Exhibitions are listed by category, then alphabetically by city and venue. Please send details to our ottices at least ten days betore publication. Art Listings compiled by Kelly McMenamln.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY l‘) Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon-Sat I lam-6pm. llew Scottish Graduates Until I Dec. Art Exposure plays host to the very best work from I996 Glasgow School of Art graduates. plus a small selection of work by recent graduates from Grays in Aberdeen. Duncan oflordattstone in Dundee and lidinburgh College of Art.

I ART GALLERY & MUSEUM, KELVINGROVE 287 269‘). WIMP-Sill l0aiii-<5piii; Sun I lam-5pm. ('afe. ID]. Voluntary guides are available free of charge to conduct parties or individuals round the main galleries. Ask at the enquiry desk.

Rembrandt Etchings Until 8 Dec. A small selection ofetchings from the Museum's own collection. including previously unseen works.

lntonnation Superhighway Until I5 Dec. Direct from The London Museum of Science. this interactive exhibition takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Internet. with terminals on hand allowing visitors to browse the web themselves.

Claws Until 3l Mar. l-‘rom pet tabbies to sabre-toothed tigers. this exhibition of catai'ama covers every aspect ofotir feline friends. including I-Igyptian mummified cats. life-size reconstructions. photographs and a series ofcompetitions and events.

British Gas World Wildlite Photography Sun 24 Nov~~2 l-"eb. The winning entries of this year“s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. featuring images from around the world.

I ROGER BILLGLIFFE FINE ART 134 Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Moti— l'it'i 9.30am--5.30pm; Sat l(l£lltl—-lpltt.

An Indian Summer Until 26 Nov. oil paintings by Noi'iiian l-Idgar. a member of the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts and President of (ilasgow Art Club.

Linda Farquharson Until 2o Nov. New linocuts by liirqtiharson. a graduate of

Cross-reference: a photograph by Catherine 0ple trom lnbetweener at Glasgow’s CCA untll11 .lan

and now lecturer at Duncan of .Iordanstone. Also on show. new

silverware by GSA graduate Cara Murphy

and a selection of contemporary jewellery and ceramics.

I GOA 350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 l. Mon—Sat l Iain-6pm; Stiii noon—5pm. Cafe.

lnbetweener Until II Jan. Photographic images by five international artists. who use make-up and prosthetics to challenge our expectations of beauty and the body. See Frontlines.

I COLLINS GALLERY University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon—Fri I()am--5piii; Sat noon-4pm. [D].

Iron Until 20 Dec. Multi-media work by Clydeside artist Tom McKendrick documenting the history of Glasgow‘s once mighty shipbuilding industry.


Street. 22f (i370. Mon-Sat l0am~5.3()pm.

Between The Sea And Me Until 3 I Nov. Paintings by Duncan of .lordanstone graduate Lorna Robertson. capturing the ever-changing nature of the sea and those who rely on it for their livelihood. Christmas Show Wed 27 Nov-3| Jail. Compass presents its 28th Christmas Show. with hundreds of paintings. prints. sculptures. ceramics and jewellery by conteitipoi'ai'y artists.

I 18 KING STREET King Street. 552 2540. Tue-Sat 10am—6pm.

From The Attic Until 23 Nov. Mixed media work by young art collective 2nd House. See revie. page 74.

I FRINGE GALLERY Castlemilk Shopping Centre. Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon-Sat I0am—5pm.

The Timecatchers and The Recycled Teenagers Until 30 Nov. Two contrasting exhibitions featuring large-scale oils aiitl watercolours by local pensioners art group "The Recycled Teenagers'. and an exploration of time through photography by ‘The 'I'imecatchei's' -- members of local playschemes and youth groups.

I GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) l‘)‘)(). Mon—Sat l0am- 5pm (closed Tue); Sun Ilaiii—~5piii. Glasgow's new gallery. with four thematic floors based on the elements: liarth. Air. hire and Water. I‘eatured artists include l-Iowson. Hockney. Campbell. Bellamy and Byrne as well as interactive exhibits and a swish cafe decorated by Adrian Wis/.niewski.

Designer Rooms Until 25 Nov. As part of the Glasgow International Festival Of Design. GDMA plays host to the work of three designers: Architect John Pawsoii. furniture designer Ron Arad and the man who is redefining the vacuum cleaner. .Iames Dyson.

I T. GARNER GALLERY 4 Pai‘nie Street. 552 4585. Tue—Sat I0aiii 5pm; Sun noon «lpttt.

Cups! Until 27 Nov. Some of the biggest names in British contemporary ceramics combine their skills in an exhibition ftill of that most essential vessel. the tea and coffee cu .

I GYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. hltlthtll 9.30aiii—5.3()pm.

The Winter Collection Sat to Nov—3| Jan. Specially selected works by Fergusson. Cameron. Gillies. Ilowson. Peploe and many more.

I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Cafe Cosmo. I2 Rose Street. 332 8128. Mon-Sat noon—9.30pm; Stiii 5—9.30pm.

Glasgow Cinemas Until 2l Nov. Drawings by Glasgow-born illustrator Adrian B. McMurchie. set among archive photographs. depicting the changing face ofcinema architecture iii Glasgow.


Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat l0am—5.30pm.

Day Of The [lead Until 23 Nov. The Print Studio is transformed by colourful and imaginative prints by Scottish and Mexican artists. and an abundance of paper decorations and flowers iii

celebration of H In” clt’ Lox Illilc’l'lln', a traditional Mexican festival honouring the passing of loved ones and the continuation of life. A selection of compulei-generated art relating to the festival will also be on show at liar It). Mitchell Lane until 30 Nov. See photo caption.

I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. h’IUII-l'Tl ‘).3I)alii~5pm; Sat 10am—5pm; Sun I.30>—-I.3()pm.

lloble Grossart Painting Prize Until 23 Nov. A selection of work submitted to this new annual Scottish competition with a first prize of “0000.

Cast Thurs 28 Nov l3 Dec. An exhibition of work based on the GSA’s antique plaster casts.

Making Touch Tue 26 Not-~31 Dec. An

Ship at sea: a watercolour on show in Winter Collection at Cyril Gerber Gallery. Glasgow


optical installation by I‘rench photographer and scientist Patrick Bailly- Maine-Grand (see Street Level Gallery). Pleased To Meet You Until 21 Nov. See Italian Centre.

I HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY University of Glasgow. University Avenue. 33‘) 8855 ext 5-I3I. Mon --Sat 9.30am —5pm.

Robert Burns The Crawtord Years Until I8 Jan. No. not that Robert Burns. I-'oi‘ once it's the Scottish designer and artist who comes under the spotlight in an exhibition featuring commissions made by Burns for the Crawford famin (yes. that Crawford family) in the I‘)20s and 30s. including the designs for the Tea Room iii Iidinburgli.

Archibald Knox 1854-1933 Until I Jan.

Drawings. designs and decorative art by

Sat 30 Nov, 8pm

Fri 6 & Sat 7 December, 8pm MOTOR MOUTHS:

In the Galleries: l5 Nov - ll Jan

Open: Mon - Sat llom - 6pm 8. Sun I2noon a 5pm, admission free


Jeanne Dunning, Yasumasa Marianna, Catherine Opie, Inez van lamsiveerde, Collier Schorr


play Schnebel, C age, Stockhausen a Fluxes pieces


Roger Robinson, Alcure Wall, Remi hip 8 dynamic, rich 8 moving - part poetry reading, part house party, connecting Fuii to iungle, punk to rap, whiteness to blackness

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