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IShot Andy Warhol ,

Valerie Solanas was born in May 1936 in New Jersey. She majored in psychology and went on to write plays and the piece of work for which she is most famous, her SCUM Manifesto. SCUM being an acronym for the Society for Cutting Up Men. She appeared in one Andy Warhol film in I967 and then she shot Warhol. She was sentenced to three years imprisonment, was released and died homeless of pneumonia in 1989. I Shot Andy Warhol is her story set against the heady background of the 60s, Warhol’s Factory

We have ten screenplays/SCUM Manifestos. ten limited ' edition posters and five CD soundtracks to give away thanks to Electric Pictures. : The film opens in Glasgow and Edinburgh on Friday 29 November.

: Did Solanas kill Warhol?


' Answers on a postcard by Friday 29 November. Mark them: SCIIM COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 11E.

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Richard and Eddie fart, belch and leer their way through 57

minutes of side-splitting comedy while continuing to find

amusing objects in their bodily orifices on the way. Auntie

has definitely soiled her reputation this time as BBC

Worldwide Publishing unleashes all the bits (fnaar!) that ' they could never show on the box (double fnaarl). Look out for bloopers, out-takes, corpses and general cock-ups of the highest order. Remember kids. swearing isn’t big or clever but it can be a very profitable profession. Should you want 5 one of the ten side-splitting copies which we have to give away then answer this:

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


Salvation Sounds is offering 10 per cent oft the purchase or as many cos as you want on one visit on production of this voucher. Situated on 978 Pollolrshavrs Head, Shawlands, Glasgow, Salvation Sounds is open Mon—Thurs until 9pm, Fri/Sat until 9.30pm and 6pm on Sun. This voucher is valid until Thurs 28 Nov.

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Four-piece Foil first strode out of the West Lothian badlands last year and played a gig at London’s Underworld. Record company bods were so flabbergasted that they signed them up and put out a single, ‘Reviver Gene‘. faster than Foil can play a power chord (which is very, very fast incidentally). The Evening Session slapped it onto the list marked ‘play lots’ and the video got aired on the Big Breakfast.

Their new follow-up single promises to do even better. A double A-side consisting of ‘Let It All Go Black/Man Overboard’ got a glowing review from us. So it must be good. We’ve got five copies of the single and five Foil T-shins to give away.

: Name the female presenter of the Big Breakfast.

E Answers on a postcard by Friday 29 November. Mark them: FOIL COMP, The List, I 14 IlIgh Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

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18 June I996 for BBC2’s Later with Jools

Elvis (iostello

We have five videos featuring one of

available to buy now for £l2.99. The 80-

H What was Costello’s first album called?

. Answers on a postcard by Friday 29 November. Mark them: COSTELLO COMP, The List, 1 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 11E.

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' II. (I l l L Edinburgh are offering two ' . . tickets for the price of one (“HI-um, to see The Merchantat Venice Mon 25-Thurs 28 Nov. Tickets are priced ths, students £5. Take this copy of The list along to the box office on the night.

Britain’s finest singer/songwriters captured live. Elvis Costello - Live. A Case For Song has been released by Warner Vision and is

minute video which was specially filmed on Holland. includes an additional 30 minutes of exclusive, previously unreleased footage, and features the Brodsky Quartet as well as the original Attractions. Songs featured include ‘Watching The Detectives’, ‘Accidents Will appen‘ and ‘All This Useless Beauty’.

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112 The List l5-28 Nov 1996

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