The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights oi the tortnlght ahead.

I Music: Fugees Yo mo'fos. Refugees are in the house tonight. No doubt you'll all know The Score. as it were. and singalongs a-plenty will be in the air. Actually. The Fugees are a lot more controversial than their chart positions would indicate and a hard core hip hop crew will be as much a part of the audience as the hand-holding couples in Barbourjackcts. See feature. Barrott‘laml. Glasgow; Tue 22.

I Books: Bad Wisdom OK. the story goes like this: Bill Drummond of KLF and Mark Manning of leather-clad sheep worriers Zodiac Mindwarp have teamed up to write a book about their trip to the North Pole to save the world. The truth is probably something completely different. This not a reading but a performance. Be prepared for chaos. See

THE SILENCEHS have done a ten-year stint in the biz they call show. and to mark the occasion. they've now put out a compilation album entitled Blood And Rain: The Singles 86-96. As the astute may surmise from the title. the album comprises the cream of The Silencers’ singles from their debut ‘Painted Moon’. right through to last year’s ‘Wild Mountain Thyme‘. That they've survived so long is something of a miracle anyway. The only members who have lasted all the line-up changes are Jimme O'Neill and Cha Burns. following an entire decade of punch-ups. brain haemorrhages and substance abuse. Rock ‘n‘ roll!

Blood And Rain is available now. Look out for live (latex FAME _ "If STAGE musmAl in Glasgow and Edinburgh early in 1997. comes to Edinburgh this

fortnight, surling a wave of plaudits from the London

- ' ° feature. Arr-hes. Glasgow, Thurs 31. fizzianyzizm 30’ the I Film: Breaklng The Waves True love romancin’ ta|e of students at leads to personal sacrifice and religious the New York High school Fof persecution when a young woman from The Performing Arts has a Calvinist community in the north of proved so popular in Scotland marries a Scandinavian rig- Stockholm, LA and london’s worker. An unforgettable. deeply West End that the signs are moving cinematic experience. See it’s gonna live forever. preview and review. Glasgow Film Fame is a! "'9 “"93 Theatre; Cameo, Edinburgh from Fri 18. ""33"": “WWW”: 7"" 22 I Comedy: Eddie Izzard The man with 08,-sa'zuav' an off-centre plan and a penchant for

slingbacks looks poised for world domination with American invasions and TV shows about cows who talk. Catch him before he goes interstellar. See feature. Glasgow Royal Concert LA LA [A HUMAN STEPS are back. Blink and you’ll miss («la/L Timm- 31; Edinburgh Play/muse,

them as they fly through the air. Willi a mm'ement-style 5m 2_ akin to bungee-jumping without the rope. this Montreal- I film; When the cat’s Away The based dance company have long been compared to . . . inhabitants 0f 3 parisian neighbourhood

well -— anything that moves through space at a speed (and angle) not normally associated with humans. In ten years. the troupe's director Edouard Lock has gone from Montreal film student to international choreographer who works with rock stars (well David Bowie and Frank

join forces to search for a missing feline in this delightful. low-key comedy which is deep in emotion and light in touch. See review. Cameo. Edinburgh

Zappa) and who US News And World Report deem to be 1mm F” 25' . . . ‘one often young artists most likely to influence North- I "wave: 883.8%” 8mm) pmmm American culture‘. For their latest trick. the company Ola PUllllcr Prlzc'wmmng Plai)’ b)’ . perform Lock‘s new piece 2. which (funnin enough) Edward Albee. ilUlhOr 0f WWW/11mm involves various things pertaining to the number two. The 0/ Virgin “’l’l'llj’. i" WhiCh ‘1

list includes two giant video screens picturing star squabbling couple’s seaside picnic is (lancer/firecracker Louise Lecavalier both at her present interrupted by the unexpected arrival of age and at 90. and two customised harpsichords designed two talking sea creatures. Directed by to create what Lock describes as a ‘raucous electric fuzz Robert David MacDonald. who also effecl'. (Ellie Carr) plays the husband. See preview.

[a La La Human Steps pmjorm 2 a! King 'x Theatre. Cilizynx' T/walre, Glasgow, from Tue 29 Glasgow. Fri 25/52:! 26 Oct. 0“

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