V I saw you twice in Central Station. Glasgow. You ticket inspector. me jean and jumper. Was that a glint in your eye? Let's take the same train next time. Box No U/29l/l2.

V I saw you Bar Brel. pale blue shirt. glasses and a saucy smile. Me fiery ginger. You recommended the mussels but I‘d rather feel yours. I‘ll be back for another taste. Box No U/29I/ I 3.

V I saw you walking down Lothian Road. Sat 5th Oct. 3.30pm. You: long dark hair. brown v.neck top. black trousers. Me: VW driver at lights. Can I see you again? Box No U/29l/l4.

V I saw you Maggie Dicksons. Sat 21st Sept. You: blonde at bar with boyfriend? Me check shirt. stone jeans. Was there something between us? Box No U/29l/15.

0 I saw you ‘flicky‘ brown hair. gorgeous eyes. 5ft 2in. You looked great. Thanks for coming back. Love to see you again. ‘When then?‘ Box No U/29l/l6.

V I saw you Java Internet Cafe poetry night. You. blue stripey jumper. golden tousled locks. in the doorway. We clapped as l melted. Now I'm inspired it wasn't the prose! Box No U/29l/l7.

v I saw you HMV Princes Street on 9 October. You had long curly hair and a nice jumper. I had short reddish hair. brown coat and scarf. You looked nice. Box No U/29l/l8.

V I saw you at the Tartan Amoebas. 6th Oct in Princes Street Gardens. standing on the first step. You: 6ft. dark hair in bottle green T-shirt. gorgeous eyes and smile. Me: brown hair in Barbour jacket and green jeans. You left without saying goodbye. Fancy saying ‘hello' again? Box No U/29l/l9.

V I saw you accordion player. Sunday 4 August. Common Grounds. Good vibes. Let's squeeze together. Box No U/29l/20.

V I saw you Andrew of QMC. No 18. Wednesday 9 Oct. Extremely sorry I had to exit prematurely. Would love to resume our unfinished business. Ignore [fast/Emlcrs! Come communicate with this Glaswegian but no post- modernism please. Box No U/292/l.

V I saw you taking photos on the Royal Mile. I asked you ifl could take yours for you. and buy you a coffee. [)0 you have time now? Box No U/292/2.

V I saw you walking down St Leonards. 8.30am. Wed 9 Oct. light raincoat. long bob. looking like you didn‘t want to go to work. Neither did I after seeing you. Passing admirer. Box No U/292/3.

V I saw you pale blonde girl with a blue jacket. stopped to look at a Peace Concert poster on Nicolson Street. Maybe we could be peace dreamers together at the concert. Box No U/Z‘)2/4.

V I saw you ‘again'. Partick Station. exchanged a quick hello. Me shirt/tie. trying to read paper but couldn’t keep my eyes off you. I was in a hurry. how about that pint? Box No U/292/5.

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V I saw you touring John Lewis kitchenware. 16/10/96 and Dean Bridge/l.earmonth in the rain. You short dark hair. me tall. dark in a three piece suit. Want to meet! Box No U/2‘)2/6.

V I saw you limping around the Sub Club ( |()th birthday. Sunday 13th). Midnight blue velvet flares. Einstein-style hairdo with English accent. Me —- ginger medic who plays rugby. Let me doctor your hip. Box No U/Z‘)2/7.

V I saw you in Sauchiehall Street. Do you fancy giving a musically-challenged female guitar lessons. in exchange for some food. wine and chat? I’ve got my own guitar. so how about it? Box No U/292/8.

V I saw you for the first time outside the Tron. 4/]0/96. You: sexy bob haircut. gorgeous. brown eyes. Me: long black dress. blondish hair. We talked. we kissetl. You stole my heart. K.K. Box No U/Z‘)2/9.

v I saw you OFF. 20/!0/96. blonde vampette who tickled my fangcy. Suck my kiss. lick my lips. kill me softly. My neck ov zee woods orrr yoorz'.’ Princess of Darkness. Box No U/292/l().

V I saw you Val. Tunnel. I9/l0. You have a beautiful kiss. I wish you could have stayed longer. You made my day. Please make it again. Andrew. Box No U/Z92/l l.

V I saw you deep in the pages of a novel (Living Room.

l7/l0/96). You wore a cute hat and a devilish beard. Me (guy) talking crap to friends. Totally captivated! Box No U/292/12.

V I saw you Bairny. Part I. There is a princess. she has lost her way. standing forlorn at the castle gate. You cannot hear her call to you? Box No U/292/l3.

V I saw you CB. red and blue T-shirt at Katch. l8/I()/96. You approached me but I was too busy looking for my purse. I'd like to find you again. V. Box No U/2‘)2/l~l.

0! I saw you drinking in ‘Robbies'. Still three earrings. Now in Rupert trousers. recently moved to l.eith Walk? You must let me try out your shelf. Are you brunching at ‘Ross' on Sunday? Box No U/292/l5.

V I saw you at Kula Shaker and at Jamiroquai. You gave me a double take. On both occasions you were with a coloured girl. I think you have gorgeous eyes. Fancy a date? Box No U/292/l6.

V I saw you Eugenius gig. you at back. gorgeous in black shaggyjacket. Me funky beard and Benylin. Get in touch. Box No U/292/l7.

V I saw you at work during summer lunchtimes with (Ina/Ilia". rollies and wild smile. You introduced me to The List. Now you are a student at Napier. I can't give you a grant but could buy you a drink. Box No U/292/l8.

v I saw you Carla. you beautiful transsexual. Hope you're keeping well. I do think of you. Hope you will get in touch. Glasgow. Box No U/292/l9.

V I saw you again! Leading gal: Sapphos. Didn't manage to speak to you. 'I wanna hold you down and kiss you'll Are you free? Fancy meeting over a cuppa? (Say yes?!!) Love. xxx liggshaker. Box No U/292/20. O I saw you Festival 96. [Evening Standard Art College bash. You Mancunian Gill. Me crap nickname. You preferred to call me Jonathan. Lost your number but not the memory. Sorry 'bout nooky badge. Box No U/Z‘JIZ/Z l.

V I saw you in Taggart then again in Tron Bar. dark permed hair. Me -— jealous! You were with a gorgeous girl with black hair and a figure to die for. Is it serious or do I stand a chance ~ you're sooo . . . dreamy! Box No U/Z‘)2/22.

V I saw you and I want your babies. At Jackie 0‘s in Fife in the back of a red minibus and in South Queensferry with friend who had black hair. You wore yellow jacket. Let‘s meet. Box No U/2‘)2/23.

V I saw you at Finnegan‘s Wake. lS/ltl/‘Xi. Brisbane meets Glasgow in Fdinbnrgh'.’ Heard I missed you at The Kitchen. I left so much unsaid. How about you? Box No U/292/24.

V I saw you working at Insomnia. You cute little round glasses. nose stud and Tintin haircut. Me - so mesmerised I let my cappuccino go cold! Let's meet to compare haircuts and frothy milk stories! Box No U/2‘)2/25.



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