JUSTIN norm is the subject of this picture by American photographer Catherine Opie, one of live artists contributing to Inbetweener, which opens in Glasgow this tortnlght. the central themes at this lntemational group show are beauty and androgyny: as onle’s work demonstrates, the two are often intermingled in ways which can be both alluring and disturbing. Inbetweener is at the 80‘, Glasgow, Fri 15 Nov-Sat 11 Jan.

MADE IN HEAVEN. the last studio album by multi-million-selling rockers Queen. posed something of a problem when it came to making the now-obligatory videos to accompany the singles. due to the death of singer Freddie Mercury in l99l. Given that Queen arguably set the precedent for pop videos with their famed ‘Bohemian Rhapsody‘ epic. it should come as no surprise that the solution was unusual and innovative. Helped along by the British Film Institute. a group of young directors were asked to add their cinematic visions to the music. The results are mixed almost all the images bear no relation to the song lyrics but the films aim far beyond the usual ego posturings of musicians. Two Scottish-based directors are included: Bernard Rudden (whose experimental featurette The Hunger Artist won acclaim last year) contributes the film for ‘Let Me Live’. (pictured) an obscure tale of feuding lovers in an unnamed desert setting; while Jim Gillespie's ‘Mother Love‘ is a SCl°fi mini-movie in which an alien transforms itself into the wife of a lone astronaut. Queen Made In Heaven: The Videos is released on Mon II Nov on the Wienerworld label, priced £10. 99.

RICHARD WILSON is of course best known as arch-grumpster Victor Meldrew. but those who saw him in John Byrne‘s drama series Tutti Frutti will forever identify him with grand-grumpster Eddie Clockerty. Grumpy man. then. Obviously. But we‘ve seen how genial he was with those young actors on BBCB's masterclass At'ting With Richard Wilson. and we're told he ‘co-operated fully' with the author of his biography. James Roose-Evans. The revealing end- product. One Foot On The Stage. has just been published. Richard Wilson? Grumpy? We don‘t believe it!

Rit'hard Wilson is in ('onversation with James Roose-Evans at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh on Thurs 2] NUi'. One Foot On The Stage is published by Weidenjelt & Nit‘olson at £14. 99.

2 The List 15-28 Nov I996