Make your debut on Spiced TV and win some great prizes when the Spiced TV Crew

film in these bars.


GlDED BALLOON C(FFEE BAR. 233 Cowgate, Edinburgl. Open loam - 6pm

FOOD & DRINK minn-

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Easter Road, Edinburgh FRIDAY-1th

New, innotivative artwork courtesy of WASP

Sunday 11am - 6pm 7 Grassmarket Edinbur h

EH1 2 0131 - 229 - 7884

THE TERRACE Canmore St., Dunfermline

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Enjoy a superb evening meal in one of the finest rooftop city centre locations in Glasgow. Superb light modern food with a continental touch under the control of Young Chef of the Year national finalist Gary McLean served in

C I A F E the main Cafe or Tower Room.

Evening orders from 6.30pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only

Food for thought

The Burrell Restaurant has been totally refurbished to provide a most impressive dining area offering an excellent menu in the unique surroundings of this superb gallery.

There will be a three course FREE BOTTLE 0F

dinner with 4 choice H0 options at £16.95 with a Dun.” 3353315 3 r or

fine selection of wines. Pan/es 0/4 or more 7

The Burrell Restaurant POLLOK COUNTRY PARK

Evening opening 7-10pm Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays only

Fine selection of wines - No Smoking

- Ample Parking

Please book on (0141) 632 9310



d e s i g n e d b y Fine selection of wines - No a d r i a n w i s z n i e w s ki Smoking Please book on (014nm 7484 Enter by gallery side door on Royal Exchange Square

The List 4-17 Oct 1996 97