VTO's Central Edinburgh Project is a city-wide positive action initiative which offers the friendship and support of trained - "‘ " . volunteers to black and minority ethnic children and young Young P60 ICS Theatre Co-ordinator . people who are experiencing difficulties at home, at school To assrst the irector in developing an innovative or in the community. The Project is funded by the BBC programme of productions with targeted groups of Children in Need Appeal. 18 - 25 year olds Projects so far include people . PROJECT DEVELOPMENT WORKER infected and affected by HIV arid AIDS, young people (FULLJIME' MATERNITY COVER) 89mg%(self'harm)’ and Sexual"), and learmng Salary: AP3 £13,977 + 7.5% unsocial hours payment isa i ity. . . . .. - . - o - Ex erienced worker re uired for a roximatel 4 months; ablli In addmon the pOSt'hOIder WI“. take a leading row I” togssess referrals, andth train, suggort and suéervise volunteetr); I c u d i t m the development and regeneration of Theatre essential. Provisional start date: Monday 3 February. 9 , ° and Pr 9mm" 0" by Workshop’s Youth Theatre provision. CXPCHCPCC . min y. This post is part-funded by the National Lottery CLERICAL I RESOURCE WORKER Pr"f°“"°"a' “Tam” and Charities Board for threc years (PART-TIME, 10 HOURS PER WEEK) performer. Children and adult ' . beginners. re-learners and Salar £14,000 Salary. 652 £10,194 - £10,715 pro rata . C] y ' l' ' F 'd 22 N b Good communicator required to provide clerical support for the advanced “Men‘s 3" WCICO'IIC- 05mg date for app Icauons n ay ovem 6'" project and to help maintain the Resource Base. Ability to use Creative. fun and supportive meuterh and to (tars; osu‘targ‘e‘r‘le‘ral office duties esisg'ntial. learning. Tc] ()13] 55] 4531. OfKIng OUfS nego la e. a e: 85 $000- IS POSS O. ' . . Both postholders Will be based at the Central Edinburgh Protect s The post-holder wrll develop local involvement. . Office. 4 Duncan Place. BE COOL schedule and co-ordinate rehearsals/workshops, and Ability ItoAsleerak ta comniunpy lagguaggodisgahle. but not DEVCIIOP )(OUT Crs‘alivily - . ' , essentla . pp ica ion pac 5 rom e ministratOr on cam”) [mar m PTO"lde meess'mm‘ and Pasmrdl support [0 ‘1 0131-3332-9950. Closing date for applications: The Fainbur hgcguimr Studio 1 teer com an of over 200 e0 le Local Friday 15 November ‘- -g ' V0 un P‘ y - p p .- ~ l VTO aims to be an e ua/ o ortunities em Io er sausmcmm and rcsum knowledge deSirable. patience. sense of fun and ‘7 pp p y guaranteed. pleasure from working with people essential. BOORIOOSZ 0131 557 3215-

£700 p.c.m. (six month fixed term contract) ' . 1 he Lync Club I Private tutors provided (and required) all school/college

subjects. Glasgow. Edinburgh.

Falkirk. Stirling. Perth areas.

Director’s PA To manage the schedule of the Director of Theatre

Workshop and act as secretary to the Management was; 9 W (Jr . . I l .l by

Committee. Experience of arts administration would L C” c ‘5‘“). fu'im“ ‘1 ‘l L'

be useful but is not essential Some evenin work will RFQUIRI" '"mhcm‘um and b-OOk'kupmg/ . g accounts. Translations, most

be requ‘ied- Male and Female Cast languages. layliiar Education

salary £1000 01324 7171 I4.

and Chorus for their March 1997 production of:

I Spanish tuition by native speaker. Creative learning for all levels. Groups and

Closing date for all applications

Friday 15 November For further details and application form please send a

. . 'd' "d l.‘.C li‘10l4l332 large 39p SAE and state which post you are interested ANNIE GET lrill-1'2)l “a x on K in, to: ' YOUR GUN I German tuition! If you need . , , h‘l ‘iloi . —.~h l/ '/ Theatre workshop, 34 Hamilton Place, At The ng S 1 hcmrc, C;{R,;;ali0;r:"g2m :fng’gvgn' Edinburgh, EH3 SAX. Glasgow_ speaker. contact Ruth: ()l3l 66l

Theatre Workshop aims to be an Equal Opportunities employer. Disabled Applicants Welcome.


For audition details please

contact ()141 649 3657


CITIZENS THEATRE sounli’iilr’il‘cl

seeks a Spanish, French, German & Italian courses. All a es, all FRONT OF HOUSE ASSISTANT M, a" m, mi, 1,. - picturesque and historic locations. “In” 30 May I Accommodation and cultural

. . activities included. Further details Applicants must have experience of from

Kath Bateman, Caledonia Language Courses.

Tel/fax 0131 5587118

Scottish Opera is Scotland’s national opera company, and one at Britain’s largest arts organisations, providing opera at all scales.

The Technical Department at Scottish Opera urgently requires: working With the IC and staff

supervision. Bar and/or other catering

experience would be an advantage.

To be responsible for the running of the Stage Department for Scottish Opera. Candidates are expected to have no less than 5 years’ experience

of working with large-scale theatre, preferably in opera. For a l°b description and application form-

please send SAE to Lorna Duguid, I German conversation

This post is based at the Theatre Royal in Glasgow Citizens' Theatre, Gorbals. Glasgow GS 905 Pram“. SOUS” ("9‘ but successful candidates will be expected to tour with the Company. I" Closing date for applications Monday I I November I996 backgrbznd wéuld be an

advantage (suit student). Pay-

A clean driving licence is required.

Salary $20,000 COURSES/TUITION COURSES/TUITION rate by mutual agreement. Paul 0l4l 330 4982 (answer h' . FOE O “Rd 0 I0 SUSUII Inac 'ne) Scottish Opera, 39 Elmbanll Crescent, Glasgow, 62 499 a weekend explorativc beginners courses at WASPS “.6 training Learn Applications by letter and (V should be submitted by WOTkShOl’ 0" SPOHWWOUS Artists Studios. Dennistoun. communirég‘tion gkiug inciudin Friday 22 November, l996ta Susan Willlie. Story'making and Storytelling Glasgow Expe" ‘Ul‘io‘l' bod lan ua and ‘ractis g . . with David Campbell and Janis small c.3556, Four Y g g“: P. . Interviews will be held during week commencing 2 December, 1996 perry 16m and 17”, Nov m consecutive Saturdays. wafislgglielal with crittersm . . . Scottish opur crap strives tobo onuudappmitics employer mile subudiudby 1hr mm In: (and 2 Newbattlc Terrace. £50. Fee: £95 plus materials. gonfidcn'ceowocrrffg yang/fl 7 BOOKIOOS and mow ""0 “on! For more info please telephone N H f h 0'9” 3 15 David on 0131 556 1526. 0141 353 1251, 0141 556 3522. “"3”, “‘0 P °"° - ~ MORE OVER THE PAGE

The List l-l4 Nov I996 97