V I saw you and I want your babies. At Jackie 0’s in Fife in the back of a red minibus and in South Queensferry with friend who had black hair. You wore yellow jacket. Let’s meet. Box No U/292/23.

V I saw you at Finnegan’s Wake. 18/10/96. Brisbane meets Glasgow in Edinburgh? Heard I missed you at The Kitchen. 1 left so much unsaid. How about you? Box No U/292/24.

V I saw you working at Insonmia. You - cute little round glasses. nose stud and Tintin haircut. Me so mesmerised I let my cappuccino go cold! Let's meet to compare haircuts and frothy milk stories! Box No U/292/25.

V I saw you at the Tartan Amoebas. 6th Oct in Princes Street Gardens. standing on the first step. You: 6ft. dark hair in bottle green T-shirt. gorgeous eyes and smile. Me: brown hair in barbourjacket and green jeans. You left without saying goodbye. Fancy saying ‘hello‘ again? Box No U/29l/19.

V I saw you 28/9/96 walking past Burtons. St Enoch Centre. You: long blonde wavy hair. with friend. Me: longish hair and completely smitten. Can I be your baby? Box No U/293/l.

V I saw you 27/10/96 last train Stirling from Glasgow. Me jeans/denimjacket. You trousers. leather jacket. You looked back! I followed but you'd gone! Interested. then get in touch! Box No U/293/2.

V I saw you giving me a fright outside the Station Bar at Port Dundas Road. mid-afternoon (4/10/96). Fancy giving me another by accepting the offer of a drink? Box No U/293/3.

V I saw you Caroline. a long time ago in a galaxy far away. Are we still on the same planet? Please make contact. Robin. Box No U/293/4.

V I saw you You cut my hair Salandinis Barber Shop. You long yellow cardy. Me

quivering at your touch. You no English. me no Italian. Let's go to bed. Box No U/293/5.

V I saw you sweet skinheadish waiter in Bann‘s. droppingjuice near our table on 26/10/96. I needed a shave but I ordered Darjeeling. You caught my eye. Could I have it back. please? Box No U/293/6. V I saw you hessian carpet marks on your forehead. A dead ringer for David Wickes. Can I be your Cindy-doll? Box No U/293/7.

V I saw you at Kula Shaker and free Hallowe'en Dracula preview. You were sitting in the dress circle wearing a blue Oasis T-shirt. I‘ve met Oasis and I‘d love to meet you! Box No U/293/8.

0 I saw you at the end of row 0 of the stalls at the Lyceum on October 25. You Meryl Streep lookalike with a female friend. Me glasses. checked shirt (1 think) eating Minstrels with younger brother. My poetry is better than Cyrano‘s. Would you be my Roxanne? Box No U/293/9.

V I saw you James in Royal Mile pub. You are a chef. I am French. I thought you looked sad and wrote you a card. Will I never know if you are happier? Box No U/293/10.

The List

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V I saw you Broughton Street. Yellow bicycle lady: serious purple flowing flares. yellow gloves. dark hair. nose stud. Reply now or else it‘s one-liners in the street . . . Box No U/293/1 1.

'0 We saw you Alistair and friend from Seattle in the Venue (l/l 1/96). Sorry we didn't say goodbye or go to the party but you‘d left by the time we returned. Box No U/293/l2.

V I saw you Queen Street Station. 30/10/96. about 9 o'clock in the evening. You red hair. small with black coat. black jeans. Me tall. blonde with brown bomberjacket. Can we have dinner. Box No U/293/13.

Wanna be on TV?

Did you spot your dream date but had a shyness attack, or were so overcome that you parted without exchanging numbers? TV programme would like to help.

Cell Danielle on

OI7I 792 4215.

V I saw you K.K. very tall. very strange woman addicted to Pepsi Max. Atty spare beds? Fancy sharing one? Love your lips. kisses and your mother! Love brown eyes. Box No U/293/l4.

V I saw you at Luvely. You divine creature with ‘dark pool‘ eyes. You make tne tingle all over. Come and ‘melt‘ with me. usual place anytime. All my love me x. Box No U/293/15. V I saw you working in job centre on Tuesday 5 November. East Kilbride. You blonde hair. quite tall. red body with black dress and black hosiery. You look delicious. Please get in touch one of your customers. Box No U/293/16.

V I saw you Maxie‘s. evening 31/10/96. You uncommonly beautiful. eating with two friends. Me across from your table. drinking with two friends. Our eyes met more than once. I felt something. Save me. Box No U/293/l7.

V I saw you in Club Mercado. 31st. You black T-shirt. You work in CC. Bloom‘s. l was with a Spanish girl. Tall with black long dress. I love your gaze on me. Box No U/293/l8.

V I saw you regularly at the Pleasance gym before you moved through to Glasgow and your new job in Paisley. You the gorgeous. red-haired basketball player (Polonia Phoenix?) with the smile that would make any man‘s heart melt. Me. the hockey player who finds weights a chore now that your smile is in Glasgow. Please get in touch. Box No U/293/19.

O I saw you Neill. 27/10/96. Grey C.K. shorts. goatee. watched EastEm/ers. You left me some fags. Who said anything about a one-night stand? Box No U/293/20.

V I saw you and see you most days - in smart suit. heading for your office ( Rothesay Place) as I. in smart suit. head for mine. We‘ve exchanged (embarassed) eye contact and smiles what about lunch? Box No U/293/21.

I SAW Until further notice,I SAW YOU

adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

V I saw you my brown eyed girl. You stole my heart. please keep it safe and warm and promise not to break it: until I see you again. think of tne . . . K.K. Box No U/293/22.

V I saw you CCA. Sat 2 Nov. You: with girlfriend. Me: with female friend. I followed you to the toilets and later to the bar. 1 want to meet you! Box No U/293/23.

V I saw you Glasgow airport. 26/10/96. 17.00. You brown hair. dark-red wollen jacket. gorgeous eyes. having major problems with your left shoe. Me blonde beard. Hera/(l. May I be your boot-jack? Box No U/293/24.

V I saw you grooving at the Honeycomb. 25/10/96. You Colin and Bru. Me dipstick took phone number then lost it next day. Magic. Promised you a drink. Box No U/293/25.

V I saw you Barcelona restaurant Glasgow, 30/1/92. You were my destiny and I‘m dismal without you. Box No U/293/26.

V I saw you in my dreams. Is it true that you ‘never sleep'? I've drunk thousands of cappuccinos and you still haven't noticed me. Would it help if! brought my dog Snowy next time? Box No U/293/27.

V I saw you Angela? You caught me reading The List instead of the Mail. Would have preferred to be talking to you: dark. mysterious and beautiful. Me: waiting to edit your reply. Box No U/293/28.


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