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CUFF lilCllAllD'S HEATHCLIFF - his musical adaptation of Emily Bronté’s Wuthering Heights, in which he stars as Cathy’s swarthy lover - has not been well received by the london critics. ‘Desperately teeble’ wrote The Guardian’s Michael Billington, who went on to describe the show as ‘contrived apotheosis’. Still, there’s always a congregation willing to worship at the altar of Sir Clitt’s ego, and Edinburgh perlonnances ol Heathclilf are selling well. But we reckon the truly devout should approach it with intolerance - after all, a turkey at this time of year is hardly going to promote the true spirit of Christmas, is it? Heathclitt is at Edinburgh Playhouse, Tue 5 Nov-Sat 7 Dec.


[55 AND HERRING have done a ten-year stint in the biz they call show. and to mark the occasion. they’ve now put out a compilation album entitled Blood And Rain: The Singles 86—96. As the astute may surmise froin the title. the album comprises the cream of The Silencers' singles from their debut ‘Painted Moon'. right through to last year‘s ‘Wild Mountain Thyme‘. All the line-up changes are Jimme O‘Neill and Cha Burns. following an entire decade of punch-ups. brain haemorrhages and substance abuse. Rock 'n’ roll!

Blood And Rain is available now. Look major live dates in Glasgow and [Edinburgh earlv in [997.

DOMINIC WAXING lYlllCAL will be familiar to many a habitué of Edinburgh and Glasgow's live music scenes as much for their eye-popping stage shows as their decidedly different songs. They reached a whole new audience recently when they launched their debut album frotn a rooftop on Edinburgh‘s Royal Mile. Resplendent in dinner jackets. feather boas and ladies lingerie. the ever flamboyant Dominic and cohorts attracted a couple of hundred passers-by with a half hour set. The local boys in blue were less impressed than the clapping crowd and promptly lifted all nine of the rooftop entertainers and charged them with endangering the lieges. ‘Edinburgh's the first city where I‘ve lived where things don't happen on the streets.‘ says Dominic. ‘If you‘ve got an edge then that's quite dtsptriting. Anway. it‘s always the weirdest gigs where you get the best contact with the audience.‘ Concemed audience members will be relieved to hear that the Edinburgh Nine have all received a warning from the procurator

fiscal and no further action is being taken. (Jonathan Trew)

Dominic ll’at’ing Lyrical 'x e/umlvntour album is available in independent reeord shops. The): play the Arthur. Glasgow on l-rt / Nov and the C CA. Glaxgmv on Sun 3 Nov as part ofthe National Review Oj'Live Art.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

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I Music: Erasure Camper than a row of tents and determined to put a bit of glitz back into the charts. Andy Bell and Vince Clarke are coming to town to put a bit of colour back into the frost-bitten checks of the faithful. Lighters aloft for the sing-alongs. Barrmvland. Glasgow. Sat 5.

I Film: The Pillow Book Peter Greenaway combines a story of revenge. a celebration of calligraphy and scenes of intense eroticism in his latest visual masterpiece. which stars Ewan McGregor as a bisexual translator. See feature. G ["12 Glasgow; Cameo, Edinburghfrom Fri 8.

I Film: Brassed Off McGregor again. but this titne as a young Yorkshire miner facing unemployment and the end of the colliery brass band. ltnagine the bizarre concept of Ken Loach directing an Ealing comedy and you're part of the way there. See feature. General release from I’ri I.

I Theatre: Dracula Jon Pope's third adaptation of Bram Stoker's novel focuses on the insanity brought to society by the Count. His adaptation is. perhaps. more in the spirit of Nosferatu than Jonathan Harker‘s foe. but promises to be just as rivetting as a good stake through the heart. See preview. Citizens" Theatre. Glasgow, I-‘ri l—Sat 23.

I Sport: Scotland v Australia Rugby Union The Braveheatts take on the Mad Maxes in their first meeting since 1992. While it would be nice to wave a patriotic flag. the sensible bet has to be on the visitors. Murray/ield. Edinburgh. Sat 9.

I Dance: Wim Vandekeybus Belgium dance innovators Wirn Vandekeybus return to the UK with the awesome contemporary classic that established them as originators of the gravity- defying. bruise-gathering dance style Euro-crash. Tramway. Glasgow: Fri 1/ Sat 2.

I Music: Screaming Trees Straight outta Washington DC come the grungesome foursome led by Mark Lanegan. Their last album. Dust contained - shock! horror! keyboards. which was something ofa departure. Happily for the Trees. the fans loved it and bought mind- boggling quantities of the record. Huzmh! The Garage. Glasgow. Fri 1.

The List l-l4 Nov I996 3