Group dministrative Head Of Marketing Officer

The RSNO seeks to appoint an energetic and creative HEAD OF MARKETING to join the senior management

This post in the Lottery Department has team ofScotiand’s national symphony orchestra In addition arisen in response to changes in policy on the . togiving concerts throughoutScotland, the UKandoverseas, distribution of Lottery Funds to the arts. the RSNO perfomts, records and broadcastsawide range of music to a broad audience sector, suppOrted by an extensive The Group Administrative Officer will Wmmededucatlon and outread‘ aaMtY- develop, set up and manage administrative As part of a highly motivated team, the candidate we arrangements to deal with applications for seek windevelopan effectivelong-tenmtrategytomaxinise Lottery funding. He/she will coordinate the the Ord‘eWa'S revenue {70m “C303 sales and ‘0 POSMOn the im lementation of the a lication roccss °mh¢m a"d“5"WWimp?"COMUCIC’C Alexandef Lalcfevi thrzughout the Council. PP P in a national and international context Experience and a & } proven track record, together with the ability to manage a I RECRU ITS WANTED Applicants will have at least 5 years, ' small department handling sales, promotion and marketing 1 for conrace t. t d. . - we 5 u ies experience in an administrative role at i are assent?" I _ _ g p managerial level and a background in. or 09‘1"“ f°': aPP'wfons Fr'day 29th N°Vember 1996 E Females _ 18_40 broad knowledge of, the arts in Scotland. Further 'nfomat'on "amiable from: , ' Elizabeth McCreath, Secntarytothe Currently "on'P'n "59“! Salary range £14 06] _ £18 731' Chief Executive, RSNO,73Ciaremont Street, r98“13’CYCle- ' ' Glasgow, G3 713. Tel: (ammo 3868. Males _ 1842 For further details and an application form I rulkmt‘nncwfin mand healthy. contact: | - ‘- i— THE RSNO is Mr EQUAL Ononuwries EMPLOYER Expenses paid. Director of Finance and Administration, Tge lEcotlt‘ish Arts Council, 12 Manor Place, For further information: E ' EH3 "DD. Tell-n0 776 60/51 A8 IT Call CR8: 229 2575, ' ““ ' s“ 00» a Ext 2 I 05/6 \ \. Closing Date for applica- 3 y. ‘9‘ ' Audrey/Cameron/ Karen dons: 12 noon Thursday, °' 6‘ . i 21 November 1996. olsAgC‘v I The Scottish Arts Council is an 10 rtu 't‘ ~ I . Equa PPO m m cmp Dyer \x ! l I Video film company constantly seeks additional talent artistic. technical and l administrative —- to take work ! ' seriously but not yourself. l Percentage basis. CVs. photos. I with SAL-L to ()6 Ayr Road.

radio station. Alter recently being acquired by the Independent


serves central Scotland and is the UK's most successlul regional 1 1mm. Ayrshire K A12 801,. l

Unemployed less than 12 momhs? Radio Group we are increasing the output of our news and sports Keen to learn new technology and departments resulting in the vacancies for: communication skills? Interested in environmental issues? 5 EXPERIENCED NEWS IOURNMJSTS Why not spend six months with Green Action? 3 Green Action can offer you the chance to receive training in and 3 -. ..i ‘- computer applications and practical experience in the l - production of newsletters and information leaflets, whilst I EXPERIENCED SPORE pURNAUSTS When applymg to, undertaking a work based SCOTVEC Vocational Qualification. - - ~ ~ . You must be a resident of Strathclyde. Participants receive £5 the pom'om are based m bath Edmburgh and GlaSgW i one Of. the labs per week and a travel pass, and your current benefits should A good knowledge of (entral Scotland is preferred. E advertised I'ICI'O, remain unaffected. The next course is due to start in January. ' . i For more information contact CSV Environment/Green Action Demo (3mm and ('v' 5 Should be fem to. don t forget to . OLE _ g _ 236 Clyde Street Ken licliobb. S(OT PM, I Albert Quay, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 7DN ' mention that you ~i } ~ Glasgow,Gl 41H . . . h I', V,‘ y. . . .Vitéy Tel: L _ K “CI in is .in equalopportumties employer Application forms have to be returned by 29 November i996 \


, 100 The List [5-28 Nov I996