V I saw you three rings in ear. stripy trousers, on George [V Bridge. You smiled at me. I turned away cos I’m shy. The 200 has gon'llas. I love bananas. Box No U/290/22.

V I saw you No 10 Bar. Saturday 14.9.96. with male friend. You - gorgeous. raven hair tied back. captivating smile. with your silver bag you always can'y. Have seen you in Tramway and Edinburgh train. I was standing opposite fair hair. tall. slim. specs. with older alternative guy. I can’t wait to discover what you carry in your silver bag. Box No U/290/23.

V I saw you Sunday 23. in the Bagpipe Centre. You were a rose-gold bracelet and a nice smile. I had rare fair hair. Our drones were in tune. Can we make an arrangement for our chanters? Box No U/290/24.

V I saw you in the Snoozelen room. Soft lights and wave music. Me costly pasta cook. Box No U/290/25.

V I saw you first black then white and had cardiac affair about this time last year. No one has spoken. all comm is broken. Me tall stranger. Love Ux2. Box No U/290/26.

V I saw you in Java Internet cafe. You looked pretty untogether. Can I pick up the pieces? Meet me at terminal 4 same time. I’ll be wearing bunny slippers. Box No U/290/28.

V I saw you drifting through a wash of rooms and flats. Found a home in your eyes as large as all my imagination! Take this heart as deposit? Box No U/290/29.

V I saw you in Stravaigin. 22/8/96, English waitress with long red hair and huge smile. Me: short red hair. English. having dinner with aged parents. I had a great time and you’re gorgeous. Box No U/290/30.

V I saw you stunning blonde male in open top red Subaru. driving motorway towards Glasgow airport. You're too handsome to be let out alone! Long-haired brunette. white Fiat Panda. Box No U/290/3l.

V We saw you at East Fortune motorbike races. 22/9/96. guy. black leather jacket. waterproofs. Puma rucksack. We both tall. wore leathers with green rucksack. Wanna ride with us? Box No U/290/32.

0 I saw you smiley. blond. singing man. Saturday 28 Sept. Your gaze kept returning to mine. Maybe you were looking for reassurance of your playlist. but I'm not convinced. Dark- haired. brandy-drinking girl in ‘official’ role. Box No U/290/33.

V I saw you crashing. Caroline. cymbols in Sibelius. timpani in Tchaikovsky. no. the other way around. We promised to meet again: can’t wait ‘til August could we communicate beforehand? Please write (hairy) Nick. Box No U/290/20.

V I saw you at the Egg in an orange dress. looking nothing like Louise Wener. I want to be your inbetweener. Let‘s sparkle together. always and forever. Box No U/29l/l.

V I saw you (and heard you). no number 2 these days. for sure. I'd like to feed you German biscuits and patch your

Levis. Bet you didn’t notice me.

Gee! Box No U/29l/2.

0 I saw you ceilidh. 20/9/96. You were beautiful in black chiffon. I hope we will always go home together. Love you. Box No U/29 l/3.

V I saw you reading the

g Celestine Prophecy.

Coincidence? Box No U/29l/4.

The List

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 lTE


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V I saw you R bad B. I never promised you a rose garden but you did promise to meet for lunch. I‘m still waiting. Love Mr Angry. not! Please call. Box No U/29l/5.

I Saw You...

...on a. friend’s PC. You were

faSIi and . PeSpOHSlVG.

techno and exciting.

I want you

Cable Internet.

Call Telewest Communications 0500 336 056

V I saw you looking suave and sophisticated in orange spandex. You were waiting at the bus stop. I walked by wearing silver hessian. I‘m waiting for your call. Box No U/29l/6.

V I saw you far left corner of Grosvenor Cafe. 6/ 10/96.

4. ISpm. Nice smile. wearing blue jeans. opposite girl with plaited hair. Me: deep brown eyes. purplejumper. stealing glances whilst talking to friend with white fluffy jumper and eating pancakes with butter (which. incidentally. you have to pay extra for). Box No U/29l/7.

O I saw you 27/9/96. we spoke outside Chimmy Chungas. You were dark and gorgeous. I was red and sultry. You stay in Skirving Street. Shawlands. Please get in touch. Box No U/29l/8.

V I saw you Rooftops. 27/9/96. You Ricky Ross lookalike in red checked shirt. Me red silk top and gold glitter trainers. When will you make my phone ring. Box No U/29l/9.

You looked fresh, .

V I saw you Carla. beautiful transexual in Glasgow. Hope you’re well. Someone out there fancies you Carla. Please get in touch. Lots of kisses always. Box No U/29l/lO.

V I saw you meltdown goth with whirlpool eyes. sexy abyss between tombstones. 8pm. 30/9/96. Lady Lawson Street. worried about guy eating pavement. l (ginger. unshaven) called ambulance. Electricity occurred. Box No U/29l/l l.

V I saw you twice in Central Station. Glasgow. You ticket inspector. me jean and jumper. Was that a glint in your eye? Let‘s take the same train next time. Box No U/29l/l2.

V I saw you Bar Brel. pale blue shirt. glasses and a saucy smile. Me fiery ginger. You recommended the mussels but I'd rather feel yours. I'll be back for another taste. Box No U/29l/l 3.

V I saw you walking down Lothian Road. Sat 5th Oct. 3.30pm. You: long dark hair. brown v.neck top. black trousers. Me: VW driver at lights. Can I see you again? Box No U/29l/l4.

V I saw you Maggie Dicksons. Sat 21st Sept. You: blonde at bar with boyfriend? Me check shirt. stone jeans. Was there something between us? Box No U/29l/lS.

V I saw you ‘flicky' brown hair. gorgeous eyes. 5ft 2in. You looked great. Thanks for coming back. Love to see you again. 'When then?‘ Box No U/29l/ 16.

V I saw you Java lntemet Café poetry night. You. blue stripey jumper. golden tousled locks. in the doorway. We clapped as l melted. Now I’m inspired it wasn’t the prose! Box No U/29l/l7.

' V I saw you HMV Princes

Street on 9 October. You had long curly hair and a nice jumper. I had short reddish hair. brown coat and scarf. You looked nice. Box No U/29l/18.

0! I saw you at the Tartan Amoebas. 6th Oct in Princes Street Gardens. standing on the first step. You: 6ft. dark hair in bottle green T-shirt. gorgeous eyes and smile. Me: brown hair in Barbour jacket and green jeans. You left without saying goodbye. Fancy saying ‘hello' again? Box No U/29l/l9.

V I saw you accordion player. Sunday 4 August. Common Grounds. Good vibes. Let's squeeze together. Box No U/29 l/ZO.


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