Edinburgh Book Festival presents


2 - 10 November - Traverse Theatre

A week's worth of fantastic writers - including James Ellroy, Fay Weldon, David Lodge, and Redmond O'Hanlon - plus family events.

Special Event at FILMHOUSE in asssociation with THE LIST Sponsored by Bank of Scotland

Sir-Reel Svankmajer and the Speaking Parts


Enter the weird and wonderful world of Czech animator Jan Svankmajer in this one-off screening, accompanied by special/y commissioned work from ’Comedy’s poet laureate' John Hegley and Val Gillies.

Tickets £3.50 from Filmhouse

FREE ‘3’ I m S! firscorrtsu soon FoRfl‘NIql-t’r/a . U 19“ 04.5., to Nmmtw $3996. _ Monday 2 I st October Thursday 24th October QUINTIN JARDINE CHRISTOPHER BROOKMYRE 7pm South Queensferry Library, 9 Shore Road, Edinburgh 7pm Stockbridge Library, Hamilton Place, Edinburgh Meet the author of Skinner’s Ordeal (Headline), the fifth Reading by the author of Quite Ugly One Morning (Little, Brown) novel of the critically acclaimed series. Tickets available a sharply-Observed journey of action, farce and suspense. Tickets Contact: Kay Easson tel: 0| 3| 529 5576 availab|e Tuesday 22nd October Contact: Margaret Mortimer tel: 0I3I 529 S665 ISLA DEWAR NEW SCOTTISH WRITING CONTRIBUTORS 7pm Fountainbridge Library, I37 Dundee Street, Edinbgrgh 7pm JOhn Smith & Son Ltd. 57 St Vincent Street. W . A talk by the author of Women Talking Dirty (Headline Readings by Alasdair Gray, Edwin Morgan, A L Kennedy, Robin Review) a witty and humorous account of friendship, Robertson and Michael Cannon to celebrate the launch of New families, love and vodka! Tickets available SCOtfiSh Writing (BioomSPUW)- Contact: Oula Jones or Joyce Campbell tel: 0I3l 529 S6l6 Coma“ JOhn calme)’ orloan DOUS'as tel: 0"“ 22' 7472 NEW WRITING SCOTLAND I4 CONTRIBUTORS Monday 28th October 7pm Dillons Bookstore, I74—I76 Argyle Street, Glasgow JOHN, MARIE CHRISTINE AND REBECCA RIDGWAY Readings by contributors including Kathleen Jamie, Iain 6.30pm James Thin Ltd. 57 George Street. W Crichton Smith, Rody Gorman and Donny O' Rourke to Fascinating slide show and talk tracing one family’s real-life travel celebrate the launch of Full Strength Angels (ASLS). adventure, as described in their book, Then We Sailed Away Contact: Mr Biggam tel: 0l4l 248 48I4 (Little, Brown). Tickets available : ' : 4495 Wednesday 23rd October Contact Lorna Dixon tel 0I3l 225 NEW SCOTTISH WRITING CONTRIBUTORS Thursday 3 l st October 7pm Waterstone's Booksellers, l28 Princes Street, Edinburgh SCOTT HASTINGS Readings by some of Scodand’s finest writers, including Don 64.30pm James Thin Ltd. Gyle Shopping Centé‘e. EMLLW‘ Paterson, W N Herbert, Angus Calder, Shena Mackay and Sporting opportunity not to be missed! Meet one of Scotland’s John Burnside to celebrate the launch of New Scottish most successful rugby players signing copies of Great Scott! Writing (Bloomsbury). (Mainstream Publishing) Contact: Matthew Perren tel: Ol3l 226 2666 Contact: Susan Martin tel: OI3I S39 7757 For a free SBF brochure contact the Scottish Book Marketing Group, Scottish Book Centre, I37 Dundee Street, Edinburgh EH! l l 8G or tel OI 3! 228 6866

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