"i 1.; _ . .. ...... ._ Watch out. Our space age screens and , projection systems aren’t for everyone.

State-of—the-art Showcase Sound (Dolby/Digital).

The best on the planet Everything else will sound so-so after Showcase Sound.

Th ere ’5 luxury And then there ’5 luxury

Here we 7/ seat you in our luxurious, deeply—cushion ed,

reclining rockers made for the rich and fam ous. You’ll sink in and take off

Our movie snacks are so scrumptious, we can make you hungry just by mentioning them. Ice cream sundaes,

5 O varieties of candles. Popcorn popped and cookies baked Hot dogs grilled and nachos made right at our refreshment stands. (Yes, we have several so there ’5 no waiting. l

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The List I- l4 Nov I996 35