professional promos. Actors.

CORTD FROM PREVIOUS PAGE Adverts from and for bands I cabaret tine arts parties nted urgently 1 k. f be . h. d I . . . . ._ :wpfiiansfizyqommhmg 00 mg “pr mzm J's are cf urge . a . , , documentancs. coititiierCial c e i at e re uce rate 0 : | M d § business. training. sports. band» Playmg a W'dc range or [I for lineage and 5 . i advertisements. educational

Eovletrs'plus ondgmal m’at‘finrzii' [zfor‘wmi dimly ' workshops -- you name it ~ we III us1asm an COInnlII C

essential. Box No 292/BM/l. 0”“ bands/music 'e'med “Wm Need 0 cake. , m or m

. will be charged at standard rates. I Audlos sale: Fancluh. . . Bandits Supemalumls. Pastels. Fill iii theclasstfied formon page 105.

popguns. Sarah. Chilton. Contemporary. Violins. Delgados. Heavenly. C t. I d. .d l ' (5.. Orchids. Ride. Scream and ‘fl ‘cmb‘rg rea we n [VI ua w I r ‘gi many more. No trades. For list lam} P“ . hfil'd Desi nS p y _‘ p send SAE: P. Johnston. 5 (2H) T'll‘kmg‘f 7 ‘0'"? LI?“ 8 IN rl-wp N g Bothwell Street. Edinburgh m 3" mm“. mt fr" Homemade & ; L \ \ EH7 SPY Leftfield. Dubstar etc. 3 Sma" flat move

' Phone Rick on 0131 555 7625. Delicious I . I. £28


(single item-£15)

I Interested in French music? . Sue Simpson ; Hands-on help with lifting.

for three-piece (guitars. vocal):

Luna. Velvets. Mazzy Star. Herc“ “WSW/8W“ P11?” fig... Jonathan Richinan. “’9 '8 "‘“S'C'ans (30ml ‘9“. ' " 3 Sympathetic, friendly Glasgow. Lanarkshire. keyboards. baSS. pchUSSIODS) 10 ' service. PM” pm“ 01593 424534. play French songs (Gainsbourg. __ STRESS FREE

Brel. Montand. Negresses

Viola available. O Vet'tes. Kent . . .) for fun gigs.

Telephone Neil

0131 229 8361

. Elgctfic mu"; may" . wine! Tel: ()l4l 423 US l. available for any paid gigs or I “WWW” Poll 30! Wllll great ‘9, I I http.//

sessions. Any style welcome. “WES/“‘31.” label l'llcrcsf' & Versatile and experienced require keyboard player for < ) \V/

musician. Reader and busker. {mum SmrdO'll- A talented No fee ‘00 lama Glasguw area. musician under 27. though band

Do you need

a ex erience not necessaril ' 0141 333 770-- . p ) shelves, bookcases,

I Fiddle player preferably 'I rcqmrw' Hcmmmcmighmmg ' cupboards an old i I 7 i

based in Glasgow. required for ' suds. m 3| 477 407-. l I O Iasmoned diSh'aCk?

gigging hand. For further ORUMMER REOUIREO URGENTLY

information contact Suki on for recording band wanting . . . . then can

Ol4l 440 2025 (day) or ()l4l to start gigging. Interested? Plercmg 81 HOW {XI-W907“ CUStOm BOGY Jewenery Gordon Russell

334 8125 (eves). Give Ian 3 ring on by Patsy by Jared Sanders on 0131 669 5082

0131 555 3970.

guigsgryufigiflig m I Second guitarist required to , p'aggigiifigdsffiigm rchea; hambakcd gong“. complete line-up for ltve and 248 Canongate, Edtnburgh EH6 8AA GlaVSgOW Herald , , . , " recording work. Influences: . wfifirgagtoflingi:11:11, Pixies. Velvets. Stooges. Tel. ca“ 0131 7525. ' Nirvana. Contact: Stevie ()lJl i

248 8652.


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