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The City Cafe This Week’s Hottest Bar


Having a good time all of the time, is the only sure way to enjoy life and mixing it in style is the best way to achieve this. Over the past few weeks COUlVOlSlEfw Cognac and The List have been telling you about the hottest places to let your hair down in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

This week‘s hottest bar is the City Cafe in Edinburgh. We’ve asked the team at the City Cafe to come up with a brand new Courvoisieroo Cognac cocktail which rewards one of the five senses and imparts the sensuous pleasure at the heart of this Cognac.

L’Oui’e is an explosron of flavours that tastes as good as it sounds. To recreate the gorgeously rich sensation of L’Oui‘e at home, simply mix two measures of Courv0isier.».~ Cognac, a long dash of chocolate syrup and 300ml of banana juice in an ice-filled shaker. Meanwhile make chocolate ice by mixing ice, chocolate and gomme syrup in a blender. Strain the ingredients of the shaker into a 200ml Grand Cruz glass and float the chocolate ice on tOp. Decorate with a sparkler and enjoy this new COUTVOISIE‘M; Cognac sensation.

Try mixrng L’Oui'e in style With Courvoisrero Cognac at the City Cafe. Long established as one of the crty's most chic spots, the City Cafe is a favounte with clubbers soaking up the retro-atmosphere and the Fifties-inspired Surroundings. Feel like some fun? You know where to find it with Courvoisiem Cognac and the City Cafe.

Mix it free with Courvoisier® Cognac and the City Cafe

COUTVOISIGto Cognac and the City Cafe are offering you the chance to try a complimentary L’Oui‘e cocktail. Simply take along your copy of this feature and ask at the bar for L’Oui'e from Courvorsiero Cognac. The first ten readers to present this feature at the City Cafe will receive a 300ml Grand Cruz glass of L’Oui‘e on the house. (All recipients must be 18 years or over). Sante'

This offer is available from 14th November 1996. City Cafe, 19 Blair Street. Edinburgh, 220 0125

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Yoyo: you‘ll be popping in and out, up and down I‘llte‘a‘.‘ . .

W grilled shitake mushi'uorirs and goat's cheese followed by a seared salmon. sallron mash and hazelnut butter main

course will set yotr back around £l3. For those who prefer other ways of

getting physical. why not try the Kama Sutra‘.’ As in Kama Sutra. the new

Rory Weller gets physical

and then feels the heat of

passion in two of

Glasgow’s latest additions

Indian restaurant on Sauchieliall Street. rather than the saucy book at the back to the restaurant and bar SCCHC.

of the bookcase. But no need to worry about getting your missionary mixed up with your rnassala for this is a romantic partnership between lndiarr cuisine and Glasgow chic.

Kama Sutra is owned by the Ashoka group. a major player in the Glasgow restaurant trade. responsible for the numerous Ashoka restaurants. lvlurphy's l’akora Bar. Spice of Life and Barrelhouse. With the new restaurant. though. Indian dining enters a new dimension. It‘s an Indian restaurant firme targeted at the style bar set.

Designed by the team responsible for many of the style bars in and around the city. the restaurant matches them for innovative detailing. Huge tapered mirrors are split at the entrance by a large concrete and battered copper truncated archway. A swath of drapes hide the central diners from the glance of the street and twenty-foot-long steel structures hang from the ceiling. It's a young restaurant with a trendy vibe. aiming clearly at the twenty-something. thirty-something. style bar set. The owners see the situation of Kama Sutra as very important. It‘s a stone's throw from Maxaluna. the Gate. Nico‘s and so on. and within easy reach of the clubs.

The menu continues the Kama Sutra theme. with Sampray/Yogika being the ‘foreplay’. breads ‘the bits on the side'. traditional curries ‘the old flames' and the cooler kormas ‘quelling the flames of passion'. The quality ofthe food is not overpowered by glib sexual references. though. and the menu offers a tantalising selection. well in keeping with the Ashoka legacy. Prices aren‘t inflated by rising blood pressure either. with extensive lunch and pr‘e-theatre menus at £5.95 and £7.95 respectively. Yoyo. 3/ Queen Street. Glasgow. 248 8484; Kama Sutru. 33/ .S'urrr'lrielrull Street. Glasgow; 332 ()055.

Style bars/restaurants are ten a penny in Glasgow. as these pages have said before on a number of occasions. so for Yoyo. Glasgow's latest addition to the list. they were going to have to come up with something pretty novel. [Enter the sports bar. But this isn't your ageing football hero‘s den with the signed ball behind the bar and grinning mugshots of yesterday‘s rich and famous. And you‘re not likely to get pies and Bovril at halftime during the big match either: more like a hot salt beef and dill pickle bagel and a Sapporo. for this is the dreamy world of sport Americana pitched in with stylish modern minimalism.

Designed by Keith Hobbs. the much lauded visionary behind Quaglino‘s. Conran shops. Vong and Glasgow‘s Archaos (owned by the same company). Yoyo is on the site of the l96() ()lynipic Health studio. hence the sporty motif. ()n the ground floor is the main bar with what purports to be the longest straight bar in Glasgow. inset cubby-holes with sliced-up sporting artifacts. a mural by local artist Derek Collins and a video wall of non-stop sporting action. Down in the basement 70-seater restaurant. things take a slightly surreal turn with a two-man basketball court at the entrance to encourage diners to shoot some hoops while waiting for their table. But. it's all done in the best possible taste with Italian fumiture. French bar tops and ‘modern British‘ cuisine. A starter of

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