Ladies and gentlemen, please give a whopping hand of welcome to the one film which Q- has reawakened Scottish pride, revitalised Scotland’s tourist industries and shown the rest of the world that the Scots are not a bunch of hairy-arsed Highlanders. Erm? ‘Bloody, . violent and thrilling’ said Barry Norman. ‘Huzzah!’ said the cinema-going public. 3 Yep, Mel Gibson cleaned up at the Oscars, wiped the floor with the box office, went to the top of the rental charts and now his baby is available on sell-through in full-screen

, not 'f -

and wide-screen versions. Normally these videos would cost £l4.99 and £15.99 j H Tip.- _~ i .

depending on which format you wanted, but, thanks to the generosity of Twentieth " EDIN BURGH "bi-“to; i I. “‘3 / t‘ -A a; n 33" r wqu

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Century Fox Home Entertainment we’ve got ten copies of the film to give away. I

Answer this: bait-0t «1 -i In what year did William ["7 g”. Wallace die? '~_ _‘ 37...? ' '

Get your answers to us by Thursday 31 October. Mark them: BRAVEHEAHT COMP, The List, 14 High Street,

U) C Ll-l D > I... G < I.” = Ill > < n: m

a t"

.‘ ~' \ .t " \- \ ~ iii as \ n :r' _ .- 3 Edinburgh, ["1 11’s,



‘Do you want to feel the cane?’ is an offer that you don’t hear every day. Thankfully, relief is at hand courtesy of Bacardi and Co. Ltd. who have come up with a brand new drink made with sugar cane, aromatic plant extracts and spices from Latin America. Infused and triple filtered to create intense refreshment, it will give you a tingling sensation unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. It comes in 275ml bottles, weighs in at 5.5 per cent and is on promotion in all the best bars in Scotland. One of the promotions involves a snake, so make sure that you drink plenty of Zafra if you’re snake-a-phobic.

We’ve got five cases of Zafra and ten t-shins to give away to the readers who can answer this:


Tron Theatre, Glasgow, are oilering two lull price tickets for the price oi one on all available seats to see the matinee performance oi long Day’s Journey Into Night on Saturday 19 October at 2pm. Phone the box oiiice on 0141 552 4267.

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Zafra is Spanish for what? Psst, the answer’s on the bottle. _

Answers on a postcard by Thursday 31 October. Mark them: ZAFM COMP, The list, {1" _. ‘1 If * [i=1 "

I h, “1 . t ‘1 wt) "?.r::".>'a . 't 3' L‘i,'.n'-‘.;‘ a i I! 14 High Street Ed IIIIIIQ 11E Panga- IN "i m'uchttm “menmuwebut;

I g t r °’”"“'W”22°°'°Wflwmn mm “"3"”- "M "m mt:


the box office eight; , .. ~‘.- '

Feeling a bit under the weather? Lost that spark and zing that I g - 3 . ; i i used to see you bounce out of bed rather than dive under the ~ - " "3-" 32 duvet when the alarm clock goes off? Perhaps you don‘t exactly feel ill, just that you don’t feel particularly healthy either. Fortunately, help and health is at hand. On Wednesday l3 November at 7.30pm in George Square Theatre. Edinburgh. leading alternative practitioner and author. Jan de Vries will talk on ‘How To Live A Healthy Life.’ There will be the opportunity for a question and answer session after the talk. The event is in aid of the Jan de Vries Benevolent Trust which aims to set standards in complementary medicine. Tickets are available from Napiers, l8 Bristo Place, Edinburgh at £5 (£3), but we have five pairs to give away to the readers who can answer this:


Tramway, Glasgow are uttering two for the price of one on lull price tickets to see Man Act’s We Want Bed New on Thursday 24 October at 8pm. Take a copy of this issue to the box oiiice or telephone 0141 287 3900 and quote The llst otter to claim your tickets.

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Name the famous Greek physician born in the fifth century BC. whose name lives on in the oath of the medical profession.

Answers must reach us by Thursday 3| October. Mark them: VBIES COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, £111 11!.


.r m Es" i ' OFFERS: Cut out the coupoe-__or:takeyalong;tliegg, a § : whole magazine and present HI 5 : 1, . ornament:haremottomanmbpu,ug.,,5~,;;j,; E __ «E : Are REM the biggest band in the world? They’ve certainly got the aflhbwg" > g g I largest recording deal at a humungus £53 million and their last V 0;” .._— .1 . m g g : world tour was seen by more people than the population of China, ' 6.. mnm- “'1 .9... “m S a g : almost. If you didn’t see them at Murrayfield last year then you‘re ' competition," WI '0 entering -’ ; o 2 : not gonna get the chance to see them live until the turn ofthe . k 3 37:3"me m m 3;,” , E .2 g : millennium. Unless, of course, you are one of the lucky wrnners of P. h," 3:“:m‘tzogcfl r _ H: E g : this tip-top comp. V006 are d M I ,y i. a g- : . We have five copies of REM’s Road Movie, shot during the final m on" m a" "K I”. » - g E g : stages of last year’s Monster tour to give away. The video covers 15,33" 8'09"."“0'8‘,” oz"?! ' m 8 E : fifteen class REM tracks plus four new songs from their latest New "3”" I 'E : Adventures In Hi-Fi album. it’s the next best thing to being there. Answer this: gm“. 3.. '1“W£M_ m i E Which band member had to undergo emergency surgery during last year’s tour? rlmco‘.‘ my 0." h g z E : Answers must reach us by Friday 1 November. Mark them: REM COMP, The list, 1,-6.1 y.“ :

- 14 Illgh Street, Edinburgh, Elli 11!.


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