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he Fond Kiss. . .Ae Farewell l‘ll 32 Nov.

" nip“. Llj/UML‘N/tSl l’rttducer/tlircctor

l.tit \lt lurrlane brings together actors .lolm

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\l.::_:'.ttn'l Marshall tstiptatltil titltl l’t‘lt'l'

Motr'son Monomer and musicians

[‘la‘. lll'.’ scrimm- baroque instruments for a

ttu:s:c.i| tharn'ttrsaliolt til lllt‘

tll'll‘\;'t‘ll‘ll'l.\ e between Robert Burns

andl iatintla .\ one-off celebration ofout‘

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"E mud Suns

The Merchant 0t Venice l'ntil sat .tu

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S..i lit/\k'etl Ill/Sat 2 i .T “lpm. £6.

\‘ltakt'jvuiie’s t‘lassn tr teetlx oflmc.

'Ilg.‘ .:spetloi'iiietl _ net-utt. llteatte('ompany

't". W“. page "’7

I RAVERSE TNEATRE ( Littiltt itlge Street.

.‘ " lil‘l l-\c\ t'\\. l l .lL lllllt'\, l

lawllllltN \\'( V. \\'.\. ll. (i. l (‘lttsc‘tl


S.A.F.E l'irti? Sun I" Not Spit: £6 (£3).

(ii.r\:‘r".‘. last-d ll'lllll-lllt'tll.l experts

-asst-ritltle an all-female cast

nit lrrthtiy a let: you old Scot. an Irish

'..‘;.li.. :lttl .l \\.‘islr guilltlllltllllt‘l ltl

dawn the hidden history of wotnens

!: .t- til: the help \ll t“.t't'ytl.t} objects.

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In ll‘n‘ l\’-t\.'il'


lilt'ltltlldl‘lllJ. home mm res and projected Part of '\\\t'l|ll‘l_\‘ alive? See it". .t".\. page (it)

Scottish Dance Theatre l‘ll tS/s‘at to

7 input 16 r t; ‘~~ Part of '\ssc'|lll‘l}' alive? fit'.‘ IltlllllllL'. .

v.:ilti\\. .ll‘x


Gathered around the camp lire: gay men speak out in 7:84’s community show

Talking Bollocks. which has its Edinburgh premiere at the Traverse Theatre

Indulgence Thurs 2l»-Sat 2.1 Nat: 8pm. £6 (£3). Part of Assembly alive! See 'l‘ouring.

Talking Bollocks Wed 27 Sat .tu ism. 8pm. £51£3.5()). Revival of conuntuuly project by Glasgow 's 7:84 Theatre Cornparty. which explores the experiences of gay men living in Scotland today. Part of Assembly alive!

The Charlie Chuck Show Sat 23/stm 24. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). See Comedy.

Class Act Wed 27/l‘hurs 28 Nov 7.30pm. Free. A chance to see work produced irt association with the Bank of Scotland as part of the Traverse's liducatton programme. In this. the eighth ('ltm .'l(l project. more than 7() fottrth-. fifth- and sixth-year ptipils from four lidiuburgh ,schools ltave been assisted by four professional playwrigltts -- Louise“ lronside. Ann Marie Di Mambro. Mike Cullen and David llarrower in writing their own scripts. which are rehearsed and performed by professional actors and directo s; The results may well surprise. I USN R "All. l.othian Road. 228 55 l l. [Access‘I R. l‘acilities: WC. WS. (3. Help:

A]. Spirit lit The Dance Mon 25. 7.30pm. £l44£l6 (£l2--£l~l). See Dance.


I CUMBERNAULO THEATRE Kildrum. Cumbernaultl. ()l236732 887. [Access: PPA. l.. R . ST. Facilities: WC. W8. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

The Pied Piper Oi llamelin That-s- ls, Nov—Sat 28 Dec. lllam and/or lpm and/or 7pm (check with box office which performances are on each day) £6 (£4.75). Family ticket £l‘). Artistic director Simon Sharkey and the theatre's professional company make an early start for Christmas. Adapted by Sharkey from the famous German legertd. in the tradition of last year's vivid Rumpelstillxkin.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE University of Stirling. Stirling. ()l786 46l()8 l. [ACCL‘sSL l’. l’l’A. l.. R. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. 6]

Reflections Young Writers’ Festival Sat 23 Nov. 2pm/7.3()pm. £6 (£3). The Royal Court Theatre. London. in association with Marks ck Spencer. present the winning entries iii a national competition open to young playwrights.Workshops for the project were held at the Mac Robert Centre. where the results -~ created with the help of professional actors. directors. designers and technicians « cart be seen.


This section lists all tuture dates in the central belt ol shows that are on tour.

I Hamlet/Julius Caesar Tlteatre Babel are in repertory with their rouglt 'n‘ ready take on Shakespeare's longest arid best~ loved tragedy. Hum/e! arid his dark political thriller set amongst the machinations of the senate. Julius Caesar. Call (ll-ll 226 8806 for more information. ('(Illit'r T/N’tllll‘. Glasgow Tue l9—Sat 23 Nov. 7.30pm (Hamlet).

'I'rumtt'trv. (I/uxgmv Mort 25-Sat 30 Nov. 8pm (Julius Caesar).

I Indulgence Desperate ()ptimists. a London-based lrislt company. present a new piece which uses 'some outmoded yet strangely effective theatrical tricks' to explore ‘the unsettling realisation that indulging yourselfcould ltave therapeutic properties‘. For information call venues. (7.14. (I'lttaynlt' Ft'l IS/Sill lb Nov. Spill. 'Ii'tit'errt 'I'lreulre, lz't/irrluuylr Thurs 2I~Sat 23 Nov. 8pm.

I The Jolly Beggars Wildcat Theatre Company present .lohn Bett's adaptation of Robert Burns's ‘rumbustious cantata' to celebrate the bawdy bard's bicentemtial. Set irt art 18th century inn. it shows how drink cart help the poetry flow. with chirpy attacks on the kirk and other assorted high heid-yins. For information call ()l4l 22l 678‘).

Pavilion Theatre. litrrrj/ielt/s‘ Sat l6 Nov. 7.30pm.

I Scottish Dance Theatre Scotland's only full-time contemporary dance company continue their second-ever mini- tour of Scotland with this mixed bill of works from South African choreographer Boyzie Cekwana. ex-l’hoenix Dance Company man Gary Lambert. local lad Andy Howitt and Stephen Prickett. For information call ()l382 229500.

'Ii'ut'erxt 'I'lu'utrt'. lz't/lrilturje/r l5ri IS/Sat l6 i\'ov. 7.30pm.

rlltrxxt'lliu/je/r ()lt/ 'Iiut'n llttll l'ri 29/Sat 30 Nov. 7.30pm.

Adrian Noble’s magically staged production is a feast for the eyes and a delight for the imagination. “Beautiful, sophisticated, athletic

and funny... a joyous spectacle” Sunday Times

A Midsummer

Night’s Dream

Royal Shakespeare Company





A Shakes


_ peer



by William Shakespeare 8 50 November at 7.45pm Box Office 0131 229 9697 Tickets £5 $15

Students 55. Any seat. any night.


Lilietrtre kgotnpany

70 The List l5-28 Nov I996