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lt’s Kansas City, I934, the eve of one of ‘Boss' Tom Pendergast’s violent ielections; the city is wide open in the midst of the Depression. . L ' z. . "

__ reverberating to the energy of the "

A;.~.~, \ A m’“?“

it . ' I . .non-stop jazz. Yessirree. Robert .. : ' ' IBM ‘ir Altman sure knows how to pick a setting for his movies. This one is bursting at the gunnels with some seriously slinky music from the jazz masters of the Thirties. The .‘M , ', f ~ '

works of Count Basie, Lester Young. Duke Ellington and Eddie De Lange all make an appearance, but they are performed live by the musicians of the Hey Hey Club. Thanks to Electric. we have five copies of the soundtrack. live copies of the film’s

: poster and two bottles of Maker’s Mark bourbon, Altman’s drink of choice incidentally. : to give away to the folk who can answer this:

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: Answers on a postcard by Thurs l2 December. Mark them: KANSAS COMP, The List, Qw/ 97- ; 14 High Street, Edinburgh, an TTE. (9&6 9M Ehe lied Tape Theatre -----------.. ontpanyare otteringtwo

tickets tor the price at one on the opening night ot

. A ' _, _ _, . _ .,. their production at The Dresser on Wed 4 Dec to the a s 4 ‘* ' 'i tirst tive people who bring this copy oi The llst _ ' ~ along to the box ottice on the night. The box ottice I . r. opens at 6.45pm. The Church iiiil Theatre is on “p/ e ' , Morningside iioad, Edinburgh. Confessional

: Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? Win a : competition and give them the prize! Thanks to

I Artificial Eye, we have five copies of both Robert

: Lepage’s The Confessional and Hal Salwen’s Denise

: Calls Up to give away. The former is theatre director

: Lepage’s debut film and a taut thriller to boot while the I latter is a comedy of manners about a group of workaholics who are too busy to meet and can only communicate by phone.

Want the vids? Answer this:

(I) I.“ D O C u >- .— U (I: < U) z < a:

i Name three other Altman films.

v.3 R


CL = m .—l _l < Um ‘.’..’u.

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i What is the name of Lepage’s one-man Hamlet show which is playing at the Tramway

: this fortnight? THE THOH/AHABIAH Answers on a postcard by Thurs 12 December. Mark them: OEHISE COMP, The List,

u m“ M’ E‘M’ 8" "E' ecumenican Theatre are uttering one tree child's ticket with every two adult tickets

' W. Available tor 7.30pm pertonnances iron 0 Tue 10 Dec until Sat 14 Dec. Phone the box ottlce I on 0141 552 4267.

‘What?’ you mutter. ‘A Vodazap, whassat, 151{(§)P%

then?’ Boy, am l glad you asked! it’s a pager that’s quite unlike any other pager. The Vodazap allows owners to leave their own personalised message for callers and, for their part, callers can leave a ten second message which gets typed onto the screen of the Vodazap. The Vodazap can also be switched to vibrate mode, so if you’re clubbing it at noise levels greater than that of a jet taking off, you’ll be able to feel your pals trying to get hold of you. Other uses include tying your Vodazap to your toothbrush, getting a friend to page you, switching to vibrate mode and hey presto! lt doubles as an electric toothbrush. As if a vibrating pager wasn’t yummy enough, the Vodazap also has a countdown timer, an alarm facility and it receives a variety of free information services including the lottery result. Normally, Vodazaps start in price at £69.95, after which initial payment there is no contract, line charge, connection charge or any other type of charge. We’ve got a super duper £99.95 Vodazap to give away for nothing to the person who can answer this:

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How long a message can your mates leave you?

: Answers on a postcard by Wed 11 December. Mark them: MW CW, The List, x14 Iii Street, W. BIT 11E.


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