I St Mirren V East File St Mirren Park. Love Street. Paisley. 3pm. Catch the best Sport this iortnlg European Sunday 20 .. . PREMIER tEAtiUE g; ’. . . ' ' i I Hearts V Celtic Tynecastle Park. Gorgie Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. WOMEN’S UNDER 16 INTERNATIONAL Alter sitting out last year’s inaugural I Scotland v Wales Palmerston Park. event, Scotland’s panicipa‘ion in this anilifl‘itfs. lpm. Details from the Scottish seasonts Heineken Emopean cup has “o‘mcn s Football Assomation on ()l4l . . . l 162. provoked controversy galore. the decision that districts rather than clubs would represent Scotland drew TueSday 22 wadneSday 23 a mixed response, and now many I Coca-Cola Cup Semi-Finals See Hit Division One clubs are considering List. moving more towards a European League. Such disquiet, however, must Saturday 26 be temporarily forgotten it the tour - PREMIER lEACUE Scott's" dismcts are i? have any 5”" "33""93 “9‘3"” “WW?” I Aberdeen v Raith Rovers Pittodric . _ . . . Chance 0' mm)an the" highly at the Creenyards. Stadium. Pittodrie Street. Aberdeen. 3pm. , PWieSSiOfla' rivals in England. Wales caledonia fly the flag in pout c um. I Dundee United v llearts Tannadice mime“ 500mm and France. “Whack Bowen Shepheld me main Park. Tannadice Street. Dundee. 3pm. I s msh 0' n F um" Edinburgh. captained by Scott amacuon whim Bob walnwflgm I Duniermline v Kilmarnocit East End l “mu an?" ’9 Hastings, are in Pool A along Vlith weavers "om inn", Mcmamid Pam Park. Halbeath Road. Dutiferinline. 3pm. A530. c . on “a The favoumd o I V Easter ROild Stadium. Climax ls a Dundee Whalers as m, Muses to be intimidated. .. "0"“ 0' 3‘ 10mm” F0, has Albioti Road. Edinburgh. 3pm. v East Kilbride clash, both sides - braced the oval ball ame in the . ~ - - - alwa s wear we e'ema' o "misrs em _ I Rangers V Motherwell Ibrox Stadium. havmg topped their groups Without a V 9 past. and null do so again when Edmiston Drive. Glasgow. 3pm. r be he Th w C hat 9 he sa “‘0' this month the . c 085 tween l m. 6 CS! 085i ’5' , i French club Drive come to Perth. FIRST DIVISION - . italians Treviso vi it M id nd - ° ' - T‘gers and we“ LO‘h'a" Chargers 5 "es 9 a Glasgow, featuring Kenny Logan I East File V Atrdrie Bayvrew Park. - - i g , . Will have something to say about that, may provide more beatable come", in the “Narmada [mopean Wellesley Road. Mellill. 3pm. h h M d ,b k S d. opposition. commence and also mckle Gallic I Morton V Dundee C appielow Park. t 093 ea 0” a" in mm' On paper, Scotland’s best hope at opposmon in "18mm 0' Age" who Sinclair Street. Greenock. 3pm. Edinburgh 5”" 20» 3pm. I. m. th 3 ms“ I Particit Thistle v Falktrk Firliill Park. FOOTBALL success 93 w 9 “0 visit ilu henden at the end oi the -- - Bo'defs in Poo. B me "and", '0' g l‘il‘lilll Road. Glasgow. 3pm. l. Coca-Cola Clip m , i ' i P month. (lorin McDouoalll I St Johnstone v St Mirren McDiarmid Dunrermtinc v Dundee final? The e ' °"°" "9 93"“ " 3" “mam” Caledonia v Drive, McDiannid Park. Park. Crieff Road. Perth. 3pm. pars will be seeking to provide the "'9'" 9'3"" mm champiofls Perth, Sun 20, 2.30pm. Borders v I Stirling Albion v Clydebank Forthbank h k f h. h - h Melrose Including halt backs Craig - - . . . - ~. . . 5 0C 0 ‘S 0' any 0‘ 6’ 56350“ W" i (ginger, amenyards, Mafia”, Sat26, Stadium. Sprtnkerse Industrial Estate. 3 View over Rm cm at Celtic Park clWimershaml Bryan nedpam. A Z'wm' Edinburgh ' new.“ Stirling 3pm At East-gr Road t‘hegfollowing night rt san ome su ort should o - ~ ' {haemiore be uargiiteed when the Myms'de' Ed’nburgh’ 8”” 27’ 2'30m' W (I d 30 Dundee Wi“ be attempting ‘0 mac“ 9 Glasgow v Agen Hughenden Glasgow e “95 av - o Borderers lace Irish province leinster Wed 30 5 30m; EUROPE“ CHAMPIONS, luau $6155??? incceilsl'ficocacoia ' ' ' ma. u c swr conten I Rangers V Alax Ibrox Stadium. after their brave win against Celtic in Event: age "it? alphabetically by sport, M Edmiston Drive. Glasgow. 7.30pm. It the quarterefinajs. Cemc park. en y ay. ures are correct at time could be make or break time for the lbrox , oi publication, but may be affected by Sunday side's Euro dream with the visit from the gia‘?(gg.rge 22’; gait,” weather. Sports listings compiled by injury-stricken Dutch champs... ( a ' m Mg ' e ' p ' Brian Donaldson. I Perth Open Mixed Epee Perth Academy. P‘rth. For information )ii tli ' day‘sjoustirig call ()l82l 642377.( L Sunday 20 FOOTBALL Sunday 20 Saturday 19-Sunday 20 I Scottish Claymores Flag Football I Silll District Cup Various venues/times. I Scottish National Open Synchro Association Final Meadowbank Stadium. PREMIER lEAOOE The final 32 are battling it out across the Swimming Championships Greenock. For Edinburgh. Finals and runners-up day. See country in the second round of the district details on this two-day event call the Hit List. satu'day cup. Call the Scottish Hockey Union on Scottish Amateur Swimming Association 0l316508170. ()11014164l8818. ATHLETICS I Duntertnline v Dundee United East End Park. Halbeath Road. Dunfermline. 3pm. m Saturday 26 I Kilmarnock v Raith Rovers Rugby Park. Rugby Road. Kilmarnock. 3pm satlfl'day satul'day 26—sunday I Scottish Athletics Federation National I Motherwell v llibs Fir Park. Firpark Cross Country Relays Irvine. Ipm. Young Street. Motherwell. 3pm. I South oi Clyde Championships I Royal Yachting Association Scotland and senior males and females. Further I Rangers V Aberdeen lbrox Stadium. Glasgow Ski Centre. Glasgow. 4pm. Champion oi Champions Largs Sailing information from the Scottish Athletics Edmiston Drive. Glasgow. 3pm. Details front 0l4i 427 499i. Club. Sat. lpm; Sun. 10.30am. Around 45 Federation on 0|3i 3 I7 7320. FIRST DIVISION boats are expected on the water over two

I Airdrie V Stirling Albion Broadwood days as the winners of the Scottish Stadium. Cumbernauld. 3pm. Championships and Scottish Travellers'

I Clydebank V Morton Boghead Park. satlfl'day 19-SIIIIday Series meet up. This 25 year old event is

Sunday Miller Street, Dumbarton. 3pm. this year sponsored by Yachting Life.

I Dundee v Particlt thistle Dens Park. I British Sports Association ior Disabled Sunday‘s action is set for a I0.30am start I Opper Clyde Marathon Crossford. Sandeman Street, Dundee. 3pm. People Snooker Championships John to accommodate more races and the Clyde Valley. Call the organiser on 0141 I Falkirlt V St Johnstone Brockville Park. Spencer Snooker Club. Stirling. 9.30am. clocks going back. Further details on 552 4400 ext 2246. Hope Street. Falkirk. 3pm. For information call 01592 415700. Ol3l 317 7388.

The List l8-3l Oct I996 91