BABY Blitll a.k.a. Stephen Jones is not a man who is airald oi doing things his own way, whether it be lighting his tabs with a petrol canister or recording over 400 songs on a ioutbtrack tape recorder in less time than it took The Stone Roses to put one measly album together. Prompted by the boredom oi the dole, Jones iilled his empty hours with the creation at a body at work which will allow him to release an album a year until he’s 487, approximately. With a Top Ten bit in the iorm oi ‘You’re Borgeous’ under his belt, the More is looking not so much orange as positively glowing tor the proliiic songmelster. line word oi warning: Baby _ Bird’s gigs are scary aiiairs. The sweetness oi the last two singles masks a provocative and transilxing live periorrner.

sheep, cheep.

Betty Bird play The Garage, Glasgow, Tue 5; The Venue, Edlnhurgh, Wed 6; Bruce Motel, East Kilhride, Thurs 7 Nov.

PHILLIPPE DECOUFLE, the bizarre French choreographer last seen diving through a roomful of houseplants dressed as a zebra. is heading for Scotland with his latest fancy- dress party of a dance piece. Decodex. Zebra suits. flippers and grown men with spongey proboscises on their heads will all be de rigeur. In France. Decouflé’s crazy dance antics are as popular as anything. and the esteemed choreographer is just as likely to be seen directing money-spinning TV ads. pop

videos and the opening and closing ceremonies for the Winter Olympics (1992) as he is treading the opulent boards of the Berlioz Opera. Decouflé may be a little crazy. but he sure ain’t stupid. (Ellie Carr) Compagnie Phillippe Decoufle’ is at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre ()Il Wed 6 and Thurs 7 Nov.

Kills Ill TllE lulu: BBAlll CAllllY is a ieature-length spin-

oii irom the late night comedy sketch series currently adding iurther lunacy to the Channel 4 schedule. A Canadian television institution In the Saturday Night live mould, the programme has given birth to countless oddball characters and, in the movie, the key players again take on multiple rules. ‘This illm is diiierent irom the television skits in that it’s a developed narrative,’ says iounding ltid Bruce McCulloch oi the satiric story about a mood-altering prescription drug that’s putting a happy smile on the nation’s laces. ‘lt’s a wider screen, so you use longer sentences,’ is iellow actor David Foley’s viewpoint on the move irom television to cinema. “The key to playing multiple characters is wigs. Because a good wig takes the place over good acting any day.’

Kids In The "all: Brain Candy opens at the (Mean, Glasgow, and Cameo, Edinburgh, on Fri 8 Ilov. See review.

2 The List l-l4 Nov 1996