a weekend for two in Cork

Beamish Red a brand new red Irish ale - is REDily

available now and The List has teamed up with

Beamish Red to offer you the chance to win a

superb trip for two people to visit the

delightful city of Cork in Southern Ireland.

QT- D g. 1" Beamish Red Irish ale is only ever brewed at lriuhute

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the Beamish and Crawford Brewery in Cork, one of Ireland's oldest breweries which was founded in 1792.

Beamish Red is smooth, mellow and easy to drink with a lasting creamy head. A genuine imported Irish ale, Beamish Red has a chestnut red hue, is enjoyed by both men and women and epitomises the hospitality and heritage of rural Ireland.

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This superb weekend trip includes return air flights from Glasgow to Cork with two nights accommodation and breakfast at the delightful Roches Town Park Hotel in Cork. A tour of the traditional Beamish and Crawford Brewery, one of the oldest breweries in Ireland, which was founded in 1792, will be combined with visits to Blarney Castle to kiss the famous Blarney Stone and the chance to pick up a few souvenirs at the Blarney Woollen Mill.

Free time to explore the Old English Market and the charming city of Cork are planned, together with visits to the region’s best known pubs and the opportunity to sample the seafood delights in the historic fishing town of Kinsale on the southern coast.

Plus there are ten runner-up prizes, each containing an exclusive Beamish Red T-shirt and a specially commissioned music tape featuring top contemporary Irish musicians.

To win this fabulous weekend, simply answer the clues below by filling in the missing words, all of which include the word RED. Then send your entry, enclosing your name, address and telephone number. It must reach us by Thurs 31 Oct. Address them: BEAMISH COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 lTE.

Birmingham band U840 had a hit with this: _ _ _

A very special day: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. Getting very angry: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Trip to be taken 29, 30 November and 1 December, 1996; prizewinners may take tn'p only on those dates allocated. Normal terms and conditions apply. Only those over the age of eighteen may enter.



‘Some fish yesterday’ or ‘Flsh of the week’ The search for the ultlmate caption continues



Forget two dogs and a cat. When it comes to incredible journeys, the humble crayfish gets my tear ducts going more than any moth-eaten mutt or conceited feline.

Count the food miles. Plucked from the balmy brine of the South China Seas, the crayfish flies to Norway



Make your debut on Spiced TV and win some great prizes when the Spiced TV Crew

film in these bars. October THURSDAY 3rd 8.00I’M MALT SHOVEL Cockburn St., Edinburgh 9.00PM I’IiAR TREE West Nicholson St., Edinburgh 10.00I’M I’ERSEVERE BAR Easter Road, Edinburgh FRIDAY-1th

8.00I’M TOBY JUG Waterloo St., Glasgow 9.00PM SATCHMOS Battlefield Rd., Glasgow 10.00PM THE BRAZEN HEAD Cathcart Rd., Glasgow SATURDAY 5th


Pilmuir St.,Dunfermline 9.00I’M

MONTYS Guildhall St., Dunfermline

10.00I’M THE TERRACE Canmore St., Dunfermline

get woman's screen

(surreal or what?) to be processed. Nothing too technical, iust curing in salt water. The Cook’s Tour continues as the smallest Cray brother sails to Auld Reekie - Granton to be precise. Here at longa Fish’s depot, it waits in chilly quarters (29C), swapping reminiscences of sunnier climes with its fellow inmates: tiger prawns from the Indian Ocean; Mediterranean baby octopuses the size of a thumbnail; and the somewhat less chatty, vegetative sea asparagus farmed in the Persian Gulf. Mussels and clams from the cleanest water in Scotland, off the west coast of Lewis, model themselves on T-shirted Geordies, and laugh at the chattering foreign wimps. Which is more than the blue-fingered packers can manage as they retrieve our homesick crayfish and send it on to its final destination.

But by the time Jean-Michel Gauffre, executive chef at the Edinburgh Sheraton hotel, gets his mitts on it, the crayfish will have good reason to feel perky. Who knows what delights lie ahead? Friday night is, after all, fish night. But at the Sheraton, as one might expect, they tend to put on rather more than a fish supper.

In Gauffre’s eyes, this most versatile of fish allows the imagination to run wild. Stir fries or satays are a culinary reminder of the crayfish’s Asian home territory; a more European approach would include it in a paella; its simplicity may be used to best effect in very classical dishes such as thermidor, or just served in garlic butter. Alternatively, if the mood takes him, our lucky crayfish may form part of Gauffre’s layering of ultimate luxury - how does a parcel of salmon, with crayfish mousse and lobster dressing

grab you?

Why so misty-eyed? It’s not so much the creative beauty of it all (although I’ve known grown men cry at a crown roast of lamb). It’s just that after all that incredible journeying, all that appears on the diner’s plate at the Sheraton are the poor crayfishs’ tails. (Gabe Stewart)

Fish nights are held every Friday at the Edinburgh Sheraton, Festival Square, 229 9131.

110 The List 18-3l Oct I996