. You grey mini. top. collecting for charity (Leprosy) tanned. beautiful. beltbag. Me fluorescent yellow cycle top. black trousers. dark hair. Please let’s meet. Box No U/290!9.

9 I saw you Gail/Gayle (sorry). You viewed a room in Southside. Glasgow. We met briefly. I'm Annie. We had eye contact. Did you feel the same? Please call or answer this Box No U/290/ l0.

9 I saw you my sweet princess at Stirling Castle. 7/9/96. Bet you‘re gazing through this column. crazy for you always. Fluffhead. Box No U/290/l l.

V I saw you walking past Insomnia. 5/9/96 about 4.10pm. You: classic clothes. brown skirt. blonde hair. smiling face. Me. warm future. gazing longingly from passing car. The future is now. Box No U/290/l2.

9 I saw you both. 9.30pm. Wed 4/9 Montpelier Park. heading for Bruntsfleld. I overheard your hair drying conversation. we all got embarrassed! Fancy telling me how it ended over a

drink? Box No U/290/l3.

V I saw you Smeaton Gardens. Sunday I 1th August. We had tea and cake. Let's have some gingerbread in the Herb Garden before summer ends! Box No U/290/ l4.

9 I saw you behind the bar at the Tunnel on a dark Tuesday night. You —- dark hair. black top. black skirt. black socks. black shoes. Me black hair. blacked out! Mmmmm. you‘re lovely! Box No U/290/15.

V I Saw You outside

The 13th Note looking lost and confused. You, green hair. pierced teeth. doing bird impressions. Me. in a blue trouser suit clutching my Sidney Divine collection.

Let's share a veggieburger!

V I saw you Kelvingrove Park. Saturday 7 Sept, 3.30pm. You fair. pale grey shorts. sat on grass near. while I talked to younger friend sitting on steps. Would love to meet. Box No U/290/ l6.

9 I saw you Friday. l3/9 at Ramshorn Theatre Diary OfA Smuebody. You dark. attractive guy. with a charming smile and white 4-wheel drive (Passenger). Now wished I'd said ‘hello'! Box No U/290/l7. V I saw you gorgeous woman. on 9.50 Neilston train. Sat 14/9. wearing red dress. bikerjacket. DMs. reading GFT programme. Me. alternative. mature guy who left at Pollokshields. Let's meet. Box No U/290/l8.

9 I saw you Oasis. Sunday. I asked you out but you said you had a boyfriend. Any changes? You had a groovy black and orange top. I had a dull blue one. Box No U/290/l9.

Edinburgh EH1 11E

Replies will be forwarded once a week.

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The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW G1 2.12

V I saw you crashing. Caroline. cymbals in Sibelius. timpani in Tchaikovsky. no. the other way around. We promised to meet again: can’t wait ‘til August could we communicate beforehand? Please write - (hairy) Nick. Box No U/290/20. 9 I saw you top of Arthur‘s Seat. one Sunday afternoon. You Oasis top and thermos of coffee. Me red scarf and binoculars. Want to get high together again? Box No U/290/2 l.

0 I saw you three rings in ear. stripy trousers. on George IV Bridge. You smiled at me. I turned away cos I‘m shy. The zoo has gorillas. I love bananas. Box No U/290/22.

O I saw you No l0 Bar. Saturday l4.9.96. with male friend. You gorgeous. raven hair tied back. captivating smile. with your silver bag you always carry. Have seen you in Tramway and Edinburgh train. I was standing opposite fair hair. tall. slim. specs. with older alternative guy. I can‘t wait to discover what you carry in your silver bag. Box No U/290/23. 0 I saw you Sunday 23. in the Bagpipe Centre. You wore a rose-gold bracelet and a nice smile. I had rare fair hair. Our drones were in tune. Can we make an arrangement for our chanters? Box No U/290/24.

V I saw you in the Snoozelen room. Soft lights and wave music. Me costly pasta cook. Box No U/290/25.

V I saw you first black then white and had cardiac affair about this time last year. No one has spoken. all comm is broken. Me tall stranger. Love Ux2. Box No U/290/26.

. I saw you in Java Internet cafe. You looked pretty untogether. Can I pick up the pieces? Meet me at terminal 4 same time. I'll be wearing bunny slippers. Box No U/290/28.

U I saw you drifting through a wash of rooms and flats. Found a home in your eyes as large as all my imagination! Take this heart as deposit? Box No U/290/29.

O I saw you in Stravaigin. 22/8/96. English waitress with long red hair and huge smile. Me: short red hair. English. having dinner with aged parents. I had a great time and you're gorgeous. Box No U/290/30.

0 I saw you stunning blonde male in open top red Subaru. driving motorway towards Glasgow airport. You‘re too handsome to be let out alone! Long-haired brunette. white Fiat Panda. Box No U/290/3l.

0 We saw you at East Fortune motorbike races. 22/9/96. guy. black leatherjacket. waterproofs. Puma rucksack. We both tall. wore leathers with green rucksack. Wanna ride with us? Box No U/290/32.

U I saw you smiley. blond. singing man, Saturday 28 Sept. Your gaze kept returning to mine. Maybe you were looking for reassurance of your playlist. but I’m not convinced. Dark- haired. brandy-drinking girl in 'offlcial' role. Box No U/290/33.

5 The List 4-17 Oct I996