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Erie Cantona

The football star better known these days for modelling and philosophising, scores another goal in his first film.

Page 6

Douglas Goupland

The reluctant spokesman for Generation X gives his verdict on the 90s.

Page 10

Eric Cantona

Battle of the bodices

Tara Fitzgerald and Kate Beckinsale fight it out in TV’s rival costume dramas Emma and The Tenant 0f Wildfell Hall.

Page 12

Tara Fitzgerald in the Tenant or undiel


l iiail

g u so... . ."I'Tfl‘l'flzr‘fi," '


The reality behind the images of rainforest saviour and Mr Five Hours A Night.

Page 14

Kenny Rogers The king of country minds his morals. Page 16

Douglas Gordon The spotlight falls on

Glasgow’s artist with his eyes on the Turner Prize. Page 18




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