GREG PROOFS likes to make things up as he goes along. and is famously partial to a put- down. so hecklers take cover. The over-beating, over-enthusiastic and over-here American comic is doing two nights up our way this fortnight. and you can be sure he’s got a riposte for any smart comments you might feel like hurling. No question whose line it is. anyway. Greg Proops plays the Tron Theatre, Glasgow on Sun 1 Dec and the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh on Tue 3 Dec.

PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN TO OEMOISTRITE THE EFFECTS OF TIIE STEREOSCOPE is the prosaic title of this enigmatic portrait by Underwood & Underwood of New York. Taken around 1890. it‘s an example of an artform that was very popular a century ago. In a process developed by Scots physicist Sir David Brewster. a scene is photographed twice. from slightly different angles. When seen through a stereoscopic viewer, the two images blend into one. imitating the 3-D effect of binocular vision. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery has a collection of some 50 pieces, and will be displaying them in a winter show called Double Vision, with hand-held stereoscopes provided. It might seem crude in the Spielberg era. but if nothing else it offers a unique glimpse into the enthusiasms of our forebears. Double Vision: 19th Century Stereoscopic Photography is at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery. Thurs 12 DecnS‘un 23 Feb.

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