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' day have a strong South African feel I to them with Boerwass, a thick spicy sausage served with tomato and onion 0 a r S bza gravy, proving particularly popular. More unusual, at least to the

European palette, is babotie, an Eating your way around the world aromatic spiced beef cooked with while staying in the Central Belt has apricots, raisins, bread and egg always been relatively easy. European custard. Mielie, a ground white maize, and American food can he taken for turns up in a number of different granted; while the Far East and the guises on the menu: as a white subcontinent are amply represented, polenta-like sponge, as the base for llorth Africa and the Middle East have mielie bread and as a purée, ‘l’he more a definite Pfesehee and the Pacific carnivorous gastronomic explorer can him is making an appearance. Yet sample the delights of smoked ostrich eellthefll Attica. until heel. has been meat or try the biltong (dried beef) something of an uncharted territory on shavings with avocado,

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their retina-burning, symmetrical Ball’s Chutney iostles for space with

amulet. the Gate Ottefe a range 0t lldebele dolls, masks and shields. A sandWIeheS. salads. Ples. $0098 and huge bright mural takes up one entire hot di8he8 tfelh 38'“ t0 topm- While wall and anyone who fancies more of

mall! 0' the 83m“! "mugs Will he as the same can nip downstairs to the - ~ - ~ . ~ was «ma: ale to the inhabitants 0t weren’t enough to be getting on with, '

Matabeleland, they have an African "debele’s women's hope to hold Each bar has been given the challenge to create an exciting new

inflection which sets them apart "om ,egula, dmm nights. cocktail that embodies one of the five senses. After all, Courvoisier their British cousins. For example. Ildebele, 57 Home street, Tollcross, '5 a p'easure "I every sense!

Detonation ehictteh becomes cape Edinburgh, 0131221 1141. This week we are bringing you La Vue, an exciting new -‘ " e « champagne cocktail developed by Courvoisier Cognac and Indigo Yard, one of Edinburgh’s hottest bars where you’re sure to have a night to remember.

La Vue, as its name suggests is a playful assault on the eyes as well as the taste buds, making it a great drink for sharing wrth friends. To create a pitcher of this ideal party cocktail, simply combine three measures of smooth Courvoisier Cognac, a quarter bottle of your favourite champagne, a dash of lime and top it off with cranberry juice and crushed ice. Delicious...

Try mixing La We in style with Courvoisier Cognac at Indigo Yard. Inspired contemporary design has transformed this old Georgian courtyard into one o Edinburgh's liveliest and modern bars. The fun starts early and goes on into the small hours. Be part of it with Courvoisier Cognac and Indigo Yard!

Mix it free with Courvoisier Cognac and Indigo Yard!

Courvoisier Cognac and Indigo Yard are offering you and your

,_ “h . friends the chance to try a complimentary pitcher of 'La Vue, The ’5" . - " t first 10 readers to present a copy of this feature at Indigo Yard wrll : » . ~ "M" '”‘“‘ “W” t have the chance to try La Vue on the house. (All recipients must be -- "I II - - I I III"“ over18yearsofage). From Biltong to Mrs Ball’s chutney, African ex-pats and Edlnburghers alike simp|y take along your copy of this feature and ask at the bar for '"ltlhdataste “home La Vue from Courvoisier Cognac. Santé!

The offer is available from 17 October 1996. The first 10 readers will receive a complimentary 2 pint pitcher of La Vue.

P Indigo Yard, Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh, 0131 220 5603



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