This section gives details of special Jacob‘s ladder and a wheeled bird with selected events taking place within flapping wings. Dynamic Toys has been Edlnburgh and Glasgow and around the created by Banbury Museum with the central belt this fortnight. listings are puppeteer and toymaker Manju Gregory compiled by date, place and then event. with toys borrowed from collections such listings compiled by Brian Donaldson. as the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood and from futher afield. India. 1 5 ponuga], Indonesia and Mexico have an I THE JEAll HARLOW EXPERIENCE - 3000 YEARS OF CREATIVE PERFUMERY lecture _ been sources for the exhibition Theatre, lioyal Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, 225 7534, 6.30pm, £2 (£1). A Edinburgh I Futureworld BT Futureworld. Slateford

visit to Paris at the age of seventeen was to be the beginning of hole Dove’s lifelong

passion for perfume. The vast array of smells and bottles impressed him so much SATURDAY 1 6 that he began to assemble a collection of perfumery artefacts. In turn, this blew

Road, info; 0300 300 633, Um” 17 Nov; Parisian perfumery hm Robert Guerlain so far away that he offered lloia the chance Fri/mm 1 1,3oam_6pm; 5m loam_6pm; to loin the house and train to become his Professeuer des Parfums. llow, he is

Sun 10am—4pm. Free. Sited in the old I Futureworld sec Fri 15. constantly on the lecture circuit, bestowing hrs historical, cultural and technical Texas Warehouse. Futureworld is a major “WM” 0' Pfllume ‘0 adml'lng audiences-

multi-media showcase. including 28

lntemet decks. computer games and an . _ audio-visual presentation from BT. If you . Man“: to” 39° F“ 15- Edinburgh

want to see the future and either worry or as w

rave about it. then get along to 1 7 I Heritage Events Edinburgh Castle. info go

Futureworld. 668 8800. 1pm. £5.50 (£3.50/£1.50). The I All Formats Computer Fair Mitchell Glasgow Heritage Events Company present an Theatre. Charing Cross. 287 4855. I Scobnodel 95 SECC. Finnieston Quay. afternoon programme of living history. 10am—4pm. £4 (£2). Whether computers 287 7777. 11am—5pm. £1.50 (£1) family drama and comedy kicking off at lprn are your hobby or tools for education or I Dynamic Toys Callendar House. ticket £3. Collectors of model cars. trains with To Wear The White Cot‘kude. the tale business. this is an essential event. Callendar Park. 01324 503770. Until 16 and antique toys are in for one hell of a of an imprisoned rebel after Culloden. Savings are promised on new and Nov: Thurs-Sat 10am—5pm. £1.65 (85p). treat with this McLaren Models-organised 2pm sees an audience with Sir William secondhand equipment with a vast range This exhibition brings together historic alternative ‘motor show'. Highlights of Alexander entitled Font-v 'l'hur with the of CD ROM titles available. Admission and modem toys frorn across the globe. the event include the first Corgi Classics day‘s happenings finishing with A Matter costs £2 after 2pm while the event is free They all have one thing in common - they Regional Roadshow and Scotland‘s Oj'l’uirh. an account of the religious all day to disabled wheelchair users. move. Special handling toys have been largest ever Swapmeet for collectors to debate between Mary Queen of Scots and made for the exhibition such as a giant trade their wares. the Calvinist preacher. John Knox. Edinburgh I Heritage Events See Sun 17. I Futureworld See Fri 15. Glenrothes ' I Tree Planting Event Formonthills Pa's'ey Community Woodland. 01476 581111. I Winter Wonderland Glen Lodge. 10am—4pm. free. Help the Woodland Glenfteld Road. 0141 884 3794. 2pm. Trust plant 5000 trees to create around free. Skeletal shapes .s'htttltlerfrtmt ltjv 200 acres of new woodland in Fife. blasrs/ While grey squirrel seek.va Visitors will be able to 'Tag A Tree’ by Beet-hmasr. Take a walk in the winter purchasing a personalised tag at the event. wonderland and get some idea of the planting their own tree and then watching

annual battle for survival which animals. it grow over the coming years. birds and plants are forced to undertake as

they strive to live until springllnw- WEDNESDAY 20 Edinburgh

Glasgow I lcebreakers Cafe Kudos. Greenside I Football Memorabilia Christie‘s. Bath Place. info: 556 40-49. 7.45pm. free. Run

Street. 332 8134. 11am. free. The by Lothian Gay and Lesbian centrepiece of the annual auction of Switchboard. this group meets on the football‘s booty comprises medals. second and fourth Wednesday of every international caps. jerseys and trophies month. providing an informal and

belonging to the late England legend Billy friendly atmosphere for gay men. Further Wright. Around £30000 is expected to be information is available from the

raised from his collection alone. See Switchboard on 556 4049. operating photo caption. nightly between 7.30 and 10pm.

TR!” 23 THURSDAY 28 'n "'9 Edinburgh

3 I; 4,... g _. I . m I Illustrated Talk on Chile City Art - .. 52> ~ R. 9335‘. 'i- 3 Centre. Market Street.529 3993. 3.10pm. Iihe Jean Harlow Experience: 3000

A l free. Just in case you thought there was Years 0t Creative Perfumery Lecture I FO0TBALI. MEMORABIllA christie’s, Bath Street, 332 8134, 11am, free. 414 lots are nothing more to Chile than torture. Theatre. Royal Museum of Scotland.

mu! '0 I” snapped |'li '0 "'9 annual Foom" "monhllla ammo"- “le main loci-ls dictatorshi s and son s about The Chambers Street. 225 7534. 6.30 m. £2 'l" h. "'3 “"1 “"0” onlhciloni 33 Pmnmd by “3 Widows Joy, in“ the" is "we" Missing bypSting. Caflos Arredondo will (£1). Want to know about the hisi)ory of '0' "'9 semis“ '30 to 0700' Wfl- "00’0"" '3'”ng to "'3 likes 0' “'scmland assure you it‘s not. Through his lecture. perfume and the way in which it has “990' “all “on”: 3'0"“th “3000's "033‘ Ross Bl" smut, "'9 U800" “003 and part of ‘The Peoples Of Edinburgh‘ been used in different ways in different mum’s “m'lomafll "001 "'0 1910/" 303300 10"“ “sailor "uni", WI" be exhibition. he will take you on an cultures? Then Roja Dove. Professeur

scalabh- ‘3 ll that m" 900"“: than 'l" '30 Pioflmms medals: €303, imaginary trip through the country. telling des Parfums at the famous House of mp 93: will.“ mimics 30‘ autosmnhs '0' Vol" damnation- Jusi do" imam at you about its geography. flora and fauna. Guerlain. is your man. See photo mun tim- people and culture. caption.

; 92 The List 15-28 Nov 1996