Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I the Adventures or Pinocchio tt‘itsieve Barron. I'S. I996) Martin I.arrdau. Jonathan 'l'aylor 'I'horiras. l’do Kier. 96 units. More faithftrl to the original rtovel tltari the Disrtey cartoon. this mix of anirrratrorrics. corirputer aitiriiatron and live actiort still fails sltort of the rrrark. Landau is a syrripathetic Geppetto and tire period detail gives a nice fairytale mood. btrt the sentimentality and riioralising (and the shoddy cricket animation) undermine its good elements. Gerteral release.

I l‘ltge Des Possibles ( l5) (Pascale Ferrari. Frartce. 1995) Anne (‘aiitirreau. ('hristele 'I‘tral. Anne (‘ailler'e. 105 mitts. The follow-up from the director of ('anrres (‘arrier'a I)‘()i' w iiirier Pt‘llh Arrrirrgt'nit'rtlx Ai't't‘ l.l‘.\ Mum is a study of the frustrations and aiiibitiorts of a group of ten friends whose basic optimism isn't dented by present troubles. its strong word of mouth reputation iii Fiance makes it one of the ones to watch this Festival. French Fiirrt Festival. Glasgow: Gi’l'. Iidiitbui'gh: Filrithoiise.

I Agence Du Court Metraget 15) An evening of short films five in all that showcases the work of the next generation of the Frertclr film industry. A free taster of the French Film Festival. Glasgow: (ii-'I'. Iidinbtrrglt: Filriiltotrse. I Alaska (PG) (Fraser Ilestoit. l'S. I996) 'I'hora Birch. Vincent Kartheiser. (.‘harltorr IIestort. I09 mitts. A young brother arid sister go searching in the Alaskan wilderness for their father. missing iii a plane crash. 'I'heir' adventures bring them into contact with a grizzled hunter (IIeston) arid acute polar bear cub. Good wlioIesoirie family entertainrrrent with some tense action scenes. General release.

I les Anges Dardienst l2) (Jean-Mar ie l’on-e. Frartce. I995) Gerard Depardietr. ('lii'istiaii ('laviei'. liva Grimaldi. lit) mitts. A coiirirari and a priest clash when the one persuades the other to act as the cover for a trip to Iloitg Kong to bring back some booty. A huge comic hit set against art international backdrop from the director of Ln \’l\llt’lll'.\ French Film Festival. Glasgow: GF'I. lidinbtir'glr: Filrithotise.

I l’ltveuir De l‘lnnocent ( t5) (Jean-Pierre Ameris. Fiance. I996) Bruno Ptrtztilti. Iilrsabeth Depardreu. Jean-Francois Stevertiri. 9t) mirrs. A young actor wannabe comes to Paris. hill is soon caught tip iii a cycle of despair that has hint confessing to a rmrrder he did not commit. (‘an he sustain his role in prison'.’ Winner of a cr'itics' prize at (‘annes French Film Festival. Glasgow: GI’I'. lidirrburglr: Filiriltouse.

I Dahe (l ') ((‘hris Noortarr. Australia. I995) Jarries (‘roritweIL witii the voices of Christine (‘avanatrglL Miriam Margolyes. lltrgo Weaving. 92 mins. Ari orphaned pig falls under the eye of a kindly collie and begins to think he's destined for glory at the regrortal trials. Talking animals suggest that this is a kids‘ movie: to art extent it is and a great one - btrt there's enough

skew eied humour (trail the psycho mice?) for adults to discover an unexpected ctrlt hit. A triumph for the tinder'pig. Fife: New Picture liotrse.

I Black Robe ( l5) (Bruce Beresford. l'S. I99I ) l.otliaire Bhiteau. Adert Young. Saridr'irie Iiolt. Stirring version of Bl‘ltlll Moore's tale of a I7th century Jesuit priest travelling across North America to a remote mission takes a realistic view of the savagery of the lrtdiait tribes. Nevertheless. their philosophies and way of life are treated w tilt the same respect as tltose of the (‘Itirstiarts Bltrteatr’s anguished looks are perfect for the conscience-sirickeri priest who gradually comes to terms with the harsh landscapes and opposing cultures. Iidinburgh: Filriihouse

I Blue In The Face t l5) (Wayne Wang. (S. I995) Harvey Keitel. Roseanne. Victor Argo. S9 mitts. l’sirtg Keitel's cigar store iitairager"s tangled love life as a loose narrative thread. the makers of Smoke returned to the set for an irtiprovised portrait of Brooklyn and its residents. Witty celebrity cameos aplenty from Madonna. Jim Jairittrsclr and Michael J. Fox. in w ltat is nothing less than a party on screen. Glasgow: (il’i‘.

I Le Bonheurt l5) (Iiiierrne ('liatiliez. France. I995) Michel Sei'ratrlt. liddy Mitcltell. (‘armert Maura. lilo irtirts. SerrauIt excels in this warmly comic tale of a harried btisirressrrian who escapes his dull marriage and work problems by iakirrg up another identity at a country retreat with (‘aritreit Maura arid a new family. The iiumour has a serious touch to it. arid it's also worth

checking out footballer liric (‘arrtona iii his first big screen cameo. See feature. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GI’I’. Edinburgh: Filrrthouse. I Boyfriends ( 18) (Neil Iltrrrter/I'orii Ilrrnsingei'. L'K. I995) 85 mitts. Made at the no-brrdget end of the British film industry. this gay variation on TIH’ Big (‘lri/l follows three rrrale couples all going throtrgh teiiipesttrotrs times iii their relationships as they spend a weekend in the country. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Brassed 0ft ( I5) (Mark lierrrran. l'K. I996) Ewan McGregor. Tara Fitzgerald. Pete Postletltwaite. l()5 rrrins. When the local pit is due to be closed down. it's the end of the day for the colliery brass baiid as well. even thouin they've got a chance at w inning the iiatrortal competition. Politics are the heart of the story. btrt writer-director llarmeri has created a film that balances nicely between pithy humour and heartbreaking poignance. Performances are excellent. particularly Bit/ll‘kixxmlgt'l's Stephen TOItlpkitl$t)ti. General release.

I Draveheart ( l5) (Mel Gibson. t'S. 1995) Mel Gibson. Patrick McGooharr. Sophie Marceau. I77 miirs. Mel Gibson's long and bloody account of the life of Scottish warrior hero William Wallace boasts sortie remarkable battle scenes and great performances. Aiming to entertain on a wider scale than the more literate Rob Roy. Brur't'lwarl's Scottislt passiort is tempered by a few Hollywood moments touches of sentimentality and ‘dramatic' historical inaccuracy. Nevertheless. it's a firte. full-blooded attempt to tap irtto the spirit that fires Scotland's history and heroes. iidirtbui'gh: ()deort.

I Breaking The Waves ( l8) (Lars von Trier. Denmark/l5rance. I996) limin Watson. Stellaii Skarsgard. Katiiri (‘artlidge 158 units. In a close-knit (‘alvinist coriirrttinity iii the north of Scotland. a young woman faces banishment from the church when she makes a self- sacrificing pact with God irt order to save her husband's life. l'itlike voit 'i'rier's austere artlrotise works (Europa). this intimate rrielodrarita is raw and exposed. liriiotioiral connection transcends everything else in one of the rirost moving films ever made. Glasgow: ABC Satrchieliall Street. lidirtbtrr'gh: (‘ameo

I The Cabinet or Doctor Caligari (PG) (Robert Wierre. Germany. l9l9) Werner Kiatrss. (‘onrad \’eidt. l.rI Dagovei. 9() turns. A landmark of expressionist cinema. feastrrrg the eyes w rilt bizarre. angular visuals despite its technical cr'trdity. The acting and directing are superb. and the story of a fairgrourrd liypriotist who uses a sleepwalker‘ to carry out murders still retains a unique sense of honor. lidiitbuigh: Film Gtiild. I Chain Reaction ( 13) (Anthew Davis. t'S. I996) Keanu Reeves. Rachel Weisz. Morgan Freeman. l()(i mitts. Reeves is a scientific genuis (it's the movies. r'ertiember) whose discovery of a cheap. clean energy source finds him being framed for murder by shady government types and big business corigolrirerares. (‘ue some lame ort-the-ruri cliches. not surprisingly from the director of 7711' Fugitive. ()ccasioital action set pieces and fast pacing can‘t disguise the llaw s of sloppy lilmmaking. General release.

I City Of Hope ( l5) (John Sayles. I'S. I99l) Vincent Sparto. ‘l'oriy l.o Biarico. Joe Morton. l29 mins. lilevcn years after The Return ()f'l‘lit' Set‘tiitt‘itv St'i't'ii. John Sayles is still at the forefront of the Aritericarr independent film rirovemerit. His latest work examines the urban dyrtamics of a I99()s w orking-class community. ceiiti'irtg on the civic corruption and old-style blue-collar honesty that surrounds the construction industry. lidiitbtir'gh: (‘ameo

I Courage Under Fire ( l5) (lidward Kw ick. l'S. I996) Denzel Washington. Meg Ryan. l.otr Diaiitortd Phillips. I to ritins. Washington gives a superb per‘foriitaiice. hinting at dangerous vulnerability. as an army ()IIlL‘Ct' assessing a fellow soldier's nortrirration for a posthuirious award arid tltert has to face his own nightmares over a friendly fire incident. Slightly slushy in some areas. btrt otherwise an intelligent. understated film. Glasgow: ()deons. lidinbtirgh: III

I the Craft ( I5) (Andrew Flerrirrig. I‘S. I99o) Robirr 'I‘tiiiney. i'airu/a Balk. Neve Campbell. Rachel 'I‘rue. l()I units. A newcomer to an LA school falls in with a trio of rirrsfits 'rhe bitcltes of liastwick' -- w ho ttrrii out to be a teenage witches covert. Revenge on their toiiireiitois begins to backfire however. as queen goth Balk goes otrt of control. Scarier than a lot of teerr horror. particularly iii the slimy. creepy-ciaw iy depai'trirerrt. btrt only for art adolescent atrdierice. General release.

I The Crovv: City Of Angels ( IS) ('I‘im Pope. l'S. I990) Vincent Perez. Mia Kershirer. Richard Brooks. 90mins. Superb production design and the lightening fast cuts of pop video master Pope's direction can't disgtrise the slioi'tcorriings of this lamentable script. In the stylised urban wasteland of l.os Angeles. a rriur'dered rrtart returns from the dead as a white-faced avenger. Very bad. with only Iggy Pop's psycho sidekick

to enliven the proceedings. See review. General release.

I the Day The Sun Turned Cold ( l2) (Yim lto. lIong Kong. I994) Siqin Gow a. Ttro Zhong llua. Ma Jirtg Wu. 99 mitts. A young man presents police with the evidence that his mother killed his father a decade ago in this highly accomplished study of jealousy. murder and filial turmoil. Sympathies shift from character to character as director Yim lIo deals impassively with the unfolding plot. See preview and review. lidiribtrrgh: Filmhouse.

I Band And Confused ( I8) (Richard Linklater. l'S. I994) Wiley Wiggins. Jason London. Rory (‘oclirane 95 rrrins. The last day of the I976 term for a btrriclt of IS schoolkids. and. for some. it's trrrre to face the initiation lrumiliatiorrs as they move from junior to senior high. l.inkIater abandons the baton-passing riairitive style of his seminal work. Slacker. and shows irrasterful skill as lie weaves together a multitude of plot strands a in American Graffiti. (‘oo-til. lidinbtirgh: ('arrreo.

I Dead Man Walkith l5) (Tim Robbins. US. l995) Susan Sarandoir. Sean Penn. Robert Prosky. l22 mitts. A nun (Saiandon) begins her own difficult spiritual jourrtey when she becomes religiotrs advisor to a brutal trturdeter (Perrrt) facing the death penalty. Sarandorr's presence is trrtsliowy and contmitted. Penn‘s vivid and deeply insightful. and Robbirrs's acltieveriierit is to make a film whose intensity and compassion ranks it far above the usual rim of Hollywood ptrlp. With an introduction by Sister lleleit Pi'ejearr. upon whose story the film is based. Glasgow: Gl’l‘.

I Denise calls Up ( IS) (Ilal Salweii. L'S. I994) Alanna l'baclr. ’I'iiri Daiy. Dana Wheeler. SI units. A group of workaholic Aiirer'icaris keep tip their relationships purely by telephone. never in the liesh. As a satire on the growing loss of our ability to coirimurircate face to face. the film is inventive arid t'trrr. btit the joke extends itself too far and. somewhere along the litre. is in danger“ of disappearing tip its own mouthpiece. A surprrsitig i‘otrrarttic strbplot saves the day. With Wend)’ Griffin‘s short .tlirmr: .llirrtrr. (‘entr'alz MacRobert.

I Des ltouvelles De Don Dieu ( IS) (Didiei t.e Peclretrr. France. l99(r) Marie 'l‘riittigriant. Maria De Medeiros. (‘hristiari (‘Itariiietairt I00 mins. A brother and sister suddenly realise they‘re just characters in a novel written by God. and so they set off to meet the author. encountering several literary creations on the way. A very odd black coiriedy. Frertch Film Festival. Glasgow: Gl’f. Iidiitbtirgh: l-ilmhoirse.

I les Deurr Papas it La Maman ( IS) (Jean-Marc l.oiigval. France. 19%) Arielle Dortrbasle. Smairi. Antoine De (‘aunes 85 mins. ('onflicting emotions abound when a sterile husband drafts in his best friend irt order to ltave a child with his wife. Add in a racial edge the couple are white and bourgeois. the donor is an Arab and the situation ltas more of a bite. One of France's biggest comic hits in recent months. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI'. lidiriburglr: Filmhouse. I Dragonheart (PG) (Rob Cohen. L'S. l996) Dennis Quaid. Sean Connery. David 'I'hewlis. 103 mitts. Disilltrsioned btit noble knight Bowen (Quaid) teams tip with the last of the dragons (voice and Illtttlthl‘ls‘ltlS by ('onnery) to free the Iarrd from a tyrant king ('I‘lrewlis). Dungeons and dragons for all the family in a film that is only ftrrt when the expertly aitiriiated. fire-breathing beast is on screen. Otherwise the storyline ltritibers along. General release.

I the Draughtsman's Contract ( 15) (Peter Greenaway. 17K. I982) Anthony Higgins. Janet Suzmaii. l()3 mins. Suritpttrous. seductive enigma irt which a young artist accepts a coririrrissiori from a country manor and also accepts payment in sexual favours. Brit is there more to this than meets the eye'.’ Baroque (iieeriaway period piece. that's not as austere as the irrajority of his later work. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. lidirrbtrigh: (‘ameo

I Dunston Checks to (PG) (Keri Kwapis. US. I995) Jason Alexander. Faye Dtinaway. iir'ic Lloyd. 88 turns. 'i'liere's monkey business aplenty when a jewel thief smuggles his orairgutari partner-in-ciime into a posh hotel. Adtilts w ill get even more otrt of this than kids. because the humour is irresistible. the characters suitably Ioatlrsoriie or adorable. and Sam the (hang a star in the making. Fife: ABC.

I the Eighth Day ( l 5) (Jaco Vart Dormael. France. I996) Dartiei Atrtetiil. Pacal Dtrquertne. I H ruins. the follow-tip film by the director of Jim» I.(' Ill’I'rH will disappoint most. annoy many arid w in over only a few. Autetril plays an tiptigitt biisirtessrrrair whose life is traiisfor'itted wlrert he comes into contact with a man with Downs Syrtdr'orrte (Dirqtreirne). The film shifts its styles boldly from sentiment to comedy to drama. and its riiomertts of bizarre magic realism give it a lift. btrt ultimately it falls into the dreadful 'Irartdicapped people are touched by God' cliche beloved of llollywtxxl. Glasgow: GI-T. Iidinbtirgh: Filmhouse.

w Ill T LIST 7

mariachi-tutti '


I Mr Reliable As offbeat as it is upbeat, this tale of an unlikel'y‘folk hero caught up in a police siege is based on a true story and continues Australia’s run of film hits. See preview and review. General release. I Dressed 0" By turns funny. touching and politically damning, this warm-hearted story of a colliery brass band struggling for survival as the local pit closes is one of the year‘s best. General release.

I The Pillow Doolr Peter Greenaway’s visual style reaches its zenith in this sumptuous tale of revenge. sex and calligraphy. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Michael Collins Neil Jordan’s stirring historical epic about the Irish Nationalist never glosSes over the brutality of the violence at the expense of political idealism. General release.

I Breaking The Waves When a young woman in a strictly religious Scottish community marries an outsider, the pact she makes with God leads to suffering and sacrifice. Edinburgh: Cameo.


r I French Film Festival Now in its fifth year and stronger than ever, the FFF features premieres of new dramas and comedies from across the Channel, as well as a retrospective of director Agnes Varda. See feature. GlaSgaw: GFT Edinburgh: Film/rouse.


I Intolerance D.W. Griffith’s silent epic intercuts four tales from history to create a moral tapestry about repression down the ages. With piano accompaniment. Glasgow: GFT.‘

I Emma (U) (Douglas McGrath. UK/US. I996) Gwyneth Paltrow. Jeremy Northarn. Toni Collette. Ill mins. Austen-iris continues as Emma Woodhouse (Paltrow) ineddles in other people’s love lives while ignoring the fact that her own happiness is right under her nose in the shape of handsome Mr Knightley (Northam). An attractive and luscious-looking piece. but a lot ltas been sacrificed for reasons of length. leaving fans of the book wishing for those six-part TV adaptations. Glasgow: Showcase. Edinburgh: Odeon. Borders: Roxy.

I Entants De Salaud ( I 8) (Tonic Marshall. France. I996) Anemone. Nathalie Baye. Francois C quet. I to mins. Four total strangers team they are siblings when their father goes on trial for a grisly murder. An emotionally complex tragi-comedy which also features American actress Molly Ringwald. French Film Festival. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I The Exorcist ( l8) (William Friedkin. US. l973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyn. Max Von Sydow. “0 mins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps in to save poor little possessed girl in this

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