I THE RAMSHORH THEATRE 98 Ingram Street. 552 3489. Bookings also Ticket Centre. Candieriggs. see Ticket Link details above. [Accessz ST. Facilities: WC. WS. G. Help: AA]

Science, Gender And The Body 1 Ulltil Sat I6 Nov. 7.30pm £6 (£3). Two science- orientated shows for the price of one with this double-bill for the University ()I' Strathclyde's long-running Surfing The Universe festival. The first BI‘t’lll/l/(‘Sx A Got/tic Title In One At'! ~- is April De Angelis's poetic short play on science and gender. The second And 'I'Itv Neighbour - is Michelene Wandor's incisive look at the politics of reproduction. Ilencefonvard Tue 26 Nov—Sat 7 Dec. 7.30pm. Thurs—Sat £6 (£3); Tue/Wed £4 (£1.50). Bonita Beach directs Strathclyde Theatre Group in Alan Ayckbotlril's futuristic satire about a composer who barricades himself from the world ill a cocoon of computers. The final event in the Surfing The Universe festival.

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 332 9000. [Access: PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: AA]. Closed Suns.

Ii Trovatore Sat I6 Nov. 7. l5pill. Sec Classical & ()pera listings.

Hard Times Tue I9-Sat 23 Nov. 7. l5pnl. Thurs and Sat mats 2.15pm.

£4.50—£ I650. Dickens's bitillg social satire of Victorian industry peopled by his usual comic grotesques and heart- broken lovers is presented ill a large- scale touring production by the Good Company. last seen ill their stage version of Pride And I’rtfjut/it'e. See preview. page ()4.

Cyrano lie Bergerac ch 27—Stit 30 Nov. 7.15pm. £4.50—£ I650. Communicado Theatre Company return to Scotland with their triumphant revival of Rostalld‘s romantic tragi-comedy. translated into coarse. lively Scots by Edwin Morgan. and directed by Gerry Mulgrew. who also acts and like most of the cast - performs some of the excellent live music.

I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 287 55l I. [Accessz P. PPA. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C].

Transatlantic Fri l5/Sat l6 Nov. 8pm. £6 (£3). See Dance and preview. page 64. 16/17 Thurs 2 l—Sat 23 Nov. 8pm. £6 (£3). See Dance and preview. page 64.

Julius Caesar Mon 25fI‘ue 26/Fri 29/Sat 30 Nov. 8pm. £6 (£3). See Touring.

I TROH THEATRE 63 Trongate. 552 4267. [Access: PPA. ST. R. l.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. C. Help: AA]. Closed Mons. Dave’s last laugh Until Sat 30 Nov. 8pm. £7.50/£6 (£4). A new black comedy by Scottish writer David Stirling about two comedians called Dave. Peter Mackie Burns. who directed the Tron‘s powerful production of I’wit'tntror last autumn. directs the show. See review. page 67. Kiernan and leach Sat l6. l0.30pm. £8 (£5.50). See Comedy.

Sincerity Forever/Sex, Drugs, Rock ‘n’ Roll Sun 17 Nov. 2.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). A double-bill of rehearsed readings of American plays. presented by Stateside drama specialist company. Big Like Texas. Botll plays have caused quite a stir: ill the first. Mac \Velllilan presents Jesus as a black wolilan: while ill the second. Fric Bogosian (whose lit/k RHt/ll! was presented by the company last year) dissects the voices and vices of young Americans.

A Walk With The iiueen 0f Sheba Sat 24. 2.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Rehearsed reading of a new play by Stuart Thomas (writer of Sit/oh Jtlllt’llt’. (ironing Up In The Super St'l't'ltllt'x and .S'li't’t'I/it'rtl'lx ()j The It’l/rtli' Rose). directed by Liz (.‘arrutllel's for Stuff And Nonsense Productions.

I BEDLAM THEATRE 2a Forrest Road. 225 9893. [Access: ST. Facilities: WS. (i. C. Help: AA]

Dracula 'l‘tic l‘)--Sat 23 Nov. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£3/IiUTC members £2.50). |.i/. Lochhead's powerful and intelligent. if somewhat wordy dralllatisatioil of Bram Stoker's I‘)th century vampire classic performed by student actors from Edinburgh University Theatre Company. Top Girls ch 20 Nov. iaspm. £2.50 (liUTC members £2). ('aryl Churchill's chilling analysis of Britain tinder Thatcher. ill which women of the past and the present (well. the l‘)80si are juxtaposed iii an elilployilleiit agency setting.

I CHURCH HILL THEATRE Morningside Road. Tickets from Shelter Shop. I04 Morningside Road; by post front Irene

MacKenzie. 30 Regent Terrace. I-ZH7 588; or on the door from 7pm.

The Diary or Anne Frank ch 20—Sat 23 Nov. 7.30p. £5 (£4). Local amateur companies The Makars and DM DC join forces to present Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett‘s dramatisation of' the classic chronicle ofendurance. written by the young German Jewish girl ill hiding from Nazi persecution in Holland.

I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE 13—29 Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. [Access: 1.. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. H. C. T. Help: A] II Trovatore Tue l‘)fThurs 2 I/Sat 23 Nov. 7.l5pm. £‘)«£45 (£7—£42). See Classical & ()pera listings.

Ines De Castro mo 20 Nov. 7. I5pm. £‘)—£45 (£7- £42). See Classical & ()pera listings.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Tue loustit 30 Nov. 7.30pm. Wed mat l.30pm; Sat mat 2pm. £5.50-£|7.50 (£4.50--£I5.50). ()ii the first of two autumn visits to Scotland. the Royal Shakespeare Company present one of Shakespeare's best known plays. filled with magic. mischief and misguided passion. See preview. page 63.

I KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 220 434‘). [Access: R. l.. Facilities: WC. H. G. (i. IICIPI AA]

Marlene Until Sat l6 Nov. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm. £9.50-£I4.50 (cones available). Sian Phillips stars as Marlene Dietrich iil Pam Geills's new musical play esploring the lives and loves of the silver screen icon.

Mansfield Park 'l‘tic I‘)—Sat 23 Nov. 7.30pm. Tue £ l0; Wed—Sat £I2.50-£l6.50 (£7.50—£I l.50). Wed and Sat mats 2.30pm. £8. Jane Austen's late romantic comedy. set around the well-to- tIo families attending two summer balls. has been dranlatised by Willis Hall for this Cllichester Festival Theatre touring production starring Tony Brittoil and Liza Goddard. See preview. page 64.

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE Greenside Place. 557 2590. [.Access: R. I.. Facilities: WC. WS. G. C]

lieathcliff L'iitil Sat 7 Dec. Mon—Sat 7.30pm. £ |0—£30. Saintly Sir Cliff Richard comes over all windswept and frock-coated for the starring role as dashing. dangerous Heathcliff ill his very own musical adaptation of limin Bront'e's

Catch the best We this fortnight.

. v.2...J' Ill A Midsummer Night‘s ilrean Artistic director Adrian Noble directs the Royal Shakespeare Company's touring production of the ever- popular tale of tainted love, trouble in fairyland and dodgy aln-dram. See preview. page 63. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. I Comedy: oen Elton High octane observation from the motor-mouthed master. who returns to the circuit after three-and-a-half years. See preview, page 65. King is Theatre. Glasgow. I Comedy: Mark Thomas More top- notch stand-up from mischief-Meister Thomas. a man with a product to be proud of . See preview. page 63. Queen Is Hall. Edinburgh; Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. I Seascape/long Day’s Journey Into Right Disparate plays by two of America‘s finest Albee and O'Neill both presented in minute studio surroundings. and both better- received than the main-house Dracula. See reviews. page 66. Citizens' Theatre. Glasgow. III Dave’s Last laugh Intriguing new black comedy from young writer David Stirling. which centres on the relationships between two comedians called Dave. and between their lives and their art. See review, page 67. Tron Theatre. GlflSgOW.

be found In the listings above.

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The Devils/A View . . .

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow’s and Edinburgh’s main theatres, more information can

For events at Community Centres and other venues, see detailed listings elsewhere in this section. For details of cabaret and music events see appropriate listings. Performances shown in brackets are previews.

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Dave's Last Laugh Dave's Last Laugh

Dave‘s Last Laugh Rehearsal Reading

Julius Caesar

Dracula m ' Dracula _ _ _ Dracula - - - Long Day's Journey bongDay'slotlrney Long Day's Journey 5 - m T “_ 5 _ —- "5-5-5— Seascape Seascape Seascape - - “i i - : m"—_ Hamlet “u” Hamlet m - _ _ _ _ ~ The Borrowers 'Iile Borrowers Evita liviia I____ ___>_ r r _ V'Ben Iilitllit Ben Elton Shooting Stars - _ u m _- Hence Forward Hence Forward Hence Forward Hard Times :l'lliles. H ‘____Htlrdji_mesm 1 _~ n" MM N _ n —‘__ _. ‘__ Cyrano De Bergerac Cyrano De Bergerac l6/l7 ‘l6_/_l_7 g Julius Caesar

Dave’s Last Laugh Dave's Last laugh

Dave's Last Laugh Dave's Last Laugh

see Classjcal & opera " "" " ' “1 - - see Classjcal & Opera , " - Slklsilliuifr Night‘s Dream Midsumer Night's Dream Midsummer Night's Dream Mansfield Park __ 'Miittjlield Park Mansfield park _ _ _ ““ w' —;— - Heathcliff Healillelin- Heathcllff Heathen ff Hcmhch fl. Heathen" Heathen” MerCham Of venice .flglfll‘l'fl.(109953.. J’JESIEPLYEEICC, Merchant Of Venice Merchant Of Venice Merchant 0f Venice Merchant Of Venice " -o _- __ Charlie Chuck Show Charlie Chuck Show _ _ _ _ '"du'ge'me Indulgence indulgence Talking Bollocks Talking Bollocks

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